35 Ideas to Use Scrap of Wallpaper in Your Decoration (1)

What to do with falling wallpaper? If for the majority of us, the wallpaper is intended to cover the walls, its scraps are wonderful decorative assets to give rhythm to the walls of cheerfulness and even to reinvent the small furniture. The proof in pictures.

1. Wallpaper to beautify your doors

Wallpaper to beautify your doors (1)

Even the doors are entitled to a little interest, to dress in an original decor and get out of the ordinary. This decorating trick, which consists of covering cupboard or entrance doors with wallpaper, will undoubtedly make you want to tidy up your interior a little more. When the inside of our cupboards is decorated like this, we open them more often!

2. Wallpaper to cover the headboard

Wallpaper to cover the headboard (1)

Fancy a room with an original decor? Bet on a headboard covered with wallpaper. To be wallpapered on an already existing piece of furniture, on a section of wall or on its whole, the wallpaper will brighten up the entire bedroom in the blink of an eye. Here, the bluish clouds match the deep blue of the walls perfectly. So, remember to emphasize the atmosphere of the room by matching the wallpaper to the rest of the decoration.

3. Wallpaper to create graphic storage boxes

Wallpaper to create graphic storage boxes (1)

It is one of the most meaningful solutions for recycling leftover wallpaper. Here, simple storage boxes have been covered with graphic wallpaper. Different sizes and shapes then mixed with simple white boxes, the whole gives a happy mix. Of course, the idea is to opt for completely mismatched boxes to ensure storage that has personality.

4. Wallpaper to customize a piece of furniture

Wallpaper to customize a piece of furniture1 (1)

To make a bookcase or a storage space full of style, the good tip lies in the embellishment of these different pieces of furniture to transform them into decorative elements using the wallpaper. By covering the background with wallpaper, several models or just one depending on whether you want to create uniformity or offer a little more colors, you will obtain a chic and elegant decoration (and above all easy to achieve).

5. Wallpaper to dress the bottoms of drawers

Wallpaper to dress the bottoms of drawers (1)

Do you have a very small amount of leftover wallpaper but you still want to recycle it? Line your bottom of drawers and other dressers for the most beautiful effect. Here, the bucolic wallpaper brings personality to this yet simple white piece of furniture, without it being too garish. But to make sure that the coating will adhere properly, you must first use sandpaper to sand the wood, otherwise the wallpaper will come off as a result of piling up the cutlery.

6. Wallpaper to spice up the stairs

Wallpaper to spice up the stairs (1)

Whether you like these graphic shapes or adopt a more sober and versatile look for your decor, covering the risers of the staircase personalizes the place and the staircase a little more, especially if it is a old staircase. The wallpaper creates a refined rhythm, a unique style, and inexpensive: covering the risers of a staircase costs less than covering the entire walls of the hallway or entrance …

7. To revamp a “lost corner”

To revamp a lost corner (1)

Some spaces are more complicated to relook than others. Rethink the decor of your lost spaces with wallpaper.

8. To dress a central island

To dress a central island (1)

Bring the kitchen to life with colors and patterns by dressing one side of the central island. An original idea to visually mark the separation of spaces in an open kitchen.

9. To transform the atmosphere of the kitchen

To transform the atmosphere of the kitchen (1)

Placed on a single section of wall, the original and colorful wallpaper can transform the atmosphere of the kitchen.

10. Personalized storage

Personalized storage (1)

Cover the bottom of the wine crates with scraps of wallpaper to create personalized storage.

11. For coffee tables

For coffee tables (1)

Give a new look to coffee tables. Consider mixing the patterns to create a personal and original decor.

12. Original decoration

Original decoration (2)

Do you want to have an original decoration? We found an idea for you: make wall frames with scraps of wallpaper.

13. For kitchen storage spaces

For kitchen storage spaces (1)

Play with the transparency of glass doors to decorate the back of the kitchen cupboard or china cabinet. The objects placed on the shelves will thus be highlighted.

14. Use as frames

Use as frames (1)

Decorate your walls with an accumulation of frames, sometimes vintage, sometimes contemporary, in which you will slip scraps of wallpaper. 

15. Storage boxes

Storage boxes (1)

Bring color to the shelves by dressing up the storage boxes. All fantasies are allowed!

16. Bedroom dresser

Bedroom dresser (1)

Make your bedroom dresser or nightstand unique by pasting wallpaper on the fronts of drawers and doors.

17. Use as splashback

Use as splashback (1)

Faced with the multitude of wallpaper on the market, you can now have a splashback in your kitchen in your image. Just add a plexiglass plate to protect the backing.

18. Decorate the hangers

Decorate the hangers (1)

“Art is in the infinite detail”, said Federico Fellini. It is the same in decoration with hangers to customize according to your tastes.

19. Decorate the shelf

Decorate the shelf (1)

Apply wallpaper to the back of a basic white shelf to give it some personality.

20. Decorate the lights with wallpaper

Decorate the lights with wallpaper (1)

You can also coordinate the lampshades of the lights to the decoration of your room.

21. Headboard of the bed

Headboard of the bed (1)

The headboard has become a must-have in the bedroom. Make one with MDF wood panels and lengths, you’re done.

22. Decorate the stool

Decorate the stool (1)

Decorate the seat with a wooden stool to give it a little personality.

23. For fridge

For fridge (1)

Turn your fridge into a decorative object with wallpaper.

24. Decorate your wall with piece of papers

Decorate your wall with piece of papers (1)

A wall of flowers made with wallpaper to bring a touch of original decoration to a room.

25. For children room

For children room (1)

Make cute dinosaurs with wallpaper for your Loulou’s room!

26. Use graphic and geometric wallpaper

Use graphic and geometric wallpaper (1)

This graphic and geometric wallpaper defines a dressing table for a modern and design result.

27. Make it vintage style

Make it vintage style (1)

Wallpaper modernizes an old family wardrobe. Perfect for a vinage style living room.

28. Make vases

Make vases (1)

And why not make a vase with scraps of wallpaper? A good idea to put your dried flowers.

29. Use on lamps

Use on lamps (1)

Would you have thought about rejuvenating an old lampshade with leftover wallpaper?

30. Old fashioned vases

old fashioned vases

With wallpaper scraps, you can customize somewhat old-fashioned vases.

31. Tea tray

Tea tray (1)

Renovate a tray to serve the afternoon snack with wallpaper scraps!

32. Use for book covers

Use for book covers (1)

Cover your books with your wallpaper scraps! 

33. For chairs

For chairs (1)

Give color to your furniture like here by easily personalizing a chair with wallpaper! 

34. A wall shelf

A wall shelf (1)

Make a designer wall shelf with a board attached to the wall and a circle of wallpaper to delineate this storage space from the rest of the wall.

35. Chimney

Chimney (1)

The wallpaper directly on the chimney flue.