35 Decorating Ideas of Minimalist Kitchen (1)

An essential place to live, the cuisine is above all harmonious and convivial. That’s good, harmony is the key word in the minimalist decor style. Discover 35 ideas to inspire you!

1. Use neutral colors and natural materials

Use neutral colors and natural materials (1)

One of the most popular approaches to designing a minimalist kitchen is to use a neutral color palette and natural materials. Classic shades like white, gray or black create a simpler atmosphere, conducive to concentration. The integration of natural materials such as wood on its part adds a warm and welcoming note.

2. Maximize cachet storage space

Maximize cachet storage space (1)

Among the essential elements in a minimalist kitchen are the large cabinets and the pantry. The ability to store all kitchen stuff as well as food items in cachet ensures a visually clean and tidy space. In addition, it is much easier to clean empty surfaces …

3. Get rid of the superfluous

Get rid of the superfluous (1)

When starting the project of transforming an ordinary kitchen into a minimalist kitchen, one of the first steps to complete in this process is decluttering. And here, we’re not just talking about the old brochures or the paper packaging lying around on the counters. In fact, it is an overall decluttering. To do this, we recommend that you start by inspecting small household appliances. Then move on to utensils and decorative items. The goal is to create as much empty space as possible, so put away anything you don’t use often in the cupboards. On the other hand, if you do not have enough storage space, you can simply sort it out and get rid of the obsolete objects.

4. Opt for doors without handles

Opt for doors without handles (1)

Another essential feature of the minimalist kitchen is the modern, handleless cabinet doors. To achieve such a simplistic and contemporary rendering, you can of course opt for brand new furniture. Another possibility is to replace your cabinet doors with sleek, pressure-opening models.

5. Each object has its place

Each object has its place (1)

If we want to keep order in space, it will be necessary to find a concrete place for each object. To do this, first of all eliminate the unnecessary. Then put the cutlery in the drawers. On the other hand, drawer organizers are a great idea for a more functional result. Store utensils, plates, all containers and small appliances in cupboards. The best would be to work by category.

6. Reduce your tableware collection

Reduce your tableware collection (1)

It’s okay to have a little more plates or extra mugs, especially if you like to invite friends over regularly. However, try to keep the number of rarely used dishes to a minimum. And if you’re a coffee mug junkie, for example, be careful not to build your collection over and over again.

7. Keep counters empty

Keep counters empty (1)

An unspoken rule in the minimalist kitchen is to keep the counters empty. This means that you should avoid placing an object on the counter just because you cannot find your own place. To accomplish this task, it might be helpful to think about reorganizing the whole household. Finding a permanent place for your keys, your papers, toys or mail will be very useful not to clutter the culinary area and especially its counters.

8. Avoid duplicates

Avoid duplicates (1)

Unnecessary items or duplicates have no place in a minimalist room. Of course, it depends on the object itself. Thus, the use of two oven gloves is completely authorized, yet the presence of two or more cherry pits or salad tongs is not too useful and essential.

9. Choice of equipment with simple and stylish design

Choice of equipment with simple and stylish design (1)

When choosing appliances for your kitchen, you opt for models with simple lines and clean design. Investing in high-end equipment is therefore an ideal approach to guaranteeing yourself a look that is both stylish and clean. Neutral and assorted colors are the best ally for a simplistic and harmonious atmosphere.

10. The role of lighting

The role of lighting (1)

As in every room, lighting plays an essential role in the culinary corner. For a successful design, it is therefore important to find the ideal light that balances between hot and cold, and thus creates a welcoming and modern look. In addition, do not forget to review the different work areas and install an appropriate light source (eg under tall furniture, above the island etc.).

11. Change your lights

Change your lights (1)

It’s a simple way to transform the whole style of your kitchen: strong pieces of natural inspiration with lighting in metal, wood, glass or bamboo. Your kitchen will take on a whole new look!

12. Take care of the credenza

Take care of the credenza (1)

Its usefulness is above all practical since it protects the walls from projections, but it is also a very visual element. A beautiful splashback will immediately put your kitchen in tune with the times. The possibilities are limitless:

A mirrored splashback is not only very trendy, but it also makes it possible to enlarge small kitchens. A wooden splashback can give a more natural effect and warm up a slightly cold kitchen.

Cement tiles can transform and add style to an otherwise very simple kitchen. And if you don’t have the budget, the time or the inclination to redo the tiling of your splashback, there are very good quality adhesives that can have a stunning effect. I tested, and I can tell you that the price / effect ratio is hard to match!

You can also simply change the color of a splashback that you no longer like with a tile painting. It is a solution that works wonders and also allows you to vary the finishes. You can choose a smooth, mat or lacquered finish, as you wish.

13. Bet on simplicity by choosing two tones

Bet on simplicity by choosing two tones (1)

For example, you can mix wood with black for a very natural look, stay in black and white, or keep a white cast with a strong color per touch, for example. The idea is to create a harmony and a rather minimalist atmosphere.

14. Mix the style of your chairs

Mix the style of your chairs (1)

Mismatched chairs will give a unique atmosphere to your kitchen. To avoid cacophony, you can choose a color and vary the tones, stay in a defined style by choosing models that harmonize, choose a model and vary the colors or even choose different chairs in the same material (chairs in wood for example).

15. Change your closet doors

Change your closet doors (1)

This is a very simple way to completely transform a kitchen. Several options are available to you: you can replace them for more current doors, repaint or cover them, according to your desires and your budget. You can also save space in a small kitchen by opting for sliding kitchen cupboards. It is a practical solution, but also very aesthetic.

16. Change the counter

Change the counter (1)

Replace it with a worktop in a noble natural material: solid wood, granite or marble. If you had a tiled countertop, you can transform it with concrete effect plasters for a natural effect.

17. Integrate all your household appliances in your cupboards

Integrate all your household appliances in your cupboards (1)

It’s a great way to get a minimalist vibe that looks great! Your kitchen will be uniform and this is an option often used for kitchens that are open to the living room.

18. Choose to highlight a piece of household appliance

Choose to highlight a piece of household appliance (1)

Conversely, you can choose a strong piece with style and highlight it in your kitchen: a vintage fridge, a designer oven or a professional stove.

19. Put some greenery

Put some greenery (1)

You can add a beautiful plant to your countertop, or in a smaller kitchen, incorporate hanging plants. You can also combine business with pleasure by installing a small indoor vegetable garden to grow some aromatic plants, such as basil for example.

20. Change the color of the wood

Change the color of the wood (1)

If you have wood in your kitchen in a shade you no longer like, give it a modern twist. You can strip and bleach it to brighten up your kitchen, or add character to a basic kitchen by darkening your wood shade for an almost black brown tone.

21. Change some elements

Change some elements (1)

In decoration as in clothing, the style is sometimes in the details and you will see that changing the taps or the closet handles changes everything! The choice is vast: vintage, brass, gold or resolutely modern, this is a quick and inexpensive solution to put a kitchen back on trend.

22. Use the contents of your kitchen as decorative accessories

Use the contents of your kitchen as decorative accessories (1)

For a minimalist kitchen, you can divert everyday objects to use them as a decorative accessory. I reassure you, it’s not about putting your children’s pasta necklaces on the wall! Why not display your fruit, highlight your bottles, use your finest tableware as decoration, or display your pots? You can also use beautiful wine bottles as vases or make candle holders for long candles.

23. Choose beautiful materials

Choose beautiful materials (1)

You can play with materials and in a simple room in basic tones, a marble countertop, or a beautiful stone sink will become the focal point of your kitchen.

24. Solid furniture

Solid furniture (1)

The minimalist decor advocates a return to basics, to solid materials that last over time. This is more valid than ever in the kitchen, which aims to be sustainable and responsible with furniture resistant to cutting knives and scratches of all kinds.

25. Functional furniture

Functional furniture (1)

In addition to being resistant, the furniture of a minimalist kitchen must be well thought out and functional. We can then store all our equipment and access it easily.

26. Light colors

Light colors (1)

Although it is quite possible to go for dark colors in a minimalist kitchen, light colors have the advantage of opening up the space, infusing a breeze of lightness and capturing the light. We do not hesitate to heat them with more colorful materials, such as wood for example.

27. Brightness

Brightness (1)

For a restful minimalist kitchen full of freshness, we focus on light. Avoid blackout curtains to let the sun in more easily. If, however, your kitchen is not placed in a very bright place in your home, choose your artificial lighting carefully. This should be strong enough for you to see clearly, but not too strong to avoid tiring you.

28. Minimalist door handles …

Minimalist door handles ... (1)

They are terribly trendy this year and we adopt them without hesitation. Minimalist door handles have the advantage of decorating your kitchen while remaining discreet and practical.

29. … Or no handles at all!

… Or no handles at all! (1)

Resolutely practical, the automatic opening units are perfect for a minimalist kitchen. Without a handle, you no longer need to touch the furniture with hands full of cake batter. One press is enough for your closet to open. A great way to lighten up the space.

30. A kitchen without wall units

A kitchen without wall units (1)

Does this seem unthinkable to you as you have objects to store? And yet, removing furniture and other raised cupboards in the kitchen frees up walls, saves space, and keeps your kitchen breathing. A great way to get rid of all the unnecessary utensils that you no longer use and that clutter up your furniture.

31. A black kitchen

A black kitchen (1)

Do you want to fall for the black kitchen trend? Chic and elegant, this color also goes wonderfully with a minimalist decor style. However, be sure to keep some elements of your room in light shades to attract the light. It will also make your dark furniture stand out more.

32. Clear spaces

Clear spaces (1)

We cannot repeat it enough, but in a minimalist kitchen, we like to feel free to move around. This avoids accumulating unnecessary objects on the worktop, such as household items which often take up too much space. Thus, we free up space without hesitation to enhance our furniture.

33. Careful details

Careful details (1)

Who says minimalist decor, also says aesthetics! In fact, purifying your decor does not mean giving up all desire to personalize your kitchen. We then skilfully choose the objects that will dress our space. Flowers, a table with clean lines, a faucet and golden handles … Your kitchen, although minimalist, must be like you so that you can feel good there. 

34. Shades assumed

Shades assumed (1)

Minimalism often tends to be compared to an idea of ​​sanitized decoration, devoid of any color. Know in fact that it is quite possible to opt for colored walls or furniture, always keeping in mind harmony and lightness. We avoid too flashy shades but we focus on soft colors, soothing and / or quite sober (like black).

35. Raised furniture

Raised furniture (1)

Why not opt ​​for “levitating” furniture? Cleared from the ground, they seem to open up the space considerably. However, be sure to think before you choose this option. Furniture that is attached to the wall, not the floor, means regular vacuuming underneath to prevent dust from collecting on it.