30 Ideas for Decorating a Kitchen for Christmas

Why limit the Christmas decoration to the traditional Christmas tree? The spirit of Christmas sparkles throughout your home, even in the kitchen! To accompany the good smell of Christmas shortbread or gingerbread coming out of the oven, the windows are adorned with pretty white designs, the kitchen cupboards are decorated with Christmas garlands and even your refrigerator disguises itself as a snowman. snow… Discover 30 ways to fill your kitchen with magic and tenderness as the holidays approach.

1. The magnetic charm of red, white, and green


Sure enough, a kitchen utensil set that includes red, white, or green-themed plates, glasses, and bowls is a wonderful way to add hustle and bustle to the table. However, don’t go overboard with vibrant colors but rather use them sparingly to accentuate a defined area of ​​the room such as the dining area.

Paper or textile napkins, napkin rings, candle holders, and table runners are another easy way to add a festive touch to your kitchen. While finding a full collection with all of the items matching takes time, it is certainly worth it to thrill your guests and make them feel like they are attending a solemn celebration.

2. The little tree is a must in the Christmas kitchen decor

The little tree is a must in the Christmas kitchen decor

The brilliantly decorated tree is essential for spreading the feeling of joy in December, regardless of the size of the kitchen. Medium or small, you can always find the perfect fir size to suit your style and decor. A tiny copy, however, can have a big impact and can capture anyone’s heart. The secret is to keep it simple in terms of colors and ornaments.

3. Christmas wreaths in greenery

Christmas wreaths in greenery

Add festive glamor to your culinary space by hanging DIY wreaths on your windows, on the door, on cabinet handles, or even on the ceiling. Sprigs of greenery look great and make up a fantastic landscape, just like fir trees and besides, they don’t take up valuable space. Wreaths come in all sizes and styles and have a great visual impact by bringing a touch of color and life to the interior. The important thing when working with natural leafy branches is to arrange the decorations away from heat sources to prevent them from quickly fading.

Christmas wreaths in greenery 1

They can be easy to ignore but don’t miss the opportunity to decorate your kitchen chairs too! Try an elegant colorful ribbon and fir branches or faux holly.

Christmas wreaths in greenery 2

In fact, nothing like a DIY hanging Christmas decoration to feel good at home and to spend warm evenings with friends and family! Handmade green wreaths or branching clad wood structures with drooping ornaments, the DIY efforts are worth it to take the festive vibe and energy of your surroundings to the next level this year.

4. Dress up the windows

Dress up the windows

If it’s hard for you to find the right Christmas decorations for your kitchen windows, hang a simple arrangement with fir baubles and greenery for a look suitable for the holiday season. Also, if you prefer, instead of hanging wreaths, consider having a small decorated tree on the ledge to combine style and glamor.

5. Emphasize on the warm glow

Emphasize on the warm glow

The Christmas lights scattered on top of the stove, cabinets and open shelves make the difference and create a festive atmosphere. Hanging high, they complement the subdued light of candles and LED lamp decorations wonderfully.

6. Gingerbread houses, chewable crowns – the gourmet decoration that makes children happy

Gingerbread houses, chewable crowns - the gourmet decoration that makes children happy

What is Christmas without delicious and attractive food! Indeed, adding food decorations like edible houses, gingerbread wreaths, and themed cakes is a great way to get everyone excited. Instead of hiding them in the fridge, display your Christmas tree-shaped cheese platters, snack Christmas tree, and decorated cookies and add value to your kitchen table, center island, or countertop.

7. Highlight your tableware and thematic textiles

Highlight your tableware and thematic textiles

Christmas is arguably a fabulous time of year for avid cooks. This is an opportunity to use their special festive accessories to add a touch of joy to the preparations for the expected evening. So take out all the plates, coffee and teacups, bowls, trays, and whatever else you have in the glass, porcelain, wood, etc. from the drawers to bring a dull kitchen shelf to life and make your guests a little jealous.

Highlight your tableware and thematic textiles 1

Every kitchen needs towels, tea towels, protective gloves with Christmas motifs. Such a collection is both useful and at the same time has a decorative role. Plus, if you play your cards right and go for stripes or plaid prints, rather than gnomes and Santa Claus, you might benefit from these adorable accessories throughout the cold season.

8. Place gifts from nature in a container for a natural touch reminiscent of winter

Place gifts from nature in a container for a natural touch reminiscent of winter

For a more natural and understated vibe, opt for traditional wintery elements like pine cones, acorns, and dried fruit, as well as Christmas and snow-scented ingredients like cinnamon, cloves, and ginger. Place them in a decorative bowl or tray and voila! Likewise, add scented decorated candles to soothe your mind and comfort you.

Place gifts from nature in a container for a natural touch reminiscent of winter 1

On top of that, you might as well simmer herbs and spices on your stovetop when you don’t have something delicious to bake in the oven. It is amazing the aroma that emanates from apples, citrus fruits, star anise. In this context, prepare yourself a Christmas potpourri as well. Made with dry plants, seasonings, and essential oils, this one is an original way to invite nature into your home while perfuming your interior. Perfect for any time of year, potpourri is particularly suitable for the cold months.

9. Original centerpiece for a trendy Christmas kitchen decor

Original centerpiece for a trendy Christmas kitchen decor

If traditional centerpieces like candle holders and cake stands are boring you, this year, bet on the latest favorites in modern Christmas decor – mini potted trees! The latter is very popular recently, not only because they are practical, space-saving, and easy to install, but also because they can turn a simple room into a vacation haven instantly. In fact, nothing compares to the smell of a living Christmas tree during the holiday season.

Original centerpiece for a trendy Christmas kitchen decor 1

For this season, try something new for your festive table and treat it to a Christmas tree bauble center. This Christmas kitchen decor unlike any other structures the dining area and sets the pace for the rest of the festive decor. Choosing it with care and pairing it with Christmas tableware is therefore an opportunity to demonstrate style and attention to detail that should not be overlooked.

10. Red for a warm and festive atmosphere in the kitchen

Red for a warm and festive atmosphere in the kitchen

It’s tradition: red is the favorite color of Christmas! Also, do not hesitate to use and abuse it. Red and white ribbons around a vase or a bell decorated with holly, a large red candlestick, or a simple tablecloth will be perfect to give your cozy nest to the sweet notes of Santa Claus.

11. A suspension made of branches

A suspension made of branches

This year, tree branches are venturing into our habitat. Simple decoration to hang, to collect in a vase, to transform into a coat hook or a light, they will guarantee you a natural, original, and very trendy Christmas atmosphere and decoration.

12. Decorate the openings

Decorate the openings (1)

Kitchen windows are great places to decorate for the holidays since they can be admired both from the inside and from the outside. No need to plan a big budget, it is easy to achieve a magical result with Posca-type markers, window paint, or stencils.

13. Objects to put on the windowsill

Objects to put on the windowsill

If your window has a large sill, do not hesitate to place a few objects here and there: a real Christmas tree or a homemade one, angel figurines, a pretty candleholder, greenery … traditional accessories that will easily plant your magical decor.

14. Hanging garlands

Hanging garlands

It is not only on the trees that the garlands can cause a sensation at the end of the year. A series of light garlands hanging around the window frame or falling vertically on the glass stars hanging from a beautiful branch in a vase, and here it is!

15. Let your creativity run free

Let your creativity run free (1)

In the same way, also think of garlands in the shape of deer or Christmas trees for an atmosphere placed under the sign of tradition or of sublime little hearts for a more poetic style in the kitchen. One watchword, let your imagination run wild without obstructing the opening of the windows!

16. The traditional Christmas star

The traditional Christmas star

A classic but sure value! Why change good habits? Christmas is a tree, beautiful decorations, a little gold here and there, and, in the kitchen, a beautiful star. Diverted into a handmade garland for a chic and classic style or suspended in front of tea towels for a more traditional atmosphere, it is the charm of this space.

17. Twinkling stars

Twinkling stars (1)

For this contemporary window decoration, the stars sublimate this Nordic Christmas decor. White, red, and gold, they go wonderfully with candles and branches decorated with pretty graphic and colorful balls. An easy-to-make decoration that will not go unnoticed.

18. Glass and greenery

Glass and greenery (1)

Simple to make and inexpensive, this decoration has a small effect! Light, soft, and warm, it perfectly illustrates the winter atmosphere. If you prefer to bring a colorful note to your space, opt for tinted, red, green, or white vases for a traditional atmosphere, flashy for a contemporary Christmas decoration.

19. Christmas wreath

Christmas wreath (1)

The Advent wreath does not have to be fixed on your door, it can also dress a window, or take the form of a temporary chandelier with ease. Between tradition and modernity, we love this decoration which relies on sobriety, which can be installed and uninstalled in no time. A good solution for the impatient or for those who have little time to prepare for the holidays!

20. A decoration full of gluttony

A decoration full of gluttony (1)

Cookies and other sweets are all the rage in Christmas decor this year. The proof, we can no longer count the barley sugars, cakes, and other gingerbread which are available in Christmas decorations and various suspensions. Garlands made of biscuits or a row of hanging barley sugars, the choice is yours!

21. A very decorative candy bar

A very decorative candy bar (1)

To be original and because many of you are little gourmets, you can also opt for an edible Christmas decoration by putting your little culinary treasures in candy boxes or decorative vases. Add to that a few Christmas balls and rosettes and you are ready to start the festivities.

22. Decorative cookie cutters

Decorative cookie cutters (1)

You want to decorate your kitchen at a lower cost. The key to an inexpensive Christmas decoration is creativity! Instead of going to ready-made objects, have fun creating your own using cookie cutters. A crown of Advent or suspended garland? Just let your imagination run wild!

23. Christmas balls take over the kitchen

Christmas balls take over the kitchen (2)

Christmas balls are the essential decorative object for the end of the year celebrations. Forgotten the balls hanging on the tree; what if this year you change your habits? Installed under a bell or hung on branches, they will inevitably be a sensation!

24. A customized fridge

A customized fridge (1)

Temporary stickers in the shape of a snowman or a fridge wrapped in tape, here are two original ways to decorate your household appliance for the Christmas holidays.

25. A mini tree and holly branches for a Nordic decoration

A mini tree and holly branches for a Nordic decoration (1) (1)

No need to bet on a total look! Go to the essentials and compose a Nordic spirit, natural and refined decoration by installing a mini tree in a transparent vase. And to bring a few touches of color to your decor, don’t forget the traditional and warm holly branches.

26. 100% natural candles

100% natural candles (1)

Sometimes there is no need to pick up at noon at 2 p.m. Inspiration is often found at your doorstep, in your garden more precisely! Use what nature has to offer to make pretty candle holders: old jars, a few candles, and a little greenery will do just fine if you want to give a refreshing but warm touch to your holiday decor.

27. Pine cones in my decor

Pine cones in my decor (1)

As you will have understood, there is no need to break the bank to create a Christmas decor that is as chic as it is magical. Thanks to pretty pine cones found in the forest, you can decorate your kitchen accessories or install a mini tree decorated with pine cones to enhance the magic of Christmas.

28. Framed blackboard with a festive message

Framed blackboard with a festive message (1)

For a playful and personalized touch, fill a chalkboard framed with a festive message – it’s a great way to get the whole family (even the kids!) Involved in the layout of Santa’s kitchen.

29. Decorate a vase with some balls

Decorate a vase with some balls (1)

For an unexpected touch on the kitchen island counter, interior designer Sophie Burke decorated a glass carboy with branches adorned with cute, colorful bubbles.

30. Add winter flowers to your kitchen

Add winter flowers to your kitchen (1)

Winter flowers and potted firs add a festive atmosphere to this kitchen. Celebrate your favorite cookbooks to intensify the effect.