50 Ideas to Adopt the Trendy Decor Styles (1)

Materials, shapes, objects, styles, colors… What are the major decoration trends that will mark this year? The Homelisty team deciphers for you what 2021 has in store for us in the world of decoration for the dining room, the kitchen, the bathroom, the living room, the bedroom …

1. Create a reading corner with a club chair

Create a reading corner with a club chair (1)

Iconic, the club chair is a welcoming, curvaceous chair. In its traditional form, it can be quite imposing. Typical of the industrial style, it fits perfectly into a modern interior and brings character to a Scandinavian decor. Opt for a contemporary version, with a lighter structure, to create a comfortable and minimalist reading corner in your living room.

2. Install a round glass table

Install a round glass table (1)

The round coffee table is a great decoration classic. Glass top or wooden top, it never goes out of fashion. However, we advise you to opt for this type of coffee table in a large living room, because it takes up space. To dress a glass coffee table, we put beautiful books and a bouquet of flowers.

3. Get a cocooning atmosphere in the living room with a curvy sofa

Get a cocooning atmosphere in the living room with a curvy sofa (1)

The sofa should be a welcoming piece of furniture, in which you want to settle down after a long day. A model with a curvaceous backrest offers a comfortable position. If you opt for a light fabric model (beige, gray, white, etc.), you can integrate it into a classic interior as well as into a more modern decor.

4. Keep a timeless decoration with a round oak coffee table

Keep a timeless decoration with a round oak coffee table (1)

If you do not want to change your decoration according to trends, opt for rounded furniture that can easily be integrated into a timeless decoration, such as the Scandinavian style for example. Light wood furniture is particularly recommended.

5. Give a retro touch to your decor with a ball armchair

Give a retro touch to your decor with a ball armchair (1)

The 70s put rounded furniture in the spotlight! One thinks in particular of the famous Egg armchair by Arne Jacobsen. To integrate a rounded armchair into your current decor, opt for a ball model, in a timeless color such as white, ecru or black.

6. Add a boho touch to your patio or living room with a Papasan armchair

Add a boho touch to your patio or living room with a Papasan armchair (1)

The Papasan armchair is a great classic of boho decoration. Its large soft seat surrounded by rattan makes it a very comfortable armchair. It offers the advantage of being able to be used indoors as well as outdoors.

7. Bring a touch of color to your interior with a tinted glass end table

Bring a touch of color to your interior with a tinted glass end table (1)

The end of the sofa is a multifunctional piece of furniture. It can be used as a coffee table, a pedestal table or even a bedside table. For a trendy model that fits perfectly into your interior, we opt for a minimalist model in tinted glass, in a fairly timeless color (blue, green, gray….).

8. Visually expand the living room with a rounded mirror

Visually expand the living room with a rounded mirror (1)

To adopt a trend, consider accessories and other decorative items. The rounded mirror is a great classic. Its curves dress the wall, while integrating perfectly into any type of interior. The larger you opt for a mirror, the more it visually enlarges the living room.

9. Treat yourself to additional storage with a low sideboard in a row

Treat yourself to additional storage with a low sideboard in a row (1)

The sideboard is a storage unit that knows how to adapt to decorating trends. The rounded models can be integrated into any type of interior, from the most vintage to the most contemporary. Its curves allow it to fit more easily than a classic sideboard in a small living room: it will indeed look less massive.

10. Have a booster seat in your living room with a curvy ottoman

have a booster seat in your living room with a curvy ottoman (1)

The pouf is a booster seat that takes up little space in a living room, even a small one. Choose a model with a relatively classic style so that it fits easily into any type of interior.

11. Highlight your dining table with rounded pendant lights

Highlight your dining table with rounded pendant lights (1)

Installing designer pendant lights above a dining table allows it to stand out, whether they are on or not. Choose a curvaceous or rounded model (in metal, rattan….) To contrast with the stricter side of a rectangular dining table.

12. Install a rounded rug to give a graphic touch to the living room

Install a rounded rug to give a graphic touch to the living room (1)

The round jute rug has been trendy for a few years, brought up to date in particular thanks to the boho decoration. Choose a larger or smaller model, depending on the size of the room, to dress the floor with a geometric pattern.

13. Colorful neon lights

Colorful neon lights (1)

Bedroom with neon lights, mirror with LED lights, blue LED lights for the bedroom, room lit by LED lights, signs in LED light… Here is the popular searches of the moment on Pinterest. A very clear indication of the emergence of neon and LED lighting as the dominant trend this year.

14. A spa at home

A spa at home (1)

No need to plan a complete bathroom renovation to transform it into a spa area at home . The bath takes on a new dimension, says Pinterest, and becomes a real ritual.

15. Navy blue

Navy blue (2)

A trendy color that brings a modern and contemporary aspect. To adopt by touches (decorative objects or furniture) or on an entire wall in bedroom painting .

16. The old rose

The old rose (1)

Bohemian and cozy atmosphere with an old pink color in this dining room.

17. Rustic colors

Rustic colors (1)

Certainly the effect of a desire to return to the sources, the warm and rustic colors also appear as very trendy.

18. Comforting colors

Comforting colors (1)

The colors of the year 2021 according to Behr, comforting shades for a soothing and serene interior, right in the “comfort deco” trend .

19. Olive green

Olive green (1)

Dulux adds olive green to its decor trend predictions, among its Nourish paint collection, which highlights colors close to nature. Among our research, we also note a strong presence of persimmon in decoration.

20. Rich colors

Rich colors (1)

As for Sherwin Williams, the trendy color will feature rich and daring notes, like this Passionate red , to be mixed with more neutral tones. Find out how to use color in interior design with our comprehensive guide.

21. Wood for interior cladding

Wood for interior cladding (1)

In slats, panels, plywood… Light wood takes on a more important place for the decoration and the interior cladding of the walls. A trend that has already stood out for a few years but which will be accentuated.

22. Natural elements

Natural elements (2)

Certainly a desire to return to sources even stronger since the health crisis and the confinement. We notice this decorative trend which consists in incorporating even more elements reminiscent of nature, inside.

23. Comfort above all

Comfort above all (1)

Another consequence of confinement, it seems that the search for comfort at home is even stronger for 2021. We think about the elements that make us feel good at home, the feel good and anything that can bring comfort. So we play with materials such as faux fur, velvet, linen… For an ultra cozy and comfortable feel for the living room decor, you can for example use these Mongolian fur cushions.

24. Handicraft pottery

Handicraft pottery (1)

The handmade trend is reflected in tableware. At the heart of the decor trends, we therefore find artisanal pottery as well as ceramics, in particular to adorn your tables and arrange your beverages. More and more workshops are opening their doors to the curious to learn, you can also find unique creations on sites like ETSY.COM

25. Space for the children’s room

Space for the children's room (1)

Another decoration trend identified by Etsy, for the children’s room. The research for wallpapers and decorative objects on the theme of space is taking off!

26. The shelf

The shelf (1)

There is no longer any question of hiding your prettiest dishes in your cupboards. It is now intentionally displayed on open kitchen shelves. According to Pinterest, which notes an emergence of this decorative trend, the shelfie is the new art of the table.

27. Terracotta style

Terracotta style (1)

We were just talking about terracotta tiles a few months ago on Homelisty. Today, it is making a comeback to become trendy for the kitchen floor, but not only!

28. The Zellige

The Zellige (1)

We have clearly seen its rise on Pinterest! Will Zellige dethrone cement tiles and compete with the popularity of metro tiles?

29. Dried flowers

Dried flowers (2)

For some time, dried flowers have replaced the florist’s bouquets. And since there are so many ways to adopt them in decoration, it’s no wonder that they are very trendy.

30. Organic bed linen

Organic bed linen (1)

An increasingly strong trend, especially in the bedroom. Household linen and bed linen are now organic. We adopt environmentally friendly materials based on silk, hemp … The manufacturer KIPLI specializes in the world of the well-being house. Discover our tips for a healthy and natural bedroom.

31. Recycling and second hand

Recycling and second hand (1)

As we can see on Homelisty, the most read articles in recent times concern the world of Do It Yourself, recycling and second hand. The online second-hand shops are very popular!

32. Sustainable and eco-responsible

Sustainable and eco-responsible (1)

More than a decorative trend, we now favor sustainable and eco-responsible furniture. It is impossible to miss this trend, which will certainly gain even more momentum. In France, there are manufacturers who are committed, such as TipToe or Tikamoon.

33. The new Scandinavian style japandi

The new Scandinavian style japandi (1)

The Scandinavian style is reinvented , we now mix it with touches of industrial decor. This year is also focused on the Japandi style (hybrid decoration trend between Japanese and Nordic style). This style is found in particular in the H&M Home furniture collections .

34. The GrandMillenial style

The GrandMillenial style (1)

A trend from the USA, the GrandMillenial style is not easy to define! One website describes it as the decorating style of a millennial who has a certain nostalgia for the past.

35. Slow life decor

Slow life (1)

Some brands such as Maisons du Monde even make dedicated collections! Slow life in decoration is to take the time …

36. The flashy & daring

The flashy & daring (1)

An emerging decoration trend, the opposite of all the others! We find a desire to express oneself in an even more frank and direct way through a decoration of character, with daring. A good example to illustrate this trend, the eye-catching and eccentric furniture.

37. The curves

The curves (1)

Curved armchairs and sofas were already trendy last year, and this style will take on more of our interiors.

38. The wallpaper boom

The wallpaper boom (1)

Nothing new, it’s been a few years since wallpaper has become trendy again … But the novelties concern more the ways of using it (at the head of the bed, on the ceiling, in a panoramic way …) and the patterns (floral, jungle, quirky and original …). We use more and more adhesive wallpaper like this model to facilitate the installation.

39. Little luxuries

Little luxuries (1)

This trend may seem to contradict the recycled and second-hand approach, but we clearly notice that we also want to indulge ourselves through small luxuries, well-chosen objects to personalize our decoration, by touches only.

40. Character for the lights

Character for the lights (1)

Trendy luminaires go far beyond the simple lighting function. We now find durable lamps, lamps of character which replace decorative objects and above all, lamps which adopt the trendy materials of the moment such as cane or rattan. 

41. More and more lounge chairs

More and more lounge chairs (1)

A trend that is accompanied by this search for absolute comfort at home, low armchairs are lower and more lounge! 

42. Parisian wardrobes

Parisian wardrobes (1)

A classic, but a trendy classic. The Parisian wardrobe is seducing more and more with its retro and vintage appearance. The online store exposes 3 good reasons to adopt it.

43. Floor mirrors

Floor mirrors (1)

Like posters, posters and frames, we now find this decorative trend which consists of placing large mirrors directly on the floor. Practical for tenants who do not wish to make holes in the walls …

44. The vintage sideboard

The vintage sideboard (1)

A vintage sideboard, a few bottles and retro accessories… Here you have the recipe for the trendy bar area. But the service can also be used to display and highlight its indoor plants or create a coffee corner in small kitchens. This vintage sideboard is for sale on ETSY.COM

45. The home office without compromise in style

The home office without compromise in style (1)

Not surprisingly, the home office takes on an important place in this year. To work well from home, I recommend that you read the guide that I published at the start of containment. What we notice is that we now want to set up a practical, functional home office, in which we manage to concentrate, without denying its decorative aspect.

46. Modular partitions

Modular partitions (1)

Another direct effect of confinement and our lifestyle at home, which must adapt. Big box for modular partitions and removable partitions that allow you to rethink the space without doing any work.

47. The smallest garden outside

The smallest garden outside (1)

Small balcony, or even window sill. Containment pushes people to cultivate every square meter of outdoor space available. To inspire you and discover what it is possible to grow even in an urban environment.

48. The cloffice

The cloffice (1)

Another contraction, another trend unearthed by Pinterest. The cloffice also joins the 2 previous trends, closet and office. We try to work comfortably at home, in a dedicated room, even if it is a cupboard that we transform into an office area.

49. Everything for my animals

Everything for my animals (1)

A decoration of a cat with a dog! Manufacturers are riding the trend and launching furniture collections dedicated to pets. This hammock coffee table for cats is for sale on ETSY.COM

50. Pep & optimism

Pep & optimism (1)

A trend to fight against gloomy times. The experts at Made in Design associate this trend with the arrival of spring, which will rhyme with sparkling colors, daring shapes and which do not take themselves seriously.