Ideas and Tips to Furnish a Small Kitchen (1)

It is not always easy to imagine the layout and arrangement of a practical and functional kitchen when you have few square meters to devote to it. But do not panic! If your room is narrow or not very spacious, there are many tips in terms of furniture, storage or accessories to make your life easier. The proof in pictures with these 40 small kitchens to take as a model.

1. Use all the space

Use all the space (1)

If this tip seems obvious to you, it is not always practiced. However, this is the essential key to optimizing the smallest square meters you have available. We tend to believe that when we have a small space, it is necessary to ventilate and therefore de-clutter. But to declutter and ventilate a kitchen, you need storage space. These should not be limited to a few cupboards fixed to the floor. They must also include high cupboards, over the entire surface of the wall if possible.

Use all the space2 (1)

The walls adjoining the kitchen are not to be neglected either because they can allow you to attach a mini worktop or a small table.

2. Tailor-made if possible

Tailor-made if possible (1)

If you have the means or if you own your home, tailor-made is the ideal solution to optimize space. You will be able to make profitable your two square meters and adapt your kitchen to the specific configuration of your home.

Tailor-made if possible1 (1)

Here too, contrary to popular belief, tailor-made products are not necessarily more expensive than industrial kitchens. Admittedly, the cost can be prohibitive with the large specialist kitchen brands who are in fact tailor-made “fake”. Do not hesitate to contact the small artisans who are often more competitive, know how to really adapt to your budget and will cook for you that you will not find at your sister-in-law’s.

3. A sober decoration

A sober decoration 1 (1)

Forget the rainbow colors! Because if the space is completely covered with cupboards, the multiplication of colors will undoubtedly give you a headache! If light colors are preferred, nothing prevents you from opting for a black kitchen.

A sober decoration1 (1)

You should also think about visually linking your kitchen, if it is open, with the rest of the living area, while making the space stand out. It may seem complicated to implement, but it’s actually quite simple. I have put some examples for you in the following photo gallery: this is the case of the yellow kitchen, the white one with the red refrigerator or the one with the caramel and vanilla wall.

4. Makeover


You have just moved into your new “home” or you realize that your kitchen no longer looks like anything! Do not panic, there are easy and not that expensive solutions to pretend to change everything: makeover! For those who have followed me for some time or who have devoured all my articles, you may remember that I had already spoken about it in Ten tips for a new inexpensive decor. There are affordable solutions to redecorating without breaking the bank. And these solutions are also valid for the kitchen.

Makeover1 (1)

You can simply customize the same appliance or the cupboard doors with masking tape or adhesive decoration. This solution is also preferred for tenants who do not want to invest too much in decorating furniture that does not belong to them. You can also give the splashback a makeover using adhesive tiles. These can be removed very easily: just use a hair dryer to liquefy the glue a little and gently pull from the corners.

5. Use the retractable

Use the retractable (1)

You have used all the wall space, opted for custom furniture but you are still lacking space. Do not panic ! There are still plenty of other solutions. Retractable objects are one of them. Think of those tables that fold up, those worktops that hide and unfold, the retractable outlets that appear as if by magic ( well, ok, it’s a push-button system but I find it funny and especially practical) . And in the same principle, there are also hoods that hide just behind the hob and that you take out when you need them.

Use the retractable1 (1)

6. Use “lost spaces”

Use lost spaces1 (1)

The spaces that I call “lost spaces” are all these little nooks and crannies that we don’t necessarily think of using as storage space. They are either too narrow, or badly placed or they seem to us already optimized to their maximum level. Well, think again because when there is no more, there is still.

Use lost spaces (1)

To begin with, there are very narrow mini cupboards on the market that allow you to use the space between household appliances and furniture. In the same vein, the drawers are hidden in the plinths, perfect for storing bottles for example. Another tip, you can hide a washing machine under the bar.

7. Optimize the splashback

Optimize the splashback (1)

Certainly, as I told you above and as I will also talk about in one of the following tips, it is necessary to declutter as much as possible in a small space. But in everyday life, especially when cooking, it is always practical to have certain utensils or other objects on hand (salt and pepper for example). And I won’t teach you anything by telling you that these things are not to be stored at the top of the cupboard located out of your reach or in the drawer hidden in the plinth.

This is the reason why the worktop often contains posed objects. But they can be stored elsewhere, on the credenza for example. And in order to combine both the objective of decluttering and the accessible side, there are credenza bars where you can hang various things. You can even make it by simply placing a pretty branch on two hooks. Also think about the magnetic bars that can accommodate your kitchen knife set. In addition, exhibiting them in this way if they are beautiful brings a design and “pro” side to your decor. Finally, the kitchen designers also offer new tips, such as small bins between the splashback and the worktop or retractable drawers just behind the taps.

8. Tidy up

tidy up (1)

Well, there, no mystery. As said above, which says small space says decluttering, so storage to the maximum. This is even more valid if your small kitchen is open. But tidying up doesn’t mean hiding loose in drawers and cupboards ( a bit like a teenager’s bedroom who hides everything under his bed to make his mother believe that his room is finally tidy! ). The more your drawers and cupboards are properly used, the more your space will be optimized. It is not necessary to rob the sometimes overpriced accessories of specialists because simple boxes can sometimes often do the trick. The proof in pictures. …

tidy up1 (1)

9. Light up

Light up (1)

The narrower a space, the darker it is. So the opposite is also valid. The more light a space is, the visually larger it is. The lighting budget is therefore one of the key points not to be overlooked in the design of small kitchens. “Yes, but I am a tenant and I am not going to redo the electrical system for my landlord!” “. “Yes, I understand, but there are solutions like the little LED bars that you simply fix under the cupboards and which do not require an electrical connection”.

Light up1 (1)

So remember to illuminate well, not neglecting key points such as the hob (almost all hoods have extra lighting), the worktop and even the inside of cupboards or shelves.

10. Stage

stage (1)

This last tip is more “decoration” oriented pure and hard. Above all, everything that you could not hide and even what is hidden can still be improved. Showcase your objects, your kitchen. Of course, this tip is not to be taken into account if you have opted for a minimalist and refined style. But for all the others, you can stage your objects by customizing jars with beautiful labels, by harmonizing your utensils (paint the ends of your wooden spoons and spatulas in the same color for example), by abandoning the packaging and putting all your shapeless, ugly packets of noodles in simple but pretty little glass boxes. You can display your crockery by reproducing the “brasserie” style on an unoccupied section of wall or on wooden shelves. Short, there are lots of solutions to adopt depending on your tastes. Let yourself be inspired by my small selection, invent and it’s up to you to play and take a look at my articleDecoration ideas with letters and words to fill up with other ideas; especially on personalized labels!

stage1 (1)

11. Bar

Bar (1)

The light wooden bar, practical, bright and trendy!

12. Retro

Retro (3)

Vintage accessories for a unique kitchen!

13. Red

Red (1)

Colorful household appliances to wake up your kitchen!

14. Table

Table (1)

The tablet that folds and unfolds as you wish.

15. Cozy

Cozy (3)

The cozy little corner to make your kitchen a pleasant place.

16. Glass cupboards

Glass cupboards (1)

Bet on glass cupboards in a small kitchen to visually open up the space.

17. Wooden box as shelves

Wooden box as shelves (1)

Both decorative and practical, opt for wooden boxes in the kitchen.

18. Kitchen with wall shelves

Kitchen with wall shelves (1)

We adopt wall shelves to save space.

19. Custom furniture

Custom furniture1 (1)

Custom-made furniture that fits perfectly into our small kitchen to facilitate storage.

20. Colorful lino

Colorful lino (1)

Lino or patterned parquet in order to effectively delimit the space.

21. Storage with sliding doors

Storage with sliding doors (1)

You don’t necessarily think about it at first glance, but cupboard and drawer doors waste space in the kitchen. Conversely, a sliding storage unit can store as much crockery but does not clutter up the space.

22. Built-in a mini fridge under the worktop

Built-in a mini fridge under the worktop (1)

The fridge is often the puzzle in a small kitchen. In this corner room, the small refrigerator fits perfectly with the kitchen units, since its small size allows it to slip under the worktop. Space saving guaranteed!

23. Install a jealousy cabinet

Install a jealousy cabinet (1)

Another alternative to the handles of traditional cupboards: the jealousy cabinet. This type of storage has a drop-down shutter, which keeps your utensils and appliances out of view and dust, without losing part of the work surface.

24. A two-in-one dining table

A two-in-one dining table (1)

Your apartment is not big enough to accommodate a dining room? Choose a small island that converts into a dining table to accommodate two or three people. This practical dining area will save you time in the kitchen in addition to optimizing space.

25. A clever and unusual drawer

A clever and unusual drawer (1)

Beware of appearances… In this Bastille Concorde kitchen by Darty, this drawer does not contain any cutlery but it hides a flat surface, to be used as a cutting board or as a snack area.

26. Easy to install shelves

Easy to install shelves (1)

To have additional storage in a small kitchen , think of removable shelves that just put on the worktop. You will be able to optimize the space by finding a place for your paper towel roll or condiments for example.

27. Niches in the central island

Niches in the central island (1)

Optimizing every nook and cranny of the room also means having storage in a central island, so you have all your containers and pans close at hand while you develop a recipe.

28. A multifunctional island

A multifunctional island (1)

As well worktop, space for breakfast, china cabinet, library for recipe books, utensil cupboard, this little central island has it all and gives a lot of good points to this mini kitchen!

29. Discreet kitchen

Discreet cuisine

With its smart storage and handleless finishes, this discreet model is welcome in a small kitchen that wants to maintain a refined atmosphere. The plus: a practical and space-saving snack plan for meals.

30. Built-in furniture

Built-in furniture (1)

To have the impression of a larger kitchen when running after square meters, you can also embed your furniture and appliances. Space saving guaranteed!

31. A kitchen block

A kitchen block (1)

This super clever kitchen unit will please more than a studio that dreams of a functional kitchen full of storage.

32. A credenza bar

A credenza bar (1)

In small kitchens, consider optimizing the splashback! A stainless steel bar to hang utensils and spices…

33. Showcases to ventilate

Showcases to ventilate (1)

Windows, again very popular, are ideal for bringing a little light into a small kitchen.

34. Open cupboards

Open cupboards

In order not to overload a small kitchen, the idea here is to leave a few cupboards without doors and to choose a flashy shade for the alcove to give a boost to the whole. Nice, no?

35. Optimize every corner

Optimize every corner (1)

In this tiny kitchen, each wall has been optimized to take advantage of as much storage and worktop as needed. The idea to remember if despite this you still lack space: add long furniture in the living room to slide the dishes for example.

36. Choose a corner worktop

Choose a corner worktop (1)

If you have few walls to devote to wall units in your small kitchen, we advise you to favor angled worktops like here. You can still enjoy a nice low storage space.

37. Have a sliding table

Have a sliding table (1)

It is sometimes almost impossible to set up a table in your small kitchen to take meals. Our tip if you have this problem: opt for a sliding table that can easily be moved according to your needs.

38. Opt for smart storage

Opt for smart storage (1)

In a small kitchen, it is essential to play it smart to be able to tidy up everything! To begin with, we do not hesitate to devote an entire wall to storage and above all we multiply the practical tips such as sliding cupboards, organizer drawers …

39. Use a functional buffet

Use a functional buffet (1)

If from the outside, this buffet does not show anything, know that it contains a table that will prove to be very practical at lunch or dinner time. All you have to do is frame it with folding chairs, which do not take up any space either.

40. Separate the furniture in half

Separate the furniture in half (1)

This layout idea is rather original but it happens to be really effective in small kitchens . Separating the furniture in this way allows you to move around easily without having to contort yourself to move from one room to another. We accept!