20 Ideas to Give Your Kitchen a Makeover With Adhesive Tiles (1)

If you want to furnish the kitchen of your new home or you want to restore your old kitchen by making it modern, you can use adhesive tiles . It is an inexpensive alternative to classic ceramic tiles.

The installation of adhesive tile is also much easier than that of traditional tile, which requires several hours of work and the use of materials such as mortar, adhesives and spacers. All you need to do is take the measurements, peel off the backing, and stick the adhesive sheet to the wall. Here are 20 ideas for making your kitchen style unique and inimitable using adhesive tiles.

1. Colorful adhesive tile

Colorful adhesive tile (1)

The colorful tiling goes perfectly with the white kitchens. The glossy finish reflects natural light, brightens the space and adds a touch of luxury to the kitchen environment.

2. Herringbone-effect adhesive tiles

Herringbone-effect adhesive tiles (1)

Do you have a colorful kitchen? For example, a kitchen in a pastel color like blue or green? You can use the white herringbone adhesive tile. The pattern of this tile makes the style of the kitchen more sophisticated.

3. Metropolitan style adhesive tile

Metropolitan style adhesive tile (1)

These are the classic rectangular white tiles, a shape reminiscent of classic 70s homes. They are not to be considered if your kitchen has a modern style. They can surely be taken into consideration in the event of a renovation.

4. Adhesive rectangular mosaic tile

Adhesive rectangular mosaic tile (1)

They have a contemporary style that adds sparkle to your kitchen. For example, you can consider a mosaic combination of gray, black, and white tiles, a color palette that is overall neutral but gives your kitchen a contemporary feel.

5. Damask style adhesive tile

Damask style adhesive tile (1)

Here is a perfect solution for a vintage kitchen. The damask pattern brings a touch of whimsy to the kitchen without being boring. You can choose between different colors but white is always preferred, both for colorful kitchens and for white ones.

6. Honeycomb adhesive tile

Honeycomb adhesive tile (1)

The characteristic honeycomb shape of this tile fits perfectly into modern kitchens adding style.

7. Adhesive tile with marble effect

Adhesive tile with marble effect (1)

The marble (or faux marble) finish adds elegance to the kitchen which must necessarily be in a classic style. The typical veins of this material give a sinuous appearance to the kitchen wall.

8. Adhesive brick tile

Adhesive brick tile (1)

This model goes well with most masonry styles as well as with any style of furniture, especially modern. There are total variations of white or color on the market, which you can choose according to the taste and color of the kitchen furniture.

9. Embossed brick adhesive tile

Embossed brick adhesive tile (1)

The best solution for rustic or country kitchens. The sensation is exactly that caused by clay or terracotta bricks.

10. Adhesive faux wood tile

Adhesive faux wood tile (1)

Faux wood, especially in light colors, is suitable for kitchens of all styles. From modern kitchens to classic kitchens, faux wood creates a warmer and more welcoming atmosphere in the kitchen interior.

11. Boost your kitchen

Boost your kitchen (1)

Add color and relief to the kitchen with a terrazzo splashback. Adhesive tiles in the kitchen can hide an old-fashioned surface and add pep to a kitchen.

12. Match your tiles in a patchwork style

Match your tiles in a patchwork style (1)

Want some fantasy? Wake up your white kitchen with a splashback in colored adhesive cement tiles placed randomly.

13. Play with materials

play with materials (1)

To protect the stone sheet, you will need to use a water-repellent protection product against external aggressions: water or oil splashes for example.

14. Give character to your credenza

Give character to your credenza (1)

For a kitchen with character, you can choose a white brick effect adhesive wall tile. In this example, the raw finished look of the bricks highlights the light wood of the countertop.

15. Highlight your kitchen

highlight your kitchen (1)

You don’t go wrong with the hexagonal pattern in pure white from Smart Tiles . Original, but sober, this adhesive mosaic will bring a graphic side to your kitchen or bathroom, whether it is design or more classic.

16. Elegantly protect your kitchen walls

Elegantly protect your kitchen walls (1)

With the different colors and patterns of IKEA adhesive tiles, you can choose to match the splashback to your worktop or to slice it up to play on contrasts.

17. A stunning splashback at a low price

A stunning splashback at a low price (1)

The adhesive splashback is the cheapest on the market. It comes in a dizzying variety of patterns, textures and colors. Whatever style appeals to you, there is no doubt that you will find a model that is perfectly in tune with your desires!

And not to spoil anything, it imitates to perfection many materials. Do you love marble or natural stone? This type of noble coating at once, even if you opt for an imitation type Dekton.

18. An easy and quick to install splashback

An easy and quick to install splashback (1)

Forget about the materials to be fetched and the complicated implementation! With adhesive splashback, there’s no need to embark on tedious work or call in a craftsman. It usually comes in a roll, or in the form of plates or even independent stickers in tile format. Easy to transport, simple and quick to install, it really has it all!

In some cases, it is technically impossible to dress the splashback with cement tiles or concrete. An adhesive splashback is the perfect alternative! Thin, flexible and light, adhesive splashback is the perfect alternative to give it a makeover.

19. A multi-use splashback

A multi-use splashback (1)

Benefiting from a beautiful robustness and a strong adhesion, the adherent credenza is adapted to all kinds of supports. For a harmonious makeover of the kitchen, you can therefore also use it for the island or for the back of the niches.

Adhesive splashback is available at many DIY stores, and sometimes you’ll even find a perfectly matching adhesive floor tile there. For a complete makeover of the kitchen, you can combine splashback and floor tiles laid like a carpet … in a 100% adhesive version!

20. A credenza that sticks to trends

A credenza that sticks to trends (1)

With the adhesive splashback, it’s easy to enjoy a kitchen at the forefront of the trend: you can replace it easily, as often as you want. You can therefore dare a color with a strong character, such as duck blue.

For a wiser decor, try another trendy coating: terrazzo.