25 Inspirations for Graphic Style Living Room (1)

To energize the living room with the help of furniture and accessories, we focus on the graphic style and its pure lines that play with geometric effects! Here are some keys to creating this style in your living room …

1. A designer living room between old and modern

A designer living room between old and modern (1)

With its rattan armchairs with metal base (1950) “Soleil” and its marble mosaic floor with palmette motifs, the living room has everything of a space that plays with the old. But when you take a closer look, you can see the armillary sphere type pendant light as well as a contemporary photograph … And there, there is no longer any doubt, this living room is design!

2. A dusted fifties-style design lounge

A dusted fifties-style design lounge (1)

A designer living room with muted colors and tonic and geometric patterns, does that mean anything to you? With its round-shaped rug that matches the curtains, which are also round and colorful, the living room is making a comeback in the 1950’s while anchoring its designer furniture in the present. To stay in the theme, a graphic and ultra pop canvas is hoisted on a section of the wall and accentuates the psychedelic atmosphere that reigns in the living room. As for the cushions, their patterns are no exception to the rule and neither are the colors: blue, green, black, orange triangles … And multicolored lines wake up the mouse gray sofa to include it in the chosen decorative look.

3. A trip to Palm Beach … In this designer lounge

A trip to Palm Beach ... In this designer lounge (1)

In this living room, the design is cocoon and soft. Standing in the center of the room, you almost imagine yourself in an oceanfront house in sunny Miami. All the colors match and are reflected in the hue of a grain of sand. Sofa, armchair, walls and rugs unite in a soft and calm beige. This peaceful setting also plays with the texture of the rug with large matting like marine knots, thus reminding us of the comforting rocking of the waves. The coffee table is straightforward with its L-shaped design. Thanks to its white color, the piece of furniture blends into the decor and almost forms an island in the center of the living room.

4. Artistic elegance for this designer living room

Artistic elegance for this designer living room (1)

In this Art Deco apartment, architect Fabrice Ausset plays with styles. The designer living room is furnished with half-tone elegance, both restrained and affixed to the decor. Three shades are chosen: deep gray on the seats, off-white on the walls and beige on the graphic carpet. Discreet colors which echo the Japanese ” wabi-sabi “, this beauty which resides in the aesthetic nuances of the elements. Mirroring the golden patterned carpet, the shelves next to the fireplace also form a geometric structure in the designer living room. And of course, sobriety says wood, a material that can be found on a stool at the back of the living room and on a low chest of drawers placed under the wall bookcase.

5. Antique furniture and contemporary furniture create a designer living room

Antique furniture and contemporary furniture create a designer living room (1)

Between antique furniture and Scandinavian-inspired furniture, the living room mixes styles that blend in with the immaculate walls. In reference to the profession practiced in this former warehouse dedicated to the tanning of skins, the latter find their place, this time in the decoration. A cowhide as a carpet, a cozy sheepskin plaid … The spirit of yesteryear is preserved and reused to give a resolutely designer look to the living room. The square window adorned with raw wood projects its natural light over the entire space, which is protected from the rays by the suspension that looks like a hat. Finally, to dress the walls without overloading the room, black and white photographs of all sizes are attached above the sofa … A nod to the warehouse’s past.

6. A graphic and bright design lounge

A graphic and bright design lounge (2)

In this house located in Thonon, by a lake, the decor is synonymous with purity. Philippe Cheysson, the architect of the place, juggles with contemporary lines and natural materials. The designer living room is dressed in deep gray, bright white and raw wood. The sofa and the padded seats sit in this square where the lowered ceiling gives the impression of a cabin to the space. Placed on the waxed concrete floor reminiscent of pebbles by the lake, the solid wood pedestal tables form a nascent forest in the center of a modern living room.

7. Curves and colors for a designer living room

Curves and colors for a designer living room (1)

Interior designer Anne-Sophie Pailleret has brought a bleak interior back to life. By mixing antique furniture with contemporary furniture, this artist of volumes and decoration offered colors and joy to the living room. The duck blue velvet sofa matches the stool in the same color. This sofa, the seat of which is rounded inwards, seems to fit together with the elongated coffee table. We find once again these ovals of form in the anthracite gray paint of the fireplace which joins the game of geometry present in the decoration. The balance between modern and retro style is held thanks to the beige carpet which brings the neutral touch in the living room.

8. Mirror game in a designer living room

Mirror game in a designer living room (1)

In this designer living room, benefiting from a beautiful height under ceiling, the whitewashed beams seem to form a limit which brings a comforting intimacy to the stay. Furniture level: the 70s style prevails in black and white … Not to mention the orange! In stark contrast to the waxed amber wood parquet, the black ball stools and the leather sofa form an almost futuristic (albeit 1970s) composition in this classic architectural ensemble. The originality does not stop at the design of the furniture, the zebra skin rug blends with the black & white of the furniture while imposing a “safari” note on the decoration. The centerpiece of the living room is of course the mirrored coffee table which marks the final point to the extravagance of this stay. The animal skin rug is reflected on one side.

9. Solid wood and designer living room go hand in hand

Solid wood and designer living room go hand in hand (1)

In this designer living room, the cement tiles come together and reveal themselves under our feet. What about the furniture? Solid wood sets the tone. The large, rustic sofas form a winning trio with the equally imposing coffee table. In order to temper the character of the furniture described, three retro armchairs with fine and light lines slip into the half industrial, half vintage decor. To partition without enclosing the “meeting” corner of the living room, a charcoal gray carpet, like the seats, is proudly placed on the floor. As for the ceiling, wrought iron beams carry two industrial suspensions which invite themselves to the center of the living room. The whole forms a decorative style imbued with a warm and friendly soul that makes you want to stay there.

10. Dynamic lines

Dynamic lines (1)

The graphic style is inspired by the very linear appearance of diagrams. To create this style at home, you have to play with very pure geometric lines. The idea is that the whole gives an array of diverse and varied shapes. We choose bookcases that multiply the niches, furniture that plays between full and empty to create patterns, fabrics with geometric shapes … The mix and match works perfectly well, especially on textiles (plaids, cushions, sofa covers and covers ….)

The graphic style is particularly suitable for large rooms. Avoid using it if you have a small living room or a sitting area in a studio. Obviously, nothing prevents you from being inspired by them, but we will mainly use them on decorative elements.

11. Strong colors

Strong colors (1)

To accentuate the graphic effect, it is necessary to create a strong contrast between the colors. Black and white undoubtedly bring rigor to the decor. White plays on the aspect of emptiness while black acts as a contour to invent original and refined forms of play. It is a great decoration classic which nevertheless still works just as well, whatever the era.

For 2021, the bold colors will be there. Perfect for creating a design and graphic living room! We thus find the blue and the red, which invite themselves as well on decorative objects as on furniture. Be careful not to get tired of it quickly. The reds are less vivid, but rather approach muted, deep hues, flirting with hues like plum. Perfect for creating a baroque or folk living room.

12. Rounded curves for a sofRounded curves for a soft decorationt decoration

Rounded curves for a sofRounded curves for a soft decorationt decoration (1)

This is one of the decor trends of recent years: rounded curves. It is inspired in particular by the Art Deco trend but also by the design decoration of the 70s, which have been brought up to date in recent seasons.

These rounded lines are also found on furniture such as sofas, armchairs or tables (coffee or dining), but also on living room decoration elements such as lights, mirrors or other wall decoration elements. The round rug is also a major piece of a graphic living room. You can choose a colorful model as well as a more classic model with black and white wool, or a natural material such as jute.

13. The alternative to geometry

The alternative to geometry (1)

If you want a less pronounced graphic style, prefer more subdued lines. You can for example opt for macro flower patterns which will give a rhythmic but less rigid style. Floral patterns can be combined with other geometric, abstract or more classic patterns like stripes and checks.

Also choose colors to tone down the clean look. Arranged by keys in your living room, they help to create a real graphic atmosphere in the room. To do this, choose strong and trendy colors, such as purple, yellow, red, blue, green … As every time we associate colors with each other, we do not avoid mixing more 3 colors at a time. Otherwise, watch out for the overdose!

14. Colored

Colored (2)

Several small colored corners, and voila!

15. Geometric

Geometric (1)

Black and orange go very well together! 

16. Arrow

Arrow (1)

We opt for a dark color and a light color. 

17. Original DIY

Original DIY (1)

We fall for this tribal pattern! 

18. Wall section

Wall section (1)

A single section of wall is enough to energize the room. 

19. Pastel triangles

Pastel triangles (1)

Festive effect in the office! 

20. Door

Door (1)

Even the door plays the game of graphics. 

21. Triangles

Triangles (1)

We love these triangle patterns! 

22. Green arrows

Green arrows (1)

The pastel pink wall is adorned with pretty green arrows. A nice marriage of colors. 

23. Different shades of pink

Different shades of pink (1)

We love these different shades of pink in the living room.

24. In a staggered arrangement

In a staggered arrangement (1)

Decorative, playful and offbeat, colorful squares invite themselves on walls and doors for an original wall. 

25. To structure a space

To structure a space (1)

Bet on pop and dynamic paint to structure and delimit the spaces.