20 Ideas to Decorate the Wall With Plates

When we speak of plates, it is the meal that comes directly to mind. With the evolution of decorative trends, the use of objects and furniture continues to vary. If the wall plate is normally considered as a piece of crockery used to contain a dish in order to serve or taste it, currently it has another function. Indeed, the plate is considered today as a decorative object. It is then hung on the wall to give it a special aesthetic touch.

We are going to present you some decorating ideas based on wall plates.

1. Above a piece of furniture

Above a piece of furniture (1)

Art Deco spirit for this wall in blue tones highlighted with a touch of yellow. A floral and vegetal composition brings a natural atmosphere to this composition of plates on the same theme.

2. In the dining room

In the dining room (2)

And why not a trompe l’oeil wallpaper in the dining room? Patchwork of patterns and genre for this wall of plates.

3. An animal touch

An animal touch (1)

Here the plates are the starting point for still life to blend with the drawing of branches and birds. Once assembled, the plates form a pretty blue hen. An old wooden door accommodates the animal-themed plates on both sides.

4. Patchwork of plates

Patchwork of plates (1)

Piero Fornasetti appears and we love it.

5. Graphic games for these plates

Graphic games for these plates (1)

A two-tone stairwell with graphic plates.

6. Shades of blue

Shades of blue (1)

If you have an artistic soul, take inspiration from these plates to paint them at home too.

7. Above your headboard

Above your headboard (1)

Black & white, the plates are highlighted by the black wall of the bedroom.

8. Playful

Playful (1)

They are beautiful these contemporary plates with sometimes naive sometimes abstract patterns. I like this mixture which brings a lot of freshness to this cuisine. Some have been chosen on the same theme (birds) while varying the colors, others are identical and small detail: we have integrated into the whole a small plate of grandmother!

9. A little kitsch

A little kitsch (1)

In this colorful kitchen with vintage elements, the wall is decorated with dishes of all kinds: old-fashioned portraits, contemporary and even religious! It’s funny!

10. Faces on the wall

Faces on the wall (1)

They are the work of an artist. Some suspended, another posed and the whole is a nod to the planters made by the same artist!

11. To your brushes!

To your brushes! (1)

If you are a bit of an artist, imagine the patterns yourself and personalize white plates by simply painting them.

12. In height

In height (2)

To stay in tones of the room, the dishes mix natural colors. Original the idea of ​​having placed them in a corner and exhibiting them almost up to the ceiling!

13. Combine colors

Combine colors (1)

If the plate is placed on the dining table in general, then the room in which it is located is the dining room and / or the kitchen. On the other hand, the wall plate invites itself on all the walls of the house. In the image below, it is the wall at the head of the bed in the bedroom that holds the plates. If you like to combine colors and different patterns, we suggest you take inspiration from them.

14. Shades of brown and orange

Shades of brown and orange (1)

You can also arrange your plates on the side of the wall where there is a chest of drawers or other low storage. In the following image, the wooden cabinet is brown in color and we have therefore chosen shades of brown and orange for the three plates. The choice of other colors is justified by the colors present on the table.

15. Retro style

Retro style (1)

In interior design, there are no limits. Moreover, no one has imposed that the plates must be made of porcelain. So stainless steel dishes can also adorn your walls. For a retro style, dishes with a rusty appearance wouldn’t be bad either; this is the case with the dishes below.

16. Match with color of furniture

Match with color of furniture (1)

The fact that the plates are not arranged on the table does not mean that color harmony should no longer be a problem. Know that matching the colors on his table with those of his wall plates offers a magnificent rendering; this is the case with this dining table and these plates which symbolize nature.

17. Different patterns and different colors

Different patters and different colors (1)

Although color harmony is important, you are free to combine different colors, as long as you like the look.

18. Sober

Sober (1)

In reality, the plates to choose depend on your walls and your tastes. The reasons do not have to be either. In the image below, the plates are colorful, but sober.

19. Souvenir collection

Souvenir collection (1)

In case you’ve been lucky enough to travel to multiple destinations and have brought back wall plates every time as a souvenir, why not collect them on one of your walls?

20. Plate addict

Plate addict (1)

Here is the wall of a wall plate addict!