60+ Ideas for Making Garden Furniture With Pallets (1)

Pallets have been the stars of our exteriors for several years. Used to create coffee tables, sofas or even armchairs, they allow us to manufacture lounges with a 100% recycled look at unbeatable prices. The proof in pictures with our 60 tutorial on pallet garden furniture.

1. A small sofa for the terrace

A small sofa for the terrace (1)

You can also make smaller sofa models that will adapt to narrow terraces. If you’re not a fan of the raw look, you can repaint the set in a nice electric blue.

2. Raw garden furniture

Raw garden furniture (1)

With pallets and reels, you can make yourself a truly original garden furniture at a lower cost! If you like the raw appearance, we advise you to just apply a varnish to protect your creation from the elements.

3. A practical pallet sofa

A practical pallet sofa (1)

To make this sofa for the garden, start by superimposing two pallets and then attach them together. Screw four casters and add several boards on the sides to create armrests. Finally, move on to accessorization!

4. A comfortable chair in pallets

A comfortable chair in pallets (1)

We grant you, to make this chair out of pallets, you have to know a bit about DIY. To discover the 46 useful steps for its realization, to succeed without fail, go to Jkratman’s tutorial!

5. A chair to relax in pallets

A chair to relax in pallets (1)

Planks, nails, a hammer, a saw and a ruler, here is the material you will need to assemble this chair-armchair in pallets in 1h20, top time!

6. A cozy pallet sofa

A cozy pallet sofa (1)

It looks really cozy on this sofa, doesn’t it? If you want to make the same at home, you just have to lay two pallets on top of each other and secure them then add a mattress, a throw and some cushions.

7. A hanging pallet chair

A hanging pallet chair (1)

This hanging chair in pallets gives our garden the air of vacation in the tropics. Thanks to several boards connected with thick string, you can install the same at home!

8. A pallet sofa for all tastes

A pallet sofa for all tastes1 (1)

With only 5 pallets repainted in white, you can offer your patio a reclaimed garden furniture! With your hammers to prepare the spring and make this sofa out of pallets!

9. An easy-to-move coffee table

An easy-to-move coffee table (1)

On the terrace, the ideal is to have furniture that is practical and easy to move. With this coffee table made with two pallets, black paint and 4 wheels, you’ve got everything you need!

10. Furniture with touches of freshness

Furniture with touches of freshness (1)

Raw palettes can add weight to the decor of a garden, so feel free to add a few pops of color. These benches and table, created with pallets, metal storage shelves that were no longer needed, and pebbles collected from the beach, adopted simple lines and hints of yellow for more originality.

11. A lounge chair for sunny days

A lounge chair for sunny days (1)

To take advantage of the sun’s rays on the arrival of fine weather, be equipped! A garden deck chair in pallet, raw or repainted in a flashy color, will be perfect.

12. A garden furniture set in colorful pallets

A garden furniture set in colorful pallets (1)

For this garden furniture made of pallets, the choice of colors has been made towards burgundy for the seating part, while anise green makes its show on the coffee table with wheels. Raw or painted? It’s up to you to decide!

13. Raw pallets for sitting in the garden

Raw pallets for sitting in the garden (1)

To get started without having to tinker too much, here is the ideal garden furniture! Superimpose two pallets for both the seats and the coffee table and add cushions for comfort. That’s it!

14. Wood and metal for this garden sofa

Wood and metal for this garden sofa (1)

To create this garden sofa, start by mounting a pallet on four large casters. Attach two pipes on each side to form armrests then add a large mattress to make it as comfortable as possible. All you have to do is lay out a few cushions here and there. We’re a fan of the result, and you?

15. A comfortable space in pallets

A comfortable space in pallets

Only four pallets will be needed to design this little relaxation area in the garden. Superimpose two previously painted green and add a small mattress for comfort. With the other two, make a small table in the form of a cube and attach it to the bench.

16. A family garden furniture in pallets

A family garden furniture in pallets (1)

No less than 12 pallets were necessary for the realization of this reclaimed garden furniture. For the decorative note, add a few colorful pancakes and flower pots in flashy colors.

17. A sofa larger than life

A sofa larger than life (1)

We fell in love with this sofa made of pallet planks that can just as easily find its place in the garden as in the living room. After mounting the frame, make comfortable cushions with old burlap coffee bags. That’s all!

18. Pallet seats for the garden

Pallet seats for the garden (1)

Deckchair, armchair, sofa, Ted Warsaw has declined all the seats useful in the garden with pallets, and a little elbow grease. Ready to get started?

19. A pallet bench

A pallet bench (1)

This pallet garden bench is original , don’t you think? If it seems difficult to climb at first glance, think again! In just 6 steps, Chadifornia explains how to achieve this result!

20. Vegetable garden for aromatic herbs

Vegetable garden for aromatic herbs (1)

Basil, thyme, sage … The aromatic herbs cling to the palette to enhance our terrace or balcony.

21. Workbench for gardening

Workbench for gardening (1)

Do you spend a lot of time repotting and caring for your plants? Install a workbench made from two pallets.

22. Color potting table

Color potting table (1)

Do not hesitate to paint your pallets to get out of the classic way and give your furniture a little pep!

23. DIY coffee table

DIY coffee table (1)

Pallets are perfect for creating a coffee table. For a friendly outdoor living room, we create a pallet coffee table.

24. Established

Established (1)

To be installed in a corner of the garden, the workbench is essential for handymen and gardeners.

25. Vegetable garden

Vegetable garden (1)

The vegetable garden grows in height, for this, we use a pallet. Convenient and economical!

26. Pallet outdoor lounge

Pallet outdoor lounge (1)

The outdoor lounge can quickly come at a cost, so why not make it out of pallets? Here is a good economic idea!

27. Hut for children

Hut for children (1)

Have your children always dreamed of having a cabin in the garden? Build a teepee with paddles! Original, they will love it.

28. Pallet terrace

Pallet terrace (1)

Did you know, pallets can also be used as a terrace! On the balcony or in the garden, we love this practical solution!

29. Fencing

Fencing (1)

Pallets can be used to form a fence to enclose the vegetable garden. Convenient and economical!

30. A chicken coop

A chicken coop (1)

Did you know that it is possible to create a chicken coop with pallets? Practice !

31. A bar

A bar (1)

To take advantage of sunny days, we set up a bar on the terrace!

32. A fruit juice bar

A fruit juice bar (1)

Practical and original, we love the fruit juice bar on a pallet.

33. A vegetable garden

A vegetable garden (1)

Create a square vegetable garden using pallets.

34. A decorative arch

A decorative arch1

Found at Arnaud Mouquet.

35. A swing

A swing (2)

This garden swing will be pleasurable place for you all.

36. A sandbox

A sandbox (1)

Make sandbox for your children.

37. A picnic area

A picnic area (1)

You can make picnic area outside of your house for some meetings and get-together.

38. A pallet wood deck

A pallet wood deck (1)

Reuse planks from a pallet to easily create a deck!

39. Pallet garden furniture with roof

Pallet garden furniture with roof (1)

The pallets can be used to build a complete garden furniture consisting of two armchairs and a coffee table.

40. A swimming pool ladder

A swimming pool ladder (1)

Create a structure to easily join the pool, all in pallet!

41. Pallet barbecue

Pallet barbecue (1)

Sink, storage, tools … This barbecue area is fully equipped!

42. Summer kitchen in pallets

Summer kitchen in pallets (1)

A 100% pallet summer kitchen with integrated barbecue to receive and impress your guests, without putting aside ecology!

43. A pyramid of planters

A pyramid of planters (1)

For an original planter, bet on a pyramid shape thanks to containers made from pallets!

44. A bench

A bench (1)

Nothing like a bench to bask in the sun for long hours.

45. A small bed

A small bed (1)

A blanket and cushions and a book and off you go to enjoy the garden, summer and winter.

46. A table for gardening

A table for gardening1 (1)

Necessary for any self-respecting gardener!

47. XXL sofa

XXL sofa (1)

To enjoy his garden together.

48. An XXL bench

An XXL bench (1)

For extended lazy afternoons.

49. A chair

A chair1 (1)

For a chic and elegant garden.

50. An outdoor storage unit

An outdoor storage unit (1)

Convenient to showcase your flower pots but also to store all your equipment.

51. Garden fence

Garden fence (1)

Colorful and fun, we adopt it without hesitation!

52. Wooden planter

Wooden planter (1)

The planter is essential for any good self-respecting gardener.

53. An ingenious bar

An ingenious bar (1)

We fall for this elaborate and ingenious bar. Ideal in the garden!

54. Gardening tools storage

Gardening tools storage (1)

Ideal for storing all your tools.

55. With a pallet, create a suspended bench

With a pallet, create a suspended bench (1)

For a trendy garden.

56. Create a pallet storage cabinet

Create a pallet storage cabinet (1)

We love it, even for storing dishes.

57. A pretty hut

A pretty hut (1)

At your tools to make this sublime pallet garden hut! Cushions and garlands will transform it into a cocooning place.

58. Colorful garden furniture

Colorful garden furniture (1)

For a colorful and pop garden, we repaint our palettes in flashy colors.

59. A colorful shelf

A colorful shelf

Take the opportunity to add color to your patio with this red-toned pallet shelf.

60. To store your gardening tools

To store your gardening tools (1)

Rather than scattering your gardening essentials in your home or on the terrace, make a pallet desk painted in the color of your choice.

61. For the aperitif

For the aperitif (1)

These chairs and this mini pallet coffee table will be perfect for your summer aperitifs!

62. Bike garage

Bike garage (1)

Good idea the pallets to store your bikes!