30 Inspirations of Moroccan Style Living Room to Discover 1 (1)

Composing your decoration in your living room is also an opportunity to bring a culture in our interior. The Moroccan style is a style that can be adopted easily. With its warm spirit brought by warm colors and a light in the center of the room, it is perfect for the living room. Not yet convinced? Discover our tips for arranging yours.

1. 50 shades of blue

50 shades of blue (1)

To change the traditional Moroccan red and orange lounges, opt for a blue and decline it in all shades.

2. Cushions galore

Cushions galore 1 (1)

Cushions are urgently needed in Moroccan living rooms

3. Oriental suspensions

Oriental suspensions (1)

Oriental lamps, both mysterious and magical, are also typical elements of Moroccan decoration. To hang near the sofa!

4. Leather

Leather (1)

The authenticity of the Moroccan living room also lies in the choice of materials for its sofa. Choose leather for a warm atmosphere.

5. A reading corner

A reading corner (1)

Sometimes the Moroccan living room can take on a 100% cozy feel. Take a cocoon chair, velvet cushions and let’s go for relaxation …

6. A Berber carpet

A Berber carpet (1)

Ultra trendy, the Berber carpet will bring character to your Moroccan living room. Add a copper tray as a coffee table and admire the result.

7. Floor cushions

Floor cushions (1)

Friends or family who show up unexpectedly? Install in your brand new XXL Moroccan sofa, made from really practical floor cushions.

8. A total white look

A total white look (1)

For a clean Moroccan living room, bet on the total look in white. From cushions to the sofa, including walls and small accessories.

9. A vintage bench

A vintage bench (1)

For moments of relaxation and conviviality in comfort, we put on the benches. It’s elegant and it takes us back in time.

10. A fireplace in the theme

A fireplace in the theme (1)

For those who are lucky enough to have a fireplace, do not hesitate to customize it in an oriental way. To do this, use colored ceramic that you will glue in the hearth of the fireplace.

11. 100% green

100% green (1)

The Moroccan living room can also have a very vegetal style, with the color green on all the decorative accessories.

12. Cozy accessories

Cozy accessories (1)

Cozy accessories are not only reserved for Scandinavian decor. It is also found in Moroccan salons.

13. Baskets on the wall

Baskets on the wall (1)

Ethnic chic, the woven basket is displayed on the walls, in all formats.

14. A flashy living room

A flashy living room (1)

Pink color and trendy accessories, the Moroccan living room can also be girly.

15. A pompom cushion

A pompom cushion (1)

In a Moroccan living room, we do not skimp on the pompom, affixed to the lights and the blankets through the cushions.

16. Pink

Pink (1)

A pastel-colored living room for a special relaxation area.

17. A colorful living room

A colorful living room

Bet everything on warm and sparkling colors for a Moroccan living room full of charm.

18. An outdoor lounge

An outdoor lounge (1)

An outdoor lounge with color variations.

19. Sheets to decorate

Sheets to decorate (1)

We love the idea of ​​hanging sheets or drapes from the ceiling to embellish our decor.

20. Recuperation spirit


Reclaimed spirit with a piece of furniture in pallets. 

21. Colors

Colors (1)

We focus on color with shades of red. 

22. Wall baskets

Wall baskets (1)

We decorate the walls of the dining room by hanging wall baskets. 

23. White and gold living room


The Moroccan living room is not always colorful. We love this particularly chic white and gold living room. 

24. Colorful carpet

Colorful carpet (1)

We love the colorful carpet that warms the living room. 

25. Suspension

Suspension 1 (1)

We sublimate his Moroccan living room with atypical suspensions. 

26. Multiply the seats in warm colors

Multiply the seats in warm colors (1)

The XXL sofa is a central element in the decoration of a Moroccan living room, which is highly convivial. Oriental patterns and warm colors are to be preferred!

27. Modernity

Modernity (1)

By preferring pastel and light colors, such as blue, pink or gray, we bring modernity to this Moroccan living room.

28. Black and white

Black and white (1)

We love the shades of black, gray and white associated with the Moroccan style of decoration.

29. Sweetness

Sweetness (1)

Melt for this refined living room with soft and cocooning colors. We love the paintings that add character to the room.

30. Earthy colors

Earthy colors (1)

Softness and warmth come together with this Moroccan living room with earthy colors.