35+ Garland ideas for Christmas

Apples, bay leaves, olive branches, lighted lamps to ward off demons… these are so many ancestral traditions that are at the origin of the decorations and other Christmas garlands that we know today. Since then, these garlands are no longer content to decorate our tree. These decorative elements contribute to the magic of the party. We can slip lights into a vase for a wow effect, hang around a frame or a mirror to embellish a room, use it as a centerpiece to delight our guests or to adorn our door entrance. For fireplace owners, Christmas garlands are the perfect ornament to welcome Santa Claus.

It’s time to think about your Christmas decorating ideas and come up with a plan. Garlands are a perfect way to decorate your hallways, walls, mantels, entryways, or any other feature in your home. Please don’t just think of a garland as just being a cheap, shiny thing!

1. Country charm

Country charm

Creatively decorating with a garland made from pine cones adds country charm to your vacation get-togethers. This homemade Christmas project gives you lots of creative options. Small or large pine cones, or a combination of the two, will create many wonderful possibilities for Christmas garland decoration. Changing the string or ribbon the pine cones are attached to can give a new look.

2. Fun and Simple

Fun and Simple

This simple and fun Christmas wreath decoration idea wishes a Merry Christmas to your family and guests. With five simple materials, red and green paper, sticky letters, scissors, mini clothespins, and string, you can create this fun and lovely garland. This garland is perfect for livening up the holiday season in a classroom, bulletin board, or other open walls.

Background colors can be coordinated to compliment any decor idea. Lettering and color schemes can also be customized to celebrate any occasion, not just Christmas. This makes this idea an attractive decoration for Christmas or any time of the year.

3. Pompoms and ribbons

Pompoms and ribbons

The Christmas garland decorated with pompoms and ribbons makes this homemade Christmas project a perfect fit. A string made of brightly colored threads tied with pom poms is a great addition to any holiday decorating idea. This Christmas wreath decoration requires some crochet skills. It’s done in blue and red with white pom poms, but any color that matches your decorating ideas will work just fine.

4. Holiday spices

Holiday spices

The Christmas wreath decoration has just been deliciously scented. Who knew that orange peels sprinkled with cloves and strung together would make such a beautiful holiday garland? This creative decorating idea uses cut orange peels with cookie cutters to create holiday charm. Any shape cookie cutter will work, so designs are only limited by your imagination and the cookie cutters available.

Accentuating the cutouts of orange peel with cloves, the piece smells of delicious holiday spice. Other citrus peels would also be useful and add delicious accents to the scent of the holidays. Combining this holiday spice garland with string lights would be another option for your homemade Christmas decoration.

5. Rustic Charm

Rustic Charm

If your style is rustic and natural, then this Christmas wreath decorating project is for you. The nicely rustic style of this garland consists of long strips of burlap fabric transformed into ruffles. We take a raw fabric to transform it into pretty beautiful draped ruffles. The light brown or beige color of the burlap stands out well against the green of the pine branches without appearing artificial. Hanging this unique burlap garland from your tree creates a unique rustic look that you will love. Great for a country or rustic style decorating idea.

6. Baked garland

Baked garland

This baked Christmas garland decorating project is a tasty delight. This take on a holiday classic, the gingerbread man, makes it a fun and one-of-a-kind decorating idea. You can use cookie cutters to cut out personalized holiday messages from gingerbread dough. Once the cut-out messages are properly baked, they are threaded onto party string or cord to create a garland that bakers will love.

7. Colorful felt strips

Colorful felt strips

This simple and fun decorating idea is made of felt strips tied with wool. In fact, everything will be due to the place of the thread. The prick, string, or whatever you have will work. You start with small strips of felt in various colors and then tie them to the thread to create this fun and attractive felt garland.

8. Paper holly

Paper holly

Christmas garland decorations can be simple and charming, like the paper holly one. All you need is some green and red paper, some festive red, and some thread or string, glue, and scissors. By cutting shapes of leaves from the green paper and circles or berries from the red and threading them together, you create a simply charming garland.

9. Beauty of birch bark

Beauty of birch bark

Remember the paper chains we made in elementary from construction paper, glue sticks, or staples? The idea of ​​the decor is the adult version of these. But birch bark strips are used instead of construction paper. Birchbark creates a beautiful natural appearance and complements a country-style Christmas decor.

The white and black of the birch bark gives an impression of snow, which is ideal for the Christmas season. You can hang it anywhere in the house. This birch bark beauty is an easy project that will add country charm to your holiday decorations.

10. Golden Sparkle

Golden Sparkle

The twinkle of Christmas lights is reflected throughout the room in this sparkling gold garland. It creates a comforting warmth that invites holiday joy, the goal of all holiday gatherings. The shiny gold pom poms are united to create this shiny garland. It can be a simple and easy project to make, but it’s also a brilliant addition to your holiday decorating ideas.

11. Colorful pine cones

Colorful pine cones

This playful and sweet garland can be used to add fun and whimsy to your Christmas decor. The outer edges of the pine cones are lightly painted with white paint to give the illusion of winter. As if they were slightly frosted with snow. Then, a few brightly colored felt balls are hot glued to each of the pine cones to represent the holiday tradition of sugar rosaries. Finally, the playfully decorated pine cones are put together on rustic twine to create a fun and charming decoration. Children and the young at heart will be dazzled by this charming decor of pine cones.

12. Polka dot patterns

Polka dot patterns

This fun and festive Christmas wreath is a great addition to your party decor. Three light fabrics with polka dot patterns in the red and green Christmas tradition. They are accented in white, cut into strips, and tied around a green silk ribbon. The edges of the polka dot fabrics are cut with scissors to give the bands an interesting textured look. Various other fabrics can be used to create a different look. Using different colors, this garland can be matched to any party decoration

13. Beauty of nature

Beauty of nature

The natural glossy green of these waxy leaves brings the beauty of the outdoors inside. The natural waxing of these magnolia leaves makes the deep green glow and helps persevere the leaves to last longer in your indoor arrangement. This leafy splendor is a charming addition to the nature of your vacation home decorating ideas. And what better or cheaper place to find your craft supplies than in your own backyard.

14. Die cuts from felt

Die cuts from felt

Multiple shades of green felt make this garland a charming Christmas accent for your decor. Its simplicity gives it a childlike elegance. The simplicity of the garland also makes it quite easy to create, even for a beginner. The simple style is made up of multiple shades of green felt cut into a uniform tree shape. The cut trees are then strung or glued to a green string. Using a stencil will keep the cutouts uniform. If you don’t have a stencil, a cookie-cutter will work just as well. For a little variety, try making the same garland with other shapes and colors.

15. Paper lanterns

Paper lanterns

This garland emits the soft warm light of a paper lantern. The base of this garland is a simple string of fairy light white color with a white cord. The small white cups are covered with beautiful decorative papers. Some are solid in color and some are prints. An “X” shaped cup is placed at the bottom of each tumbler so that it can be glided over a bright light. It creates a kind of shade for every little light. The light shines through the color and the papers printed on the cups to generate variations in the glow.

16. Christmas wreath for children

Christmas wreath for children

Simple and playful, this Christmas garland made with cardboard plates is reminiscent of snowmen. To hang on your fireplace as well as on a wall. It will be perfect for small budgets.

17. Funny Christmas garland

Funny Christmas garland

To make this garland you need a few whole peanuts with their shells. Then leave room to your imagination to draw Santa Claus, elk, elves, reindeer … an idea to realize with your children.

18. Giant Christmas garland

Giant Christmas garland

We’re not going to lie to each other, this beautiful paper garland takes time. You will need to be patient to make these leaves and flowers. But the result is stunning.

19. Christmas window wreath

Christmas window wreath

After his tree, we adorn our windows with garlands. All you have to do is cut out of cardboard or thick sheets of stars, trees, hearts… that you can paint or decorate with glitter. We do not forget to make a small hole in which to slip a pretty ribbon.

20. Christmas paper garland

Christmas paper garland

This creation requires dexterity. A garland that will have an effect as well on the occasion of Christmas as in a room the rest of the year.

21. Christmas Pompom garland

Christmas Pompom garland

A few felt pompoms in different colors and you’re done. You can also draw hoe leaves in green felt for a 100% Christmas effect.

22. Homemade Christmas garland

Homemade Christmas garland

This homemade garland is childishly simple. After having picked up a few pine cones in the forest that are left natural or painted in white or gold, they are tied with a rope in Christmas colors. Perfect for a Scandinavian spirit.

23. Wooden garland

Wooden garland

For a 100% natural atmosphere, we get logs on which we engrave a letter to form the desired word or phrase. “Merry Christmas”, “Mery Christmas”, “Love” … For more speed and an economical garland, we will stick adhesive letters instead. Like a mountain air entering the house.

24. Gourmet garland

Gourmet garland

To properly welcome Santa Claus, it is essential to place a few cookies at the foot of the tree. We take the opportunity to make an extra batch of delicious cinnamon cookies that we will tie together to make an adorable gourmet Christmas garland. Keep away from greedy elves.

25. Garland in wool

Garland in wool

What if we recycled our balls of wool? For a cheerleader and pastel atmosphere, we make pretty trimmings pompoms. A creative alternative to the traditional Christmas garland to personalize your home at a low price.

26. Flowered garland

Flowered garland

We go to our favorite florist to buy eucalyptus, old roses, and pretty winter leaves. By following this step by step we make a flowered Christmas garland for a country atmosphere.

27. Light bulb garland

Light bulb garland

Want to light up your tree with an electric garland? No sooner said than done. We bring out our old led garland forgotten at the back of the cupboard to which we add ping-pong balls previously pierced in order to insert the bulb. Extremely simple. And for a more open-air style, we can paint them, before installing them. A creation to be used all year round but only indoors.

28. Easy Christmas garland

Easy Christmas garland

Enough of little kitsch garlands? Want a sleek and trendy Christmas decor? So we go for this garland so easy to make. A few different sized wooden beads, minimalist hanging ornaments and here you are with a Nordic spirit garland. Enough to prolong Christmas 365 days a year.

29. Crochet garland

Crochet garland

Who says crochet is old-fashioned. Far from the granny placemat placed on the TV, this garland will adapt to all styles thanks to its snowflake shape.

30. Easy and delicious garland

Easy and delicious garland

You will have to be a little patient and above all have an iron will to embark on the manufacture of this garland. It’s the star of American Christmases, the one you see everywhere, the popcorn garland. Easy and delicious, it will enhance the green of your tree, but beware of the liver crisis.

31. Christmas letter wreath

Christmas letter wreath

Nothing very complicated in the execution of this garland. Cut out the letters you will need from cardboard or sheets of paper thick enough to maintain perfect rigidity. They are then covered entirely with mini pompoms, sequins for a glitter effect, or adhesive paper. They can be declined for all occasions, birthdays, births …

32. Garland made of fabric


You need a minimum of know-how and thoroughness to succeed with the cookies and barley sugar of this DIY felt. But the bluffing result is worth it. For the less gifted, it should be possible to find ready-made tassels in creative hobby stores. All that remains is to assemble the garland for Christmas.

33. Sleek garland

Sleek garland

Red and green, too little for you. You love Christmas but fewer elves and red-nosed reindeer. This clean Christmas garland should satisfy you. Big white wool pompoms mixed with bells and here you are with a refined garland, but just as festive. A sort of “white Christmas”.

34. A retro garland

A retro garland

Its glass balls and golden light make it a perfect garland for any home.

35. A fairy garland

A fairy garland

Charming with its small trees, this Led garland is perfect for infusing the Christmas spirit in the living room.

36. A timeless garland

A timeless garland

Simple and delicate, this garland of golden pearls will propel you back a few years thanks to its obsolete appearance.

37. A colorful garland

A colorful garland

The advantage of this pretty garland is that you can reuse it all year round, in any room of your home.

38. A garland of oranges

A garland of oranges

Simple and quick to make for people who don’t want to spend money, this garland will perfume your home!