30 ideas of window decoration for christmas

The decoration for the end of the year celebrations is not limited to the Christmas tree and a holiday table. Do you like to share the spirit of these holidays? So don’t leave your windows bare and soulless! Decorate them with a lot of fun and a wide variety of possibilities. And then think of the other rooms, those where your children play or even your kitchen which puts on its festive clothes.

1. Large colored stars hanging from the windows

Large colored stars hanging from the windows (1)

All in sobriety these pretty stars in colored cardboard simply attached to the windows using jute string. To multiply at will!

2. Posca drawings on the windows

Posca drawings on the windows (1)

Using printed designs and a Posca marker, dress up the window of a superb winter village: small Nordic houses, fir trees, snowflakes, gifts, etc.

3. A light garland for the decoration of the window outside

A light garland for the decoration of the window outside (1)

Do not neglect the exterior decoration of the windows! In addition to a few Posca designs, you can bet on a pretty light garland. Ideal in this period when the sun goes down early.

4. Candles of different sizes on the windowsill

Candles of different sizes on the windowsill (1)

In Scandinavian countries, placing a seven-branched candleholder near the window during the vigil and on Christmas Day is a tradition. Why not get inspired by creating a pretty composition of candles on a tray that will be enjoyed during part of the festive season?

5. A pretty curtain of cookies hanging from a branch

A pretty curtain of cookies hanging from a branch (1)

What if we kept a few Christmas shortbread cookies to make decorative elements? Our favorite idea: hang them with a string from a branch, accompanied by a few pieces of fir.

6. Hanging lights

Hanging lights

In order not to make mistakes of taste, match the decorations that you hang with transparent wire in front of the window in the tones of the Christmas tree that you have taken care to decorate or your Christmas table if you receive it at home. Hang them at different heights to create an original and very poetic curtain.

7. Windowsills


If you like the Scandinavian style, your windowsills become the scene of very nice staging. They gladly welcome a few pieces that you could not put on the tree, all embellished by a few candles or tealight holders. Generally speaking, stars, balls, tassels, branches, and pine cones are the stars of this window decoration.

8. Foliage wreaths

Foliage wreaths

Pretty foliage wreaths adorn the windows for a natural Christmas. All finesse and delicacy, this decor is perfect for all decorative styles. Simple to make, it’s a very convivial way to celebrate Christmas.

9. Hang wood branch stars

Hang wood branch stars (1)

Very pretty stars to hang from your windows are enough to bring the Christmas spirit so sought after by young and old alike. It doesn’t take much to give them a festive atmosphere and discreetly change your decor. Suitable for both contemporary style and charming houses, they are simple to make and very inexpensive.

10. Original garland

original garland

A very original garland to dress up your window. You will have no trouble creating your own with the party accessories and decorations you have on hand. Pretty and very decorative, it is perfect to bring life to your window.

11. Simple hanging garland

Simple hanging garland

Between the staging in front of the window and the many hanging garlands, the holiday decor is set! Nothing very complicated, but the result is indeed successful.

12. Elegant decoration

Elegant decoration

Balls, candles, branches, and your windows immediately take on the appearance of Christmas. This pretty composition is perfect to bring a nice touch of elegance and a lot of seduction.

13. Decor with pines

Decor with pines

In a raw and natural spirit, a large branch and a few pine cones with one or two very simple decorations set the tone. Here we added a candle holder to illuminate everything!

14. A collection of festive candle holders on the window sill

A collection of festive candle holders on the window sill (1)

Multiply the candle holders in the shape of fir trees, small houses, or even openwork balls on the windowsill to create a pretty point of light that you will never get tired of in winter!

15. A snowy village in paper glued to the windows

A snowy village in paper glued to the windows

This is a great idea to make with the children! Cut out a few small houses of different sizes and shapes and install them on the window along the uprights to create a soft and soothing winter village.

16. Oranges hanging from the window

Oranges hanging from the window (1)

To make these pretty amber apples, you need, oranges, cloves, wire, beautiful Vichy ribbons, and a little elbow grease. All that remains is to position them near the window to enjoy their sweet fragrance and their decorative appearance all winter.

17. A well-lined fir wreath for the handle

A well-lined fir wreath for the handle

It is a classic that we never tire of, one of the stars of Christmas trends! If it is most often installed on the front door or in the center of the table, the Christmas wreath can also find its place on the windows to give them a festive note.

18. Barley sugar on the stores

Barley sugar on the stores

Impossible not to associate them with our holiday decorations! Whether or not they are edible, barley sugars settle wherever we want, like here, attached to the blind and accompanied by a few pine cones.

19. A Christmas tree created from doilies

A Christmas tree created from doilies

Paper doilies or crochet doilies? It’s up to you to make this minimalist and bohemian tree on the living room window.

20. Christmas tree decorations hanging from the curtains

Christmas tree decorations hanging from the curtains (1)

In this kitchen, traditional Christmas decorations have given way to more colorful and contemporary ornaments. Perfect for giving a bohemian and festive look to the window until the beginning of January.

21. Cotton snowflakes

Cotton snowflakes

Fishing line and cotton. This is what you will need to give your windows a little magic for Christmas by creating this artificial snowfall. Magical, right?

22. Funny stickers

Funny stickers

Your children will fall in love with these stickers bearing the effigy of Santa’s loyal allies. Easy to put on and easy to remove after the holidays are over!

23. An indoor/outdoor red berry planter

An indoor or outdoor red berry planter

Take care of interior window sills, yes. Take care of exterior window sills, too! As with these large boxes filled with seasonal flowers and plants. Our favorites: the red berry branches that brighten up this nook all winter long.

25. Hang large snowflakes

Hang large snowflakes

Invite large, transparent snowflakes to create a frosty decor along with the windows of your living room. Minimalist and delicate!

26. With fairy lights

With fairy lights

The advantage of light garlands is that they provide the same enchantment as candles, but adapt to all types of windows. From small to large panes, from bay windows to glass roofs, we decorate the windows with a string of light garlands. Ultra-thin or XXL, battery-powered or mains powered, they can hang on curtain rods, attach with tape or nails, drip in front of windows, or land on a window sill. And we find them in the shape of bulbs, stars, reindeer, or bells, among others!

27. With stencils and fake snow

With stencils and fake snow

Fake snow is also available as a spray that can personalize Christmas decorations. And on windows, it also works, a golden tip for decorating large windows, bay windows, patio doors, or skylights! All you need to do is provide stencils, ideally laminated to prevent fake snow from soaking them too quickly, then tape them to the windows. Spray, gently remove the stencil, and start again later. As for cleaning, a sponge is enough!

28. With figurines

With figurines

Why settle for garlands or candles? You can create a real Christmas decor on a window sill by featuring festive figurines, for a result as chic inside as outside. The top? Illuminated LED figurines that light up the room and create a magical holiday-worthy atmosphere. For purists, you can even drop snow on the edge of the window. Sleigh, reindeer, Santa Claus, snowmen, mini tree, everything works.

29. Paper flakes

Paper flakes

In the family of Christmas crafts, there is the cutting of snowflakes. A folded sheet of paper, a template to follow, or some experience: by unfolding the paper, you get pretty cut-out flakes with a clean look. For the more skilled, you can also cut thicker paper directly with a sharp cutter. In any case, a few points of double-sided tape are enough to stick the flakes on a glass surface, and the decorative effect is as happy as it is magical!

30. A mini Christmas tree

A mini Christmas tree

If your living room is too small to put up party decorations, take advantage of your window sills to get in the mood. With, for example, a mini potted Christmas tree slipped into a jute bag for the vintage feel.

31. A vegetable garland for your windows

A vegetable garland for your windows

The plant garlands made from fir branches, eucalyptus, or even mistletoe leaves are real allies for window decorations when Christmas arrives. And hung like this, they are the best effect. Decorating windows for Christmas is an opportunity to give a festive air to any room in the house, even those in which we do not usually linger, such as the bedroom or the kitchen.

32. Candles and tealight holders

Candles and tealight holders

It’s the simplest and most magical idea for those who have a window sill or a shelf under the glass. The secret? We forget about moderation, it’s Christmas! We line up without complexes and without counting candles, candleholders, lanterns, and candles of all sizes and styles, preferably LED, especially if the window has curtains… fire risk requires. There are even remote-controlled LED candles to avoid having to light them one by one. Magic guaranteed at nightfall, when the lights are reflected on the dark windows!