20 ideas to use christmas balls in the decoration (1)

The Christmas balls l are such a traditional decoration that we can not do without. But all Christmas balls do not have to be all the same, as they do not necessarily have to be used only for the decoration of the Christmas tree. Use your imagination! You can easily find decorative balls that you can write on with chalk, or color them in your favorite colors.

Christmas balls are inexpensive and can be found in different colors, designs, and sizes. They are the perfect accessories for many decorations for Christmas. And if you have a few or even a lot of balls and you don’t know how to integrate them into your festive decoration, in this article you will find 20 ideas to inspire you.

1. Beautiful table decorated with Christmas balls in the middle

Beautiful table decorated with Christmas balls in the middle

Make a beautiful centerpiece with Christmas balls and ornaments. Choose the ornaments and the balls of colors and shapes corresponding to the style of decoration you have chosen, put them in a bowl, on a tray, or in a basket, and add candles, garlands, foliage, or even flowers. There you go, your centerpiece is ready and it didn’t take you more than a few minutes.

2. Fireplace decor with a garland of decorative balls

Fireplace decor with a garland of decorative balls (1)

You can make a beautiful Christmas wreath or a beautiful decorative wreath and decorate them with baubles. You can then use them for the decoration of the fireplace, on the windows, on the front door, or even put them on the head of your bed or that of the children.

3. Christmas decoration with balls and greenery

Christmas decoration with balls and greenery (1)

There is nothing easier than finding some green branches and putting them in a container. Complete with natural elements like pine cones and berries. Then add some shabby chic style Christmas baubles to it with glittery ornaments to create contrast and you have a lovely Christmas vignette.

4. Decorations for wine glasses

Decorations for wine glasses (1)

Decorating wine or champagne glasses with Christmas balls is the perfect way to please your guests. To decorate your glasses, you will need small balls. Then give birth to the balls one after another on wire jewelry pins, bend the wire into a hook shape and slide it off the stem of the glass. Another way to decorate your glasses with balls is to simply glue the balls to the stems of the glasses.

5. Decoration for the stair railing

Decoration for the stair railing (1)

To feel the Christmas spirit with every step you take, hang large Christmas baubles from the banister or the top of the railing. You can hang large baubles with ribbons or incorporate smaller ones into a Christmas wreath hanging from the railing.

6. Cake stand decoration

Cake stand decoration (1)

Give Christmas decorative ornaments the same status you give cakes and sweets by arranging them on a beautiful cake stand. You can make an arrangement with Christmas balls and other decorative ornaments or use them as decoration around a small Christmas tree placed on the cake stand.

7. Hanging decoration above the dining table

Hanging decoration above the dining table (1)

Hang ornaments and decorative balls from the ceiling above the dining table to please your guests and make your interior more festive. You can go for colors like red and silver which are both very elegant and very festive.

8. Christmas baubles garland

Christmas baubles garland (1)

Tie decorative baubles using thick ribbon to create a beautiful Christmas wreath that you can use for decorating windows or above the fireplace. You will need 40-50 balls in the colors of your choice and a ribbon of about 1m to create a rich and impressive garland.

9. Table card using decorative balls

Table card using decorative balls (1)

Tie cards with the names of your guests on a large Christmas ball and then place them in a bowl surrounded by cinnamon sticks to create a festive and very interesting table look. You can use balls of the same color or mix different colors and styles.

10. Decorative balls as table glasses

Decorative balls as table glasses (1)

Turning decorative balls into table glasses from which to drink will make the atmosphere on the Christmas table even more cheerful. To make the glass balls stand alone, you will need to create a base from wooden carbon rings covered with glitter. Then insert a straw into the balls and fill them with the drink of your choice such as hot chocolate or why not something with alcohol.

11. Christmas wreath with multicolored balls

Christmas wreath with multicolored balls (1)

Fairy lights and traditional garlands are often used in Christmas decor to create a cheerful atmosphere. Hanging Christmas baubles from the garlands will make them even more beautiful because their surface will reflect the light they spread. When choosing the ornaments to hang, try to create a uniform and cohesive decor. Choose balls of various colors and shapes and alternate them on the garlands.

12. Elegant decoration with Christmas baubles to hang

Elegant decoration with Christmas baubles to hang (1)

You can incorporate Christmas balls into the decoration of the table, shelves, and windows. A very easy way to do this is by filling large transparent vases with colorful balls. The size and shape of the vase depending on your own preferences, as well as the colors and shapes of the ornaments. Fill a few vases with balls and place them all over your interior.

13. Christmas tree decoration with balls

Christmas tree decoration with balls (1)

A unique way to decorate with Christmas baubles is by adding them to your handmade decorative wreaths and hanging them on the front door or on a wall. To do this, it is enough to simply have a foam crown and wrap it with white tape, completely covering the foam. Then use hot glue to secure the end of the ribbon. Then glue Christmas balls of different sizes and colors on the wreath. Start with the larger ornaments and continue with the smaller ones. Let the glue dry and you will have a very nice decoration for Christmas.

14. Christmas balls on a plate or vase

Christmas balls on a plate or vase (1)

Whether it is a Christmas centerpiece with festive balls, garlands, or fir branches, it is important that it is well suited to the size of the table. So, on a round table, place the Christmas balls in the middle and favor rounded compositions for a most harmonious rendering. In the case of a rectangular table, the Christmas bauble centerpiece stretches out and turns into a table runner delightful. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that this type of decoration should not spoil the comfort of your guests. So avoid large flowers and instead opt for vases filled with multicolored balls that would not prevent you from discussing with your neighbor opposite. The key to an original and harmonious Christmas table lies in both aesthetics and comfort.

15. Red and white Christmas balls

Red and white Christmas balls (1)

When it comes to color, you are spoiled for choice: white, red, green, gold, silver, glitter, and sparkle. You can without any problem multiply the decorative touches that are not discreet, but on the condition that you respect the basic chromatic rules. In other words, adopt 3 colors (no more) by playing on contrasts and shades. Vegetal touches are also welcome on the Christmas table. This year, focus on fir branches and eucalyptus leaves. Some decoration enthusiasts even opt for the wreath made of fir branches as a centerpiece to play the card of originality. The mini tree where a few small Christmas balls are swinging is another DIY festive decoration idea that surprises.

16. Christmas balls with candles for centerpiece

Christmas balls with candles for centerpiece (1)

You don’t have to be a DIY expert to create a Christmas ball centerpiece that looks like you. It is, in fact, a real breeze. Pair your prettiest Christmas baubles with a few sparkling candles in different sizes and add natural or fake snow-covered fir branches. The “Wow” effect is guaranteed to you! For a table decoration that is both classic and fun, don’t hesitate to borrow two or three figurines of your children. Lovers of sleek and elegant style, for their part, can indulge themselves with a table runner made from white roses and silver and gold Christmas baubles.

17. Oranges decorated for a centerpiece with chic and 100% eco-friendly Christmas balls

Oranges decorated for a centerpiece with chic and 100% eco-friendly Christmas balls (1)

to take the DIY Christmas table decoration even further, why not make your own Christmas balls? Halfway between traditional and innovative, oranges decorated with cloves bring back memories of childhood and delicately replace plastic Christmas balls, while perfuming the interior. An easy, inexpensive, zero-waste DIY that you can make with the kids. No need for scissors or glue, citrus fruits quickly turn into Christmas balls for maximum effect on the festive table and not only! Just dress them in cloves and voila! They are ready to embellish the house. Combined with fir branches, pine cones, and candles, Christmas oranges create a centerpiece to die for!

18. Imagine a poetic garland

Imagine a poetic garland (1)

Collect several suspensions from Christmas balls and form light and poetic garland. It can hang on a fireplace, or simply on the wall!

19. Christmas wreath style

Christmas wreath style (1)

Easier to undertake than a huge tree, the Christmas wreath will bring a seasonal vegetal touch. As here, we will think of mixing the tree with small branches, but also with a Led garland and of course, a few Christmas balls!

20. A bright centerpiece

A bright centerpiece (1)

To decorate your holiday table, place a few pretty candles in the center of the table, accompanied by Christmas balls.