30 Unique Ideas to Decorate Your Home With Green Plants (1)

We cannot live without the different plants and flowers. They represent nature and above all they have a relaxing and calming effect. If you have a garden or patio decorated with plants, you are in luck. However, this is not enough. It is always important to bring some freshness to the interior of the house through houseplants. Indoor plants, mainly green plants, are the best way to refresh and beautify a decoration. Green plants can enhance any room and whatever the decorating style. You will be following the big trend of the year at the same time. Discover in this post some unique ideas to decorate your interior with plants.

1. Make it more welcoming and cozy

make it more welcoming and cozy (1)

Green plants placed in pots can completely change the room they are in. They have the ability to make it more welcoming and cozy. Choose the pots according to the style of decoration of your house in order to emphasize this style at the same time. Among the most popular indoor green plants are cacti and various succulents. You can place the pots on window sills or on special stands of your choice.

Green plants are placed in all the rooms of the house; from the entrance hall to the bedroom, passing through the living room. Placing green plants in the bathroom can even help create a spa vibe. If you don’t have enough floor space, you can hang pots from the ceiling.

2. Shrubs in pots for a natural and unique decoration

Shrubs in pots for a natural and unique decoration (1)

It is both a natural and chic way to decorate a home. There are many potted shrubs designed for indoors, and you will certainly find some that appeal to you. Sure, they do require more maintenance, but they deserve it and the unique touch they bring to interior design is worth it.

It is even possible to choose a fruit tree and harvest your fruits in the kitchen itself or in the living room. It’s a great idea; no? If you want to make a big change in your interior design, a potted shrub would be better than several small plants.

3. Green plants arranged in original pots for a creative decoration

Green plants arranged in original pots for a creative decoration (1)

True, the most important thing is to decorate the house with green plants. However, the choice of pots is also important. The options available to you are virtually endless. You can choose pots to suit your current decorating style or make a completely different choice to create a nice contrast and add an original touch. There are for example the wooden pots and those that are woven for a rustic touch. But there are also pots made of more modern materials.

4. Mini-jungle

Mini-jungle (1)

Do you have several plants and are you running out of places to put them? Get a small side table where you can group them all together to create the effect of a mini-jungle. A solution which de-clutters the space and which greatly simplifies the watering sessions.

5. Wall mesh

Wall mesh (1)

We often see climbing plants on the exterior walls of houses and it makes you wonder why we ever thought to explore the concept inside! Get some simple wall grids (available at nurseries) and hang them on the wall. Place a few vines at the base and get ready to see your green wall take shape. So original!

6. Drawers

Drawers (1)

Have you thought about putting plants in the empty drawers of a cabinet? If you have a cabinet with several drawers, you can open them to different degrees to create an interesting relief. Place a few small-sized plants there so that it is not too heavy and your drawers do not falter!

7. Baking tray

Baking tray (1)

Placing your plants on a cupcake tray is not only pretty, but it’s also super practical! In addition to serving as a cute centerpiece, the tray allows you to move your plants according to the sunlight in your room, without mess. You don’t have such a tray at home? You can always make one yourself by gluing plates and small candlesticks together.

8. Small scale

Small scale (1)

The scales have already proven themselves deco and they show us once again their versatility! Here, we use this little wooden step to place several plants in a tiered fashion.

9. Plants in the living room

Plants in the living room (1)

As I already said above, the place where we find the most plants is the balcony. But it is also often found in living rooms. Contrary to popular belief, it is not in bad taste or out of date to have them in your living room. Plants can be used to decorate just like any other item you would buy from your favorite home decor store. They often dominate in “jungle” or exotic style interiors, but can also bring color in an industrial or bohemian style interior. Because instead of striving to put green objects in a decoration, it is sometimes more judicious to use the color of the plants to bring the colored touch that you lack and thus enhance the white of your walls, the gray of your carpet or the leather of your armchairs.

10. Plants in the bedroom

Plants in the bedroom (1)

Yes, we can put plants in a room. Of course, you don’t have to turn your cozy space into a virgin forest if you don’t feel the need to ( and if you don’t feel like sharing your bed with Tarzan! ). But by choosing the right species well, you can very well put some of them on your headboard or use them to decorate the contours of your four-poster bed. These plants can also give character to a sober and simple decoration or create an even more “cocooning” and enveloping spirit if you have them along the walls of your room. Finally, a plant can also very well complement a wall of floral, forest or “jungle” wallpaper, thus bringing your panorama to life.

Take care to choose the right species because some plants can be very toxic. Finally, if you live in the tropics or in regions where mosquitoes are your “friends”, also be careful not to multiply spaces where these little animals could hide during the day and quietly wait for the night to devour you!

11. Plants in the bathroom

Plants in the bathroom (1)

Why not take advantage of the humid atmosphere in the bathroom to put plants that appreciate this humid atmosphere? It is an idea that we see more and more appear in decoration magazines and which, again, can simply and quickly highlight any decoration. Certainly, this idea is preferred, in my opinion, for white, gray or terracota bathrooms, or even pink. But nothing prevents you from testing the idea if your bathroom space has a slightly more multicolored decoration ( I do not guarantee the effect, but I ask to see if you test! ).

Just like the bedroom, there’s no need to invade your space with a ton of green plants. You just need to put one or two simply on a shelf above your sink for example, to put a large plant in a pot near the toilet or the shower. And for the more daring, why not use a hanging ladder that would support a pretty climbing plant? I love this idea, which I had already presented in my article on scales, do you remember?

12. Plants in the office

Plants in the office (1)

The office is one of the rooms that I particularly like ( What? You don’t have an office in your house? Is that not useful? Go quickly take a look at one of my very first article and you will see that finally , offices are like peas, we all need an office at home .. only those over fifty… er forty…. will know what I’m referring to… what? sixties or seventies … curious, go !!! )

But back to our plants and our offices. This room which can easily be austere or witness many headaches with your computer ( this damn machine that never goes fast enough or deletes, just to annoy you, all your data !!! ) will find full of freshness and sweetness with one or two well-placed plants: on a shelf, directly on your worktop or in a corner of your library, bring in some green and you will see it much clearer! In addition to their “zenifying” effect, certain plants are particularly useful because they allow a little filtering of all the magnetic and harmful waves often present in abundance in our offices. So, combine the useful with the pleasant…

13. Place plants on an original support

Place plants on an original support (1)

Finally, decorating with plants is not rocket science! All you have to do is arrange the ones you choose in one or more rooms, like the examples cited. But we can go even further for more originality. Indeed, what could be more banal than a plant placed on the ground? Everyone does it, and there is nothing original about it when it would suffice to give your plants a little height to immediately personalize your interior a little more. How? ‘Or’ What ? By exhibiting your plant in a library for example or by placing it on a simple shelf. Another idea: group several plants on a bench or a console or on a stool.

Personally, I find that the ideal, for a more successful marriage between the plant (s) and its support, is to use a raw wood support. For example, you can use a wooden beam, fix metal feet to it and in no time, you will have a small console on which you will just have to put your small pots!

14. Hanging plants

Hanging plants (1)

Still in the continuity of the previous idea, there is another way to make our plants take even more height and thus put them a little more in value. It suffices to suspend them. ( No, we will not hang them by the branches or the leaves, I assure you, no need to call “your mistreated plants”! ). On the other hand, avoid hanging potted plants in ceramic or other terracotta vases. Why ? Well because of the weight, of course. It will therefore be necessary to favor synthetic supports ( not very ecological that! ), Composites or the ideal, in recycled materials (there is better!).

You can therefore hang your plants directly from the ceiling using a hanging bracket sold commercially. You can opt for a homemade support made from a board. You just have to drill the ends of the board, pass the rope which will be used to hang your support. Then, all you have to do is cut the board to the diameters of the pots you have chosen and here is a DIY support to hang there wherever you want.

15. Hang plants on the walls

Hang plants on the walls (1)

We have put them up, suspended them… all that remains is to “hang” them on the walls and we will have toured the possibilities. How? ‘Or’ What ? As always, there are options for everyone. Use old pallets to reuse boards, old jars and voila, you have a personalized DIY support that will cost almost nothing. The same principle can be applied with plastic bottles. Still in the same spirit, you can make a support with cans this time. You leave them in their raw state or paint them, attach magnets to them and can thus apply them on a refrigerator or a wall covered with magnetic paint. And for the less DIY enthusiasts or those in a hurry, I also have ideas!

16. Decorate with plants … without having to plant them

Decorate with plants ... without having to plant them (1)

The idea is quite simple. I dedicate it moreover especially to those who want to bring green or nature into their interior but who do not have a green thumb or not too much time to take care of it. To you who want the butter, the money for the butter, the creamer, the milk jug and the husband of the creamer, I have the solution! Just use branches, stems or leaves and sublimate them in pretty supports. No ! I’m stopping you! Don’t go rob your neighbor’s garden or tear leaves from the trees in the park opposite! Assassin! Instead, think about taking these leaves or branches from the unsold florists or plant merchants at the market ( you see, the non-salable remains that most of the time end up in the trash… ask for authorization anyway!). Another tip: reuse the remaining stems of a faded bouquet instead of throwing everything away!

17. Decorate with plants … without plants

Decorate with plants ... without plants (1)

This tip is the ultimate solution for those who want plants without having even a hint of real plants. “Yes, we already know, with artificial plants! “. Well no. Not even. It’s even worse than that! I simply suggest that you adopt images of plants! Well yes: photos, drawings, prints. Take advantage of the “jungle” spirit fashion to select the images you like. Wallpaper, pictures, bed linen, cushions, rugs. Short ! There are a multitude of possibilities. Yeah, I know, it’s a bit of a cheat. But the rendering is just as pleasant and can even be adopted for a mix between real and false plants for an accumulation spirit without invasion!

18. Drooping

Drooping (1)

Bloom your interior from floor to ceiling by letting your plants fall from the sky!

19. Trendy flower pots

Trendy flower pots (1)

In our favorite decoration stores, find ultra trendy and modern flower pots to dress up your indoor plants.

20. A piece of furniture dedicated to plants

A piece of furniture dedicated to plants (1)

Notice to addict plants! Choose a large piece of furniture where you can store all your plants! An improvised jungle certainly but organized.

21. Create a terrarium

Create a terrarium (1)

It makes its place in our interiors. The terrarium must have a particular location, but is very easy to make. Choose a large enough glass jar for him.

22. Design suspensions

Design suspensions (1)

Opt for ultra design flowerpots with geometric shapes to hang them above a table, for example.

23. Choose different colors

Choose different colors (1)

Enhance a plant by associating it with the same variety but this time colorful!

24. DIY pot

DIY pot (1)

Create an original flowerpot using a wooden crate! Wider than traditional suspensions, you can even create an indoor planter.

25. Chimney

Chimney (1)

In the unused fireplace, plants invite themselves for an astonishing and original result!

26. Stairs

Stairs (1)

Hang plants on the stairs to decorate this often forgotten space.

27. Hide the opposite

Hide the opposite (1)

Display all your green plants in front of your window. Ideal for housing inhabitants with a large shelf.

28. Vegetate a room

Vegetate a room (1)

Make a room more colorful or lively by adding green plants of all shapes, sizes or colors to it.

29. A floral ladder

A floral ladder (1)

Ladders are trendy in decor. We take the opportunity to sublimate them with hanging or hanging green plants. 

30. Trendy planters

Trendy planters (1)

Natural materials are in the spotlight to enhance indoor plants. We therefore rely on wicker baskets to hide the pots.