35 Ways to Decorate Your Home With Flowers and Plants

Fresh or artificial, flowers bring a touch of light and aesthetics to the rooms of the house. Roses or orchids? Matching or contrasting with the colors of the room? We offer you inspirations to enhance your interior.

1. Branch flowers

Branch flowers (1)

To decorate your living room, you can opt for a pretty bouquet but also for a minimalist floral decoration like this flowery stem which, in a simple soliflore, is enough to brighten up the room!

2. Wicker baskets

Wicker baskets1 (1)

In the main room, we love the idea of ​​green plants hidden in large wicker baskets for a look that breathes the garden.

3. XXL plant

XXL plant (1)

The bathroom is also entitled to its share of greenery. Obviously, it will be necessary to do according to the size of your room and if you have a generous surface, do not hesitate to opt for an XXL plant. You can also decorate your basin with a beautiful orchid or arrange several small plants along your tub for a more jungle look.

4. Tea box vase

Tea box vase (1)

In the kitchen, the touch of greenery will be aromatic plants, as practical as they are decorative. And to bring a touch of originality to the whole, opt for unusual containers like these tea boxes remixed in pots!

5. Hanging dining room vase

Hanging dining room vase (1)

Flowers are ephemeral decoration and therefore decoration which is very easy to renew. Needless to say, a simple bouquet is enough to decorate a room, the proof with this hanging vase (which you can create yourself). Opt for colorful flowers and do not hesitate to play on the heights of the stems for a wilder effect.

6. Bouquet salon

Bouquet salon (1)

Rather than setting your sights on a large bouquet, why not multiply the soliflores for a much more stylish look?

7. Flowers print bouquet

Flowers print bouquet (1)

You already have floral linens, so what? Here is the proof that the print and the bouquet mix wonderfully, so do not hesitate to multiply the flowers, real or not.

8. Hanging vase desk

Hanging vase desk (1)

After the hanging flowers, make way for the plants: upside down or upside down, in a glass jar or in a porcelain container, in short, mix the styles and the plants together to make your office an ode to the nature.

9. Cherry blossoms bedroom

Cherry blossoms bedroom (1)

In your room, a single flower, bouquet or flowering branch will be welcome. We fall for these delicate cherry stems XXL version which bring a real breath of fresh air to the room in addition to a touch of color.

10. Home deco cactus

Home deco cactus (1)

No need to look for the plant that no one will have, the important thing is to have the right idea. And if you don’t have a lot of room, consider cacti which, on top of that, don’t require a lot of maintenance. One or more, it’s up to you but one thing is certain: they will bring an exotic touch to your decor.

11. Flower stepladder

Flower stepladder (1)

Don’t know what to do with your stepladder? It is forbidden to throw it away after discovering this decorative idea: use it as a plant stand in the entrance. We love this quirky idea that will accommodate all kinds of greenery and pots for a 100% natural melting pot.

12. Walls flowers

Walls flowers (1)

We fell in love with this decorative tip that you won’t find in everyone’s home: a kind of wall herbarium made up of fresh or dried flowers that you can create above your bed but also in the hallway, a part of the often forgotten house on the decorative side.

13. Mini Greenhouse

Mini Greenhouse (1)

In the bedroom, you can opt for small greenhouses or mini terrariums that will last longer than a bouquet of flowers. Ultra trendy lately, this new way of welcoming greenery in its habitat continues to charm us, the opportunity to tell you about it!

14. Orchids

Orchids (1)

The orchid always brings a touch of elegance, no matter where you place it. We like the idea of ​​three plants that highlight the niches that we too often tend to paint.

15. Fake flowers

Fake flowers (1)

For an entrance that sets the tone as soon as you step through the door, we put on a floral decoration that can be seen from afar! Like these (fake) flowers, do not hesitate to opt for XXL and have a light hand on the rest of the decoration.

16. Arrange your plants on a shelf

Arrange your plants on a shelf (1)

A shelf is a great support for accommodating plants, whether you go for a total look or intersperse a few between your favorite books or objects. From a simple shelf to a complete wall shelf, you will be spoiled for choice to place your potted plants, which will instantly enhance their cachet.

17. A suspension for indoor plants

A suspension for indoor plants (1)

This ideal solution for the smallest surfaces (but not only), has the wind in its sails in interior decoration when it comes to presenting its plants with originality. There are various supports for this (wall, hanging plant holder, shelves, etc.) which will allow you to vary the pleasures and the compositions as you wish.

A stunning creation to say the least made its appearance a few years ago in the world of design: the Sky planter from the New Zealand brand Boskke or a revisited concept of the flower pot that allows you to display your plants. head down ! A daring creation, to say the least, which not only has decorative but also depolluting qualities. Indeed, this ingenious system allows a reduction in water consumption of up to 80% compared to a traditional system.

18. A support for indoor plants

A support for indoor plants (1)

This system is, as its name suggests, a support specially adapted to receive plants. Space-saving, a free -standing plant pot will allow you to harmoniously sprinkle your interior with a natural touch. Many models in various sizes and styles (design, rustic, refined, vintage…) are available on the market in order to best meet individual requirements.

19. A trellis for climbing plants

A trellis for climbing plants (1)

Take to the heights by offering your plants a very graphic setting, namely a wall trellis. This system will allow you to create your own compositions in a fun way, while transforming in the blink of an eye an ordinary wall into a real work of art!

20. Create an interior green wall

Create an interior green wall (1)

A veritable vertical garden with a spectacular rendering, the green wall is a breathtaking solution to decorate your interior with green plants. Even if this concept may at first seem daunting to achieve, know that it only takes a little elbow grease and imagination to make yours come true.

21. Tone-on-tone flowers in a charming living room

Tone-on-tone flowers in a charming living room (1)

We imagine ourselves in a family house, in the countryside, decorated with simplicity and style: raw or patinated wood, wicker, all associated with soft, almost pastel shades. The atmosphere is cozy and full of charm, and the house definitely seems open to nature – and gives pride of place to natural materials.

We opted here for flowers with colors very similar to those of the decoration: green-gray, brown-red, almost extinct colors. It’s a way of not slashing with the style of charm. Field flowers might also work, as long as they are white or off-white. The vases and containers, again, are made of raw and natural materials, such as pottery or wood. The flowers are in a central position in the room. They invade the coffee table, large enough to accommodate several vases.

22. Multicolored flowers for a pop living room

Multicolored flowers for a pop living room (1)

A simple living room with white furniture is decorated with floral curtains and colorful cushions. A multicolored table that gives pep! The rugs and lighting are also very colorful, and the whole is bright and cheerful. In such an energetic atmosphere, single or white flowers would go unnoticed. Opt absolutely for complex species, such as peonies, daffodils or gerberas, and choose them in bright hues (oranges, reds, yellows, pinks, etc.). As for the containers, they are original and even unexpected: a pitcher, a cup, a glass, etc.

Flowers are everywhere! They are the backdrop for the decoration of the room – and they even sometimes merge with textiles or wallpaper! So no rules: you can scatter them all over the place, especially in corners that lack light, such as the coffee table or around doors.

23. A mini winter garden for an industrial fair

A mini winter garden for an industrial fair (1)

We imagine a bright veranda open to the outside nature. The majestic metal canopy brings an almost industrial touch to the room, while it looks recent. On the ground, the old tiling has not been renovated, to keep the raw charm of the old. Choose simple flowers, why not wildflowers or wild grasses? It is the ideal place for small white or pale pink flowers.

24. Height games for a boudoir lounge

Height games for a boudoir lounge (1)

Living room, library or reading room? Difficult to define the room. It seems to be, in any case, a place of rest for a lover of literature or art, who recollects by the fireplace. Flowers should not contrast with the style of the room. We will therefore stay in whites, or even a light yellow, but nothing bright. Hydrangeas and white hyacinths go perfectly with bud flowers, for a romantic and understated style.

Luxury of space: the flowers are placed on furniture that is reserved for them! With the help of the vases, and by alternating the species of flowers, we create a very elegant height game. In harmony with the transparent vases, bells contain cut flowers, placed on the coffee table.

25. Climbing plants in a male bedroom

Climbing plants in a male bedroom (1)

In a bedroom with a slightly masculine, and almost “British” style, we find Scottish-patterned sheets, dark wood furniture, and an almost Mediterranean tiled floor. A very warm mix of genres, and where a touch of greenery seems essential … The orientation of the bed, placed facing the window, is original. 

To bring greenery up high, climbing plants are ideal. Choose pink sweet peas, to bring a touch of femininity to the room, or a more classic ivy, to give it its masculine accents. In terms of colors, white or blue goes wonderfully with the ambiance imposed by the blue tartan. Climbing plants, placed on a walk-in wardrobe, play the surprising role of visual separation! An idea to duplicate at will, depending on the space available.

26. A bouquet of roses for a romantic bedroom

A bouquet of roses for a romantic bedroom (1)

The pastel colors and the charm of the furniture leave no doubt about the style of the room. Here we seem to be immersed in romanticism, in a young woman’s room. The furniture is patinated, the scrolls multiply, and the lights add an elegant touch. No hesitation, roses are in the spotlight here! Romantic flower par excellence, it finds its place without problem. To accentuate the style, opt for old English roses, which have more and thinner petals. As for the colors, we stay in the pastel, with pinks, mauves, powdery yellows or even oranges.

By placing the bouquet of roses in front of the mirror, we benefit even more from its luminosity. It sits, in any case, on the most imposing piece of furniture in the room, but also the most feminine: the dressing table.

27. Bright flowers for an urban kitchen

Bright flowers for an urban kitchen (1)

There is a mix of urban and industrial styles in this bright red kitchen. The stainless steel, the gray and the white tiling blend with the lacquered furniture, for a modern and young atmosphere. When the dominant color of the room is so bright and so present, it is difficult to suggest a flower with a contrasting hue. We therefore prefer to combine colors, to achieve tone on tone as here.

28. A single white orchid in a pure bathroom

A single white orchid in a pure bathroom (1)

Absolute purity emanates from this bathroom. Only the light color of the wood breaks the white of the walls and furniture. The very simple shapes are inspired by nature, and the room conveys an obvious feeling of calm and well-being. Pure and elegant, the orchid seems the ideal flower for such a room. Erected, proud, it attracts attention and imposes itself in the decoration.

29. A Japanese cherry tree in a marine bathroom

A Japanese cherry tree in a marine bathroom (1)

This bathroom seems the ideal place for treatments such as the hammam or the spa. We imagine ourselves enjoying a massage or facials, in this room that almost looks like a beauty salon! The surprising navy blue and orange colors combine wonderfully, and highlight the wood of the parquet and that of the bench. The Zen atmosphere is necessarily reminiscent of Asia. But here, we do not opt ​​for plants like bamboo, but rather for flowering species: orchids, Japanese cherry, water lily, etc.

The cherry branch, enthroned in a large vase, stands out in the room. It is as important as the rest of the furniture! The other flowers, for their part, adorn the bench and the vanity unit from time to time, as if to prolong the zenitude of the place.

30. Put your green plants on a bench

Put your green plants on a bench (1)

A bench is an ideal extra piece of furniture to install your green plants because it has dream measurements to create a space of greenery on a human scale. For this it is up to you to opt, as with the shelves, for the accumulation of plants or on the contrary to have only one or two here and there for a refined rendering.

31. Vegetate your window sills

Vegetate your window sills (1)

If the configuration of your interior allows it, you will be able to see in a windowsill a dream place for your plants which will have everything to gain there especially in light. You will thus have plenty of time to enjoy a sublime plant spectacle inside and out.

32. Adopt a mini indoor decorative greenhouse

Adopt a mini indoor decorative greenhouse (1)

This solution, traditionally designed for outdoor use, is gradually making its appearance in the world of interior decoration. This was made possible with the appearance of specially adapted greenhouses, with reduced proportions and an attractive design.

33. A pendent lamp serving as a hanging garden

A pendent lamp serving as a hanging garden (1)

Another solution going off the beaten track for its green plants: a suspension for plants. Like its counterpart the greenhouse lamp previously reviewed, the plant suspension is a luminaire in its own right, also serving as a support for the plants. This system is designed as a planter, in which it is possible to grow your plants indoors, with the difference that it is also equipped with a lighting system. A special mention for this dreamlike model, aesthetic and benefiting from an artisanal manufacture, which can only hit the mark!

34. A herbarium under glass

A herbarium under glass (1)

Who as a child has never created a herbarium after returning from a walk in the forest full of many treasures? The herbarium under glass is today a particularly trendy concept in decoration. It allows nature enthusiasts to prolong this pleasure, which is both regressive and creative, which it is strongly recommended to share with its offspring. Once again the choice is rich as regards the frames to adapt according to your style of predilection, it is up to you to garnish them with your best finds!

35. Make a partition wall with plants

Make a partition wall with plants (1)

A partition system incorporating plants makes it possible to combine the useful with the pleasant by separating very distinct spaces without weighing down. If you opt for this scenario, do not hesitate to play with the volumes to obtain a graphic set in which your plants will be like fish in water!