30 Tips & Ideas to Decorate Corner of a Room (1)

We all know that decorating the corner of a room is not easy. Complicated to have good ideas to sublimate these often neglected little nooks and crannies. Here are some decorative ideas to decorate the corner of a room in your house or apartment.

1. Shelves and green plants to clear an angle

Shelves and green plants to clear an angle (1)

If you want to integrate green plants into your home, but your living space does not allow it, opt for the integration of these on shelves! Here, the angle takes on a new function: it generates the creation of storage. The space, initially inaccessible, is transformed and conceals the salient angle.

2. A base wall to create a corner cabinet

A base wall to create a corner cabinet (1)

To dress up a corner wall and create storage in the living room space, you can also create a base wall, attached to the wall. Here it emphasizes the length of the sofa and is used as furniture. Visually, this arrangement enriches the decoration and brings a cozy side to the place. You can disseminate, here and there, accessories, such as candles or designer lights. The roundness of the objects and their mineral color are soothing.

3. Under a staircase, frames and a seat to create a cocoon place

Under a staircase, frames and a seat to create a cocoon place (1)

The spaces under the stairs are often difficult to convert. Narrow or half-light, the elements limit the fields of possibilities. However, simple and effective solutions can be implemented. Here, for example, we opt for a Scandinavian decoration with a jumble of frames hanging on the wall, as well as the creation of a small reading corner. We “break” the angle while optimizing this wasted space.

4. Colorful boxes to energize your headboard

Colorful boxes to energize your headboard (1)

The boxes become essential parts of our decoration. In the kitchen, living room, bathroom and … in the bedroom! With this arrangement, it is difficult to perceive the salient angle of the wall. Another advantage: the boxes create storage space in a space that is nevertheless very narrow! They are used here, both as a bedside table, but also as a bookcase.

5. A piece of furniture with two faces to break the angle

A piece of furniture with two faces to break the angle (1)

For this particularly visible corner of the room, we placed a two-tone piece of furniture with two shutters. The white, cold and smooth, is associated with the interior of the furniture which, for its part, is made of wood. This library, which perfectly follows the angle, unconsciously stimulates the activity of the inhabitants and gives rhythm to the decoration.

6. Hanging baskets to dress up a hallway

Hanging baskets to dress up a hallway (1)

If your corridors are not usable at first, they can turn into real storage areas … ultra practical! The small transparent hanging baskets that decorate the corner of the wall bear witness to this. Accessories also create storage in a very small area.

7. Suspended boxes to occupy the corner at the top

Suspended boxes to occupy the corner at the top (1)

The two-tone boxes are like levitating. They hug the upper part of the angle of the wall and set it in motion. The wood brings a warm note to the layout. White, meanwhile, gives a chic and refined touch. The whole is enhanced by the integration of spotlights under the storage. The wall is nuanced and the orange color reinforces the cozy spirit.

8. A green plant to get around an angle

A green plant to get around an angle (1)

To energize your office and to bring a “jungle” note, bet on green plants. Here, the vegetation – a large plant near the window – sublimates the space and erases the salient angle of the room.

9. Asymmetrical boxes to make an angle disappear

Asymmetrical boxes to make an angle disappear (1)

Boxes are really popular in our interiors. This time they are used to equip an industrial style kitchen. Their arrangement – on either side of the angle – as well as their orientation conceals the central ridge. Add some frames (to play on the reliefs) and place the books on the ground … and it’s won! Your angle has disappeared in favor of an original and contemporary layout.

10. A piece of furniture at a right angle to match the shape of the room

A piece of furniture at a right angle to match the shape of the room (1)

The angle is there … without being there! With this piece of furniture in a right angle, the constraint of the angle seems to be circumvented. With the addition of a sticker – a hot air balloon in the shape of a heart – the gaze is also diverted. Another tip: the cushions (soft and warm materials) soften the scene and give a cozy note.

11. Decorate the corner of a room with unique shapes

Decorate the corner of a room with unique shapes (1)

When choosing furniture for a unique space, don’t be afraid to choose pieces that don’t seem to work in a room; or which have a particular shape. Having a unique shape will allow the room to be highlighted in a different way.

12. Extend a photo wall

Extend a photo wall (1)

If you already have a photo wall, it’s time to extend it to dress up that corner that you don’t like. Choose artwork and pieces of different sizes, shapes and textures to create an intricate effect. This idea works great if your wedge is in a smaller space to allow you to have a tighter fit.

13. Decorate the corner of a room with additional seating

Decorate the corner of a room with additional seating (1)

If this little corner in your room does not match the rest of the decoration, it is better to try to dress it up. If you want to add additional seats while remaining consistent with your decor, do not hesitate! It is an excellent idea. To go further, and if you have enough space, install two seats and a small table to give a function to this space.

14. Decorate the corner of a room with light

Decorate the corner of a room with light (1)

If in doubt, add a light fixture. Sometimes all a room needs is a little more light. Creating upward visual appeal will catch the eye and make the room larger. In addition, this trick will make your nook disappear by integrating it into the rest of the decor.

15. Shelves

Shelves (1)

Adding shelving is another form of visual appeal in a room. Adding storage space will allow you to display your trinkets or books while making the room more harmonious. The key is to make sure that your shelves have a unique character.

16. Decorate the corner of a room with a sofa

Decorate the corner of a room with a sofa (1)

And why not make it even simpler? While most of us want to hide this nook, this idea will help you with the space while also giving the room meaning. Add a sofa to create a small den in the room.

17. Add some greenery

Add some greenery (1)

Plants are ideal, especially if you want to bring a bit of modernity to your dining room. Thanks to this, you will not only be able to add color and texture but you will also be able to change with the seasons. Also remember to combine plants of different colors and sizes.

18. How about a swing?

How about a swing (1)

Having a swing at home is one of the big trends of the moment. If your corner is large enough, feel free to install one. A swing is a great option for keeping the room cool and airy with just the right amount of decoration. Think of it as one of those fun elements that brings a room to life without needing many elements at the same time.

19. Create a reading corner

Create a reading corner (1)

Same principle as for the office area, plus the cozy atmosphere. The corner of a room is perfect for a comfortable and intimate reading corner : you install a good armchair with its plaid and cushion, add a lamp and a shelf, it’s done.

20. Make a corner bench

Make a corner bench (1)

If the corner of the room is clear, why not turn it into a bench corner ? Trendy and practical, benches are making a big comeback in decor… and in corners. First option, it is made to measure if the dimensions require it. Second option, we choose low cabinet type furniture, we place them in L in the corner and we cover with cushions. Perfect for reading in the living room, getting dressed in the bedroom, putting on your shoes in the hall or even eating in the kitchen with a small table in front!

21. Build a recycling library

Build a recycling library (1)

Wine boxes or any other wooden box stacked on top of each other in the corner turn into a trendy and practical bookcase , low or high. We fix them to each other or to the wall for more security, and we can even paint or wallpaper the inside to boost the decorative effect!

22. Luminous!

Luminous (1)

Think about it: a pretty fairy light will dress the corner of your wall! 

23. Graphic

Graphic (3)

Smart and friendly, we dare the shelves in every corner!

24. Design

Design1 (1)

We love these stylish corner shelves!

25. XXL version

XXL version (1)

Corner shelves can also be thought of as an XXL version!

26. Triangular

Triangular (1)

This discreet shelf is the decorative touch that your interior was missing!

27. Practical desk

Practical desk (1)

Bigger and more practical, corner desks have it all!

28. Composition

Composition (1)

We take advantage of our empty angles to settle in our little museum. Of the nicest effect!

29. Garden corner

Garden corner (1)

We set up a small garden area for a wow effect!

30. Around the corner!

Around the corner (1)

The accumulation of frames also works in the corners!

31. Kitchen shelves

Kitchen shelves (1)

Do you have a small kitchen? Optimize it by installing corner shelves. 

32. Desk

Desk (1)

If you need a small desk in the bedroom, choose a corner one to make the most of the space.

33. Raw library

Raw library (1)

In the living room, we install an original library! 

34. With photos

With photos (1)

In the kitchen, decorate your corner with photos and keepsakes.

35. Masking tape

Masking tape (1)

Use masking tape to decorate a corner.