25 Wallpaper Ideas to Add Greenery and Color (1)

Each trend is repeated in cycles and in the world of decoration wallpapers have made a comeback in recent years. Tropical wallpaper is making a comeback and now stands alongside wallpapers in neutral tones. Tropical wallpaper adds color and a summer vibe to a modern interior. With nature-themed patterns that have been causing a stir lately, tropical wallpapers with leafy patterns are both vibrant and trendy. You can easily add them to an existing space to change both its vibe and overall theme.

1. A leafy backdrop

A leafy backdrop (1)

The large green leaves in the wallpaper are a perfect way to add a tropical touch to the interior without changing other aspects of the space too much.

A leafy backdrop1 (1)

Whether it’s giant banana leaves or smaller leaves with a more repeating pattern, wallpaper creates an instant focal point that you can’t miss.

A leafy backdrop2 (1)

The addition of indoor plants allows a second step to reinforce this atmosphere.

2. In the bathroom

In the bathroom (1)

Bathrooms are a place where you can try out any new trend without taking too much risk. But beware, in small bathrooms, walls draped in leafy wallpaper can feel a bit heavy if overused.

In the bathroom1 (1)

Lighting is a key element in these tiny spaces. So add a suspension or a ceiling light with metallic reflections.

3. It’s not just leafy patterns

It's not just leafy patterns (1)

For a tropical style, look beyond wallpapers with leafy patterns. Some go preferred palm tree designs while others go preferred more colorful designs like pineapples or birds.

It's not just leafy patterns1 (1)

Custom jungle themed wallpapers with great details or sand patterns will also add a tropical and refreshing touch.

4. An alternative is possible

An alternative is possible (1)

Don’t like wallpaper? Maybe you are looking for other ways to bring in a tropical motif while still having the same visual impact.

An alternative is possible1 (1)

Don’t worry, those looking to start small can experiment with cushions.

5. Tropical paper in the living room

Tropical paper in the living room (1)

In your living room, perhaps tropical wallpaper will be the easiest to use. Indeed, you can decorate a section of wall with this type of pattern quite easily. You can associate it with a green velvet sofa for example for a very fresh effect. Avoid the total look though, which can be quite overwhelming. If you don’t want green, you should know that you will also find black and white tropical wallpaper . Its more graphic look will easily suit any type of decoration.

6. A tropical pattern in the office

A tropical pattern in the office (1)

As the office is often a small room, you can use the tropical pattern on all of the walls. You will thus create a particularly original vegetal atmosphere. Very lively, the tropical pattern will energize your entire decor. You will thus have your mind totally awake to work in the best conditions!

7. In your entrance

In your entrance (1)

In order to set the tone and create a particularly original entrance, do not hesitate to line a wall with tropical wallpaper. For example, you can create a white base to visually lighten the space. If you wish, you can also fix a few dark wooden hooks on your wall for a very successful look.

8. In the dining room

In the dining room (1)

To create a green atmosphere in your dining room, tropical patterns will be perfect. Indeed, you can use it on a completely bare wall to dress your room. With some wooden furniture, your dining room will allow you to escape during your dinners with family or friends!

9. Tropical wallpaper in the bedroom

Tropical wallpaper in the bedroom (1)

For starters, you can use the tropical pattern in your bedroom . To do this, you can line the wall of your headboard, for example. In this case, you can choose to cover the entire wall. You will also have the option of delimiting a smaller area. Feel free to create a tropical headboard with a wood panel.

10. Tropical jungle atmosphere wallpaper

Tropical jungle atmosphere wallpaper (1)

You could almost hear them jumping from branch to branch. These little monkeys playfully transport us to a distant exotic forest. Ideal for effortlessly transforming a room, wallpaper creates enveloping atmospheres. With a print already present, it is better to keep a light hand on the rest of the decoration. Wooden furniture, rattan or woven straw elements will bring, without overdoing it, an extra touch of nature in the room.

11. A panoramic “jungle” in the children’s room

A panoramic jungle in the children's room (1)

With its funny birds and its abundant vegetation, this panoramic offers another vision of the tropical forest. The “jungle” style here takes on more childish features, ideal for stimulating the imagination of the little ones. To awaken a decor that lacks character, we adopt it in large format in a children’s room or on the walls of a playroom. A simple way to soften its wild side and broaden their horizons.

12. Tropical forest atmosphere in the room

Tropical forest atmosphere in the room (1)

A panoramic setting the scene, wild animals hidden here and there, welcome to the tropical forest. Completely declined on the “jungle” theme, this room invites you to escape and almost resonates with the sounds of nature. For a successful effect, we are inspired by a palette of worked colors: green reminiscent of vegetation, but also more lively notes, a nod to the plumage of exotic birds. The small details do the rest, from the printed cushions to the coordinated decorative elements (a pineapple or a sunny yellow lamp …).

13. A “jungle” nursery for more dreams

A jungle nursery for more dreams1 (1)

A child’s room should be filled with madness and softness. For a successful “jungle” atmosphere , green must be omnipresent. The giant sheets hanging from the bed add a touch of craziness and dreaminess to the place. The child can escape the time of a dream in an omnipresent and protective nature. Blue and green form a very soft color duo. They are reminiscent of the sea and the land. The whole forms a wonderful place of life and reverie.

14. A greeny room for more eccentricity

A greeny room for more eccentricity (1)

The bed linens are adorned with “jungle” patterns to bring a touch of madness and freshness to the bedroom. The bed can also accentuate the “wild” tendency . As in the photo above, it is interesting to cover only part of the wall with wallpaper that looks “jungle”. Nature is present, without it being too suffocating. White on the wall and on the floor softens the room. It seems less overloaded and perfectly balanced. An instant light effect takes place when entering the room.

15. A more refined and chic jungle lounge

A more refined and chic jungle lounge (1)

In a living room, the “jungle” trend obviously has its place. The pastel sofa and the green of the plants give a chic side to the room. It is interesting to play with a few colors. The room does not seem overloaded and is more refined. The wallpaper warms the room and its many repeating patterns structure the space. The low tables, green on the top, very rectangular in shape, bring a touch of modernity to the space, and the pineapple decoration, of an electric yellow, brings freshness and a little madness to the place.

16. A more colorful and flowery jungle cuisine

A more colorful and flowery jungle cuisine (1)

To make a kitchen more natural and stay in the “jungle” trend , it is advisable to add color. Turquoise blue to recall water, green to emphasize the idea of ​​omnipresent nature, and some warmer colors, such as red or pink, to express renewal. In this photo, the wall which serves as a splashback is divided in two: the upper part is covered with flowers and leaves, while the lower part of the wall is painted in a solid turquoise blue. central table also gives a summery style to the room. Its natural material provides warmth and reinforces the “wild” side of the room.

17. A panoramic plant wallpaper

A panoramic plant wallpaper (1)

Bring the greenery into your home with an XXL vegetal fresco. Placed at the end of the corridor, it brings depth to the space. 

18. A tropical wallpaper

A tropical wallpaper (1)

Because the natural decor is in vogue lately, we adopt this tropical panoramic wallpaper without hesitation in the hallway! 

19. A wallpaper that makes us travel

A wallpaper that makes us travel (1)

This panoramic wallpaper takes us on a journey and tells us a story. Leave room to your imagination and immerse yourself in the decor! 

20. XXL wallpaper

XXL wallpaper (1)

To give character to your landing, nothing like an XXL wallpaper. 

21. A wallpaper like a photo

A wallpaper like a photo (1)

This vintage hallway is overlooked by a jungle installed at the back, on the wall. It almost looks like a work of art! 

22. Optical illusions

Optical illusions (1)

To hide classic side-by-side doors, opt for panoramic wallpaper. 

23. A forest atmosphere

A forest atmosphere (1)

Stroll through the woods in your hallway with this beautiful black and white wallpaper. 

24. A unique entry

A unique entry (1)

To dress up your hallway, it is possible to hang panoramic wallpaper in the same tones as the color of the wall. The wallpaper even hides a door. 

25. A clean wallpaper

A clean wallpaper (1)

Panoramic wallpaper can also look like an authentic design like with these fine palm leaves.