30 Ideas of Coffee Bar to Create at Home (1)

A coffee bar at home, you dream of it? So make some room in your kitchen and find out how to set up a nice, practical and ultra trendy little coffee corner! The coffee bar is the unmissable decoration trend of the moment! Discover 30 caffeinated ideas to inspire you!

1. A wooden coffee bar

A wooden coffee bar (1)

This wooden coffee bar is pretty representative of what to do. The blackboard, the cup holder, etc. Personally, I am quite a fan of the formatting of the inscriptions on the board. What is interesting is that there is also an element which is not addressed in my advice; but that works quite well. These are the flowers as decoration. Of course, this has nothing to do with coffee, but these ideas gave your coffee station its final look.

2. Aesthetics to start the day off right

Aesthetics to start the day off right (1)

The cupcakes, mug holder, and chalkboard are the only tips applied here. But there are other things worth talking about. This beautiful coffee bar also offers lemon infused water. Consuming a glass of hot lemon water on a regular basis each morning could provide you with plenty of vitamin C and aid digestion.

Several empty jars are lined up on the second shelf, with cups hanging in the middle. Special mention for the small potted plant which brings a lot of freshness.

3. A coffee station in a pleasant corner

A coffee station in a pleasant corner (1)

As here, opt for a cozy corner. Favorite books are stored on the same shelf as the coffee machine and two pairs of glasses. Right next to the bookshelf, a comfortable upholstered sofa is positioned for you to read during coffee time; or to allow you to sip a coffee while you read. These two possibilities seem interesting for the weekend.

4. A coffee bar in a large cabinet

A coffee bar in a large cabinet (1)

Besides the cups, mug holders and board, this hidden coffee bar couldn’t be more furnished. Among the items you see in the cabinet there is also a toaster, microwave and blender. These three items are useful for your morning rituals. Imagine having a coffee with toast or a piece of cake in the morning before starting the day. What a dreamy morning, isn’t it?

5. Don’t take up too much space

Don't take up too much space (1)

If you don’t have too much room in your kitchen, this coffee bar is for you. It is very chic and offers a lot of storage; while the worktop itself can provide additional storage space. The red wire rack is perfect for storing colorful mugs, cereal and everything in between.

6. A simple and small coffee station

A simple and small coffee station (1)

For a kitchen with limited space, it is only natural to go for a small and simple coffee station. Although small, it holds just about everything: a chalkboard, candy and fruit, coffee, a pot of infused water, and mugs.

7. A rustic coffee bar

A rustic coffee bar (1)

It’s quite a sight to see a modern coffee machine in this rustic storage space. As everything else looks aged and weathered, the metal machine is the only one that shines. Looks like someone brought it from the distant future. Instead of a chalkboard, this bar features a steel chalkboard to further emphasize the concept.

8. A dedicated space in the kitchen

A dedicated space in the kitchen (1)

Here, placed on a worktop, the corner is both functional and aesthetic. It is highlighted by a slate wall that plays on the contrasts with the white furniture and allows you to write as you wish.

9. A beautiful place anywhere

A beautiful place anywhere (1)

As simple as it is practical, the shelf is placed on a piece of furniture and offers a real corner devoted to your favorite drink. Here, it is in a chic and romantic style that we find sugar, cereal, jam and cake bells. We like the very successful marriage of wood and gray.

10. A bar cabinet

A bar cabinet (1)

How about reinventing a piece of furniture to serve coffee or tea? Here, the owners have transformed a simple console into a privileged tasting bar. The good idea is to have stools placed to stop there. One way to take a break at any time of the day.

11. A tailor-made atmosphere

A tailor-made atmosphere (1)

Why not revamp an old piece of furniture to give it a new lease of life? Here, an old buffet has been restored and transformed into a tea or coffee cabinet. To turn it into a dedicated corner, it was enough to hang a few branded wooden panels, put some salvage items on shelves and place the multi-function machine.

12. A nice location in the dining room

A nice location in the dining room (1)

Here, the owners have created a café area in the dining room. Nothing is missing; machines, espresso and cappuccino service and muffin covers.

13. In a corner, a unique space

In a corner, a unique space (1)

A new little corner to have a hot drink with this drawer unit placed in a hallway. The good idea is to use old objects: mill, alarm clock… and mix them with new ones in a vintage spirit.

14. Display the color tea or coffee

Display the color tea or coffee (1)

Why not place a simple cabinet with lockers and put a multi-beverage machine on it? You can arrange the furniture in any room of the house: bedroom, office or hall.

15. An arrangement around a chest of drawers

An arrangement around a chest of drawers (1)

Do you have a lonely chest of drawers? Why not stage it and give it a second life? Here, it is a Chinese piece of furniture that has been transformed into a coffee bar. A beautiful geometric alignment with the shelves and lamps that give this space a chic and festive air.

16. Maximum simplicity

Maximum simplicity (1)

One board is enough to turn any location into a tea or coffee corner. Hang a nice piece of wood on the wall and place the machines. Hang a few cups and add stools to make the place more comfortable.

17. The most country chic

The most country chic (1)

Simple, practical and fun, this little coffee corner has everything to please us!

18. The most “Like at the grocery store”

The most Like at the grocery store (1)

A vintage piece of furniture, a few retro finds and you immediately feel good when it comes to enjoying your coffee!

19. The cutest

The cutest (1)

The adorable little corner that puts us in a good mood in the morning!

20. The most trendy

The most trendy (1)

All black and white, we love this little coffee corner, graphic and practical.

21. The most rural

The most rural (1)

Installed on a small retro desk, we melt for this adorable coffee corner.

22. The most user-friendly

The most user-friendly (1)

Three coffee makers and four times as many cups so that everyone can find what they are looking for in the early morning!

23. The most practical

The most practical1 (1)

A coffee bar on wheels to move as you wish!

24. The most discreet

The most discreet (1)

You just have to open a cupboard to have access to this coffee bar!

25. Brown and white decor

Brown and white decor (1)

The coffee bar is adorned with brown and white for a very pleasant refined result in the kitchen.

26. Coffee bar decoration

Coffee bar decoration (1)

You decorate your coffee bar with cups with the names of family members.

27. Simple and efficient

Simple and efficient (1)

A great place for the coffee maker and its cups!

28. The most complete coffee corner

The most complete coffee corner1

You won’t run out of anything with such an inventory!

29. Coffee, green plants, or both?

Coffee, green plants, or both

Here is a corner that could bring together your two passions: plants and coffee! Interesting when you know that one can be of service to the other …

30. Authenticity

Authenticity (1)

A charming and authentic coffee corner!