20 Ideas to Optimize the Space of Small Living Room (1)

Does your living room seem small but you don’t want to move? No worries, it is easy to optimize the space in order to take advantage of all the m2 ! With a few tips, you can arrange and decorate your living room to make it a room where you will love to spend time. Discover our 20 ideas for optimizing the space of your living room.

1. Prefer a folding table

Prefer a folding table (1)

Once folded, this IKEA table takes up almost no space! Ideal for small living rooms.

2. Use all spaces

Use all spaces (1)

In order to optimize your living room, you use all the spaces, even the one above the radiator. Install a shelf and you can have decorative elements there. 

3. Install the library in its false fireplace

Install the library in its false fireplace (1)

The false fireplace is an asset in our living room, but why not use it? Thus, we store our books there to optimize space with elegance.

4. Storage under the sofa

Storage under the sofa (1)

Choose a sofa with storage space to slip in your winter clothes, winter duvet or even household linen.

5. Tailored

Tailored (1)

To optimize small spaces, have your furniture made to measure. The good idea: a huge bookcase like this one that brings a lot of hiding to the room while providing ample storage space.

6. Separate the living room

Separate the living room (1)

If your kitchen is open, you can separate it from the living room with a glass roof. A good idea to optimize spaces easily.

7. We put everything on the ceiling

We put everything on the ceiling (1)

To bring more grandeur to a small living room, we put everything on height. Thus, we choose a shelf or a bookcase that goes up to the ceiling in order to attract the eye.

8. Nesting coffee tables

Nesting coffee tables (1)

Nesting coffee tables have the advantage of not taking up space when folded up on themselves. Perfect for small living rooms!

9. Use every nook and crann

Use every nook and crann (1)

Use the wall niches to install shelves, a desk, storage space …

10. Storage under the windows

Storage under the windows (1)

Under your windows, you can install storage or a small bench that will replace the armchair.

11. Create a bedroom in a living room

Create a bedroom in a living room (1)

In the living room, create a sleeping area by installing a partition with a glass roof. An ideal solution if you want to have a sleeping area separate from the living room in the studio.

12. A desk in a niche

A desk in a niche (1)

In a niche, install an office space and a library space. 

13. Tidy up under the bed

Tidy up under the bed (1)

All spaces are to be used! For example, you can store your books under your bed.

14. Shelves in the corners

Shelves in the corners (1)

We use every corner, the shelves fit into the corners for practical storage spaces

15. Hang hooks

Hang hooks (1)

To store all your bags and jackets, hang different hooks on the wall to optimize its height. 

16. Arrange an open room

Arrange an open room (1)

If you are short on space, set up an open plan kitchen living room.

17. Install a piece of furniture behind the sofa

Install a piece of furniture behind the sofa (1)

Behind your sofa, install a piece of furniture. It can be a chest of drawers or, like here, an open piece of furniture. 

18. Proportionate furniture

Proportionate furniture (1)

In a small space, it’s important to measure the furniture you want. No need to take too large a sofa or too large a console. This would create a visual imbalance. 

19. Storage in the corners

Storage in the corners (1)

Choose storage space to place in the nooks and crannies. 

20. Sofas

Sofas (1)

Forget the sofa, in a small living room opt for one or more armchairs. They are just as cocooning!