20 Bathroom Ideas With Industrial Charm

The simplicity, the character and the recuperation make the industrial spirit a very trendy style. A true tribute to textures and raw materials, the industrial style emanates an atmosphere that is both authentic and contemporary, which could completely change the appearance of your bathroom. Furniture found and diverted from its main role, objects inhabited by a history, metal, concrete, wood such is the perfect recipe for a little getaway in the world of industrial style.

1. The pipes are displayed!

The pipes are displayed

No need to rack your brains to hide the copper piping, electrical ducts and other conduits: they become decorative elements in their own right. The result ? The graphic lines with which one can play forever. The industrial style plays its card on the table and does not try to hide what usually is. Towel rack, lamps, there are many examples.

2. Industrial glass roof

Industrial glass roof

… And at the same time the industrial style in your bathroom ! Shower screen or glass partition for your water feature, the interior glass roof in pure industrial style, gives a feeling of volume, a feeling of depth and an airy style to your interior.

3. Enrich your bathroom with an industrial light

Enrich your bathroom with an industrial light

A bright idea to give a purely industrial style to your bathroom? Bet on a light that will enhance your space and which above all will have character: XXL pendant lamp, portable lamp, hurricane lamp, the style is retro and refined , focused on the essentials. And if you’re in the mood for creativity , why not get started on a DIY lamp project?

4. Workshop atmosphere for your sink

Workshop atmosphere for your sink

A must-have of the industrial spirit : the bathroom sink in stainless steel, copper or galvanized sheet. Paradoxically, the coldness of the metal gives off a strange warmth that plunges you directly into the atmosphere of the workshops …

5. Vintage industrial faucet

Vintage industrial faucet

Nothing more design and in the theme than an old tap with industrial cast iron valves: a raw and retro aspect for a typically industrial rendering. And yes, there are details that change everything!

6. Recycling: the very essence of the industrial universe

Recycling, the very essence of the industrial universe

By giving a second life to the industrial lockers of yesteryear, you will not only bring a touch of vintage to your decoration but also a clever storage unit …. Metal lockers are sure to infuse your bathroom with a subtly industrial feel.

7. Succumb to the industrial shower trend

Succumb to the industrial shower trend

Let yourself be charmed by the simplicity! The shower will be open in New York loft style or closed by an industrial-style glass roof . A little extra? Dare to use the giant shower head!

8. The ideal bathtubs for a workshop-style bathroom

The ideal bathtubs for a workshop-style bathroom

Shop for a vintage bathtub in beaten copper , restore a beautiful enamelled example on feet, or opt for a steel bathtub with clean lines: more contemporary but no less suitable for an industrial-style bathroom.

9. Decorative accessories with a tendentious industrial style

Decorative accessories with a tendentious industrial style

We like to flush out these objects which tell a story, and stage them in such a way that their experience reinforces the spirit of the industrial style: trolley with wheels, vintage bathroom scales, tap hook …. soul of your room and transform it into a real workshop!

10. A small, minimalist and functional bathroom

A small, minimalist and functional bathroom

A small industrial bathroom should be functional and well-appointed. To optimize space, opt for smart and practical storage as well as a minimalist decoration. The wall shelves are ideal and the storage space under the sink is to be used. Also avoid accumulating unnecessary objects so as not to clutter your small area. On the color side, play the card of sobriety like this bathroom with simply black and white.

11. A bathroom with white wall tiles

A bathroom with white wall tiles

The white tile option is suitable for all styles of decoration, it is timeless and allows to visually expand the space. In this airy and spacious loft-style bathroom, the white hexagonal wall tiles highlight the raw materials of the furniture. They bring relief and a very graphic and modern side to the room. I recommend a matte finish to keep a rustic appearance. Then we find the combination of wood and metal for furniture and accessories.

12. A gray bathroom with an urban style

A gray bathroom with an urban style

Gray is a flagship color of the industrial style. You can therefore play with different shades of gray. The idea is to select a dark color palette with dark gray combined with raw and contrasting materials such as light wood and black metal. The wall tiles and the anthracite gray floor recall the raw effect of concrete and the shower screen evokes the glass roofs of workshops. The industrial style is completed with black metal accessories such as towel rails and wired suspensions. To contrast with these cold tones, the wood of the furniture brings a warm atmosphere to the room.

13. A blue wall in a modern industrial bathroom

A blue wall in a modern industrial bathroom

The easiest way to add blue to your industrial bathroom decor is to paint a wall in your room. I advise you to choose a deep blue to accentuate the industrial side. Even dark, this color will make you feel bigger because whatever its shade, blue is calming and reflects light. As here, you can easily associate it with a brick wall for a masculine and raw rendering, otherwise go for a marble effect tile for a more chic atmosphere.

14. Vintage yellow bathroom furniture

Vintage yellow bathroom furniture

Yellow is a good color to inject good humor into the bathroom! Like all bright colors, it should be added in moderation for an industrial style . Here , the yellow cabinet with a vintage look under the basin adds a note both cheerful and playful to the bathroom. It harmonizes with the clean side of black metal industrial style elements such as the structure of the shower screen, light fixtures and mirrors. You can also incorporate some accessories inspired by plumbing pipes . They participate in the industrial atmosphere as here with the towel holder and the rod for the light suspensions.

15. A bright, industrial-style bathroom

A bright, industrial-style bathroom

For a bright bathroom, choose shades of light gray or beige reminiscent of concrete and metal for the floor and walls. You can select a cool gray and decline it in its neighboring shades from pearl gray to steel gray through mouse gray to create a beautiful harmony.

A neutral gray waxed concrete floor is very aesthetic for a contemporary industrial-inspired bathroom. It is a material very popular in bathrooms for its clean look, resistance and ease of maintenance. You can put it on the floor as well as on the walls. Finally, prefer elements with clean lines with fine black metal structures and light wood furniture to keep the room bright.

16. A green and natural industrial bathroom

A green and natural industrial bathroom

To bring a soothing and refreshing touch to a bathroom, you can go green. This color goes very well with black, an essential color in a bathroom with an industrial look. I suggest an earthy green to reveal an industrial and natural vibe. If the green is not too dark and your bathroom spacious, then you can easily fit it into the floor and walls without making the room feel stuffy. On the contrary, in a small bathroom, just add a few green elements to avoid visually weighing down the space.

17. Red metal storage for a modern industrial style bathroom

Red metal storage for a modern industrial style bathroom

For an industrial-style room, we often think of the brick wall to introduce red. There are also other solutions if you are not planning a big job to add this shade and revive the decoration of your water feature. In this small white bathroom, red metal storage sets the tone and gives it a “construction site” look and a touch of fantasy. Also, this type of cabinet without a door is ideal for facilitating movement in small bathrooms.

18. A factory atmosphere with metal furniture

A factory atmosphere with metal furniture

Do you think of the New York workshop style to personalize the decoration of your bathroom? Matte black metal vanity units alone offer a factory look in a water feature. In this bathroom, the metal furniture is quite original. Although very contemporary, they remind us of the 1900s with its screened doors like that of the guards eaten at the time.

19. An authentic bathroom with wood

An authentic bathroom with wood

Wood is a raw and warm material that enhances an industrial bathroom. Combined with black metal, it gives character and authenticity to the room. In this retro industrial bathroom, wood is used as a splashback and extends the full height of the wall. It delimits the space with the basin of the shower space. You can choose a light wood or go for a smoky wood shade to contrast with white wall tile and light cement tile floor.

20. A chic and functional washbasin

A chic and functional washbasin

On the basin side , we create an aerial, graphic and practical composition, consisting of a long piece of furniture associated with a storage column . The whole is suspended and the siphon invisible, to avoid breaking the perfect geometry in place.

We opt for a small size basin in order to have as much space as possible on the countertop for placing products and plants.