40 Original Ideas to Stitch to Revamp Your Bathroom

The bathroom is a privileged room in the house. It is therefore essential to bring the little personal touch that will give this room a unique character. So we looked for the best ideas for an original and decorative bathroom.

We have all dreamed of having the possibility of changing our bathroom. No need to move or redo everything! The tips below will give you concrete ideas to give your bathroom a quick and easy makeover. You will find that there is no shortage of good ideas and that they are certainly more accessible than you think.

1. Bring a rustic touch

Bring a rustic touch (1)

The hunting trophy is ultra trendy in the decoration. But to fix it above the tub in the bathroom, we had never seen it until now. However, we love the result! This magnificent bathroom mixes several styles: industrial, rustic, natural and refined.

2. Add pretty patterns

Add pretty patterns (1)

The tiles on the wall inside the shower really make all the difference in this quirky bathroom. Choose your favorite patterns and don’t hesitate to play with contrasts.

3. Do not neglect the mirrors!

Do not neglect the mirrors! (1)

The bathroom mirror is not only practical, it is also a beautiful decorative object that can give a look to the room.

4. Mix the materials

Mix the materials (1)

Above, a magnificent bathroom which offers a nice mix of materials, namely wood and waxed concrete. The decoration is sober and natural.

5. Bring an artistic touch

Bring an artistic touch (1)

Very original, we love the idea of ​​bringing an artistic touch to the bathroom by hanging posters or paintings. You can choose the type of posters according to your wishes: humorous, offbeat, retro, …

6. Recycle!

Recycle, recycle, recycle! (1)

The recuperation trend finds its place even in the bathroom. Nothing is wasted,… everything is recycled! Above, a bicycle to serve as the basis for an original and quirky piece of furniture in the bathroom.

7. Add a green plant

Add a green plant (1)

A beautiful plant is not only a great way to bring a green and natural touch to the bathroom, but it’s also perfect for purifying the indoor air. No reason not to opt for this idea as soon as possible! We really like the use of aloe vera in the bathroom.

8. Replace your shower mat

replace your shower mat (1)

A very simple idea, easy to set up, and which will totally revamp your bathroom! Replace your run-of-the-mill shower mat with a pattern you love. You are spoiled for choice …

9. Play with color contrasts

Play with color contrasts (1)

Don’t worry, there’s no need to “ repaint everything ” to play on the contrast of colors. As you can see from the photo above, just find a few small accessories to give the bathroom a new look. This piece is ideal for your original and creative decoration ideas, dare! Here, a trash can, a towel and a yellow suspension to bring a clear contrast with the very white aspect of the bathroom and the atmosphere is radically transformed.

10. Fall in love with “chic” accessories

Fall in love with chic accessories (1)

A few accessories and your bathroom is transformed into a very ” chic ” room. Opt for gold and black, no need to break the bank to give your bathroom a very refined and elegant look! You can even start by repainting a salvaged mirror if you wish.

11. Store your makeup in an original way

Store your makeup in an original way (1)

In addition to freeing up space, storing your makeup can also add an original touch to your bathroom decoration! There are dozens of ideas for organizing your makeup, try out several and choose the one that suits you best. Above, a nice tray to position the perfume bottles and makeup.

12. Repaint your bathtub!

your bathtub! (1)

Are you lucky enough to have a bathtub in your bathroom but find that white is way too trivial? Nothing prevents you from repainting your bathtub with your favorite color! In the colorful bathroom above, we also like the metro tiles and the towel rail!

13. Dry your towels on a ladder

Dry your towels on a ladder (1)

Very trendy in the decoration, the ladder is also invited in the bathroom and offers a practical and aesthetic storage space to hang and dry your towels. There are many different models of towel rails, in different styles and for all budgets.

14. Replace the hooks of the shower curtain

Replace the hooks of the shower curtain (1)

A nice super simple DIY idea to do yourself to bring a ” glamorous ” and elegant touch in the bathroom, just replace the hooks of the shower curtain with ribbons. You can also mix the colors and types of knots for an original visual effect.

15. Fall for practical and original accessories

Fall for practical and original accessories (1)

At Homelisty, we love accessories that are both practical and original. This is the case with these hooks in the shape of hands! An aesthetic and quirky accessory that will give the bathroom a makeover in the blink of an eye.

16. Send a message

Send a message (1)

Do you need a boost of motivation in the morning? Hang up a poster with your favorite phrase in a pretty frame to remind you of it every day! An original way to send a message and give the bathroom a makeover. Above, the sentence is reflected in the mirror to create a very interesting visual effect, the message is revealed by looking at both the poster and the mirror!

17. Bring a cozy touch

Bring a cozy touch (1)

What could be better than a few candles to transform an ordinary bathroom into a cozy place? Even without a bathtub, this trick works wonderfully! We also like the sheepskin rug and the baroque style chair.

18. Don’t neglect the light

Don't neglect the light (1)

Light is very important in the bathroom. It creates an atmosphere and it must be adapted to the configuration of the room. Good lighting for the bathroom should not fall into extremes ( too bright as in a laboratory or on the contrary too dark ). Do not think however that the lighting should be as functional in the bathroom, it must also be a prime source to create the atmosphere you want. Our advice is to favor 2 light sources. One next to the mirror and another which will be a general source of light.

19. Give the stickers a chance!

Give the stickers a chance! (1)

Despite the humidity that can be found in some bathrooms, you can trust the stickers to give this room a makeover. Wall stickers , for the bathtub, for the mirror, for the door… There are hundreds of different stickers for the bathroom. Some are even tile imitations! It is an easy to set up, inexpensive solution and you can remove or change the stickers quickly as you wish.

20. Put the door to work

put the door to work (1)

All too often we forget all the storage and decoration possibilities that a door offers! In the bathroom, use the door to hang an original jewelry rack or simply a very ” chic ” towel rack as in the photo above.

21. Add golden touches

Add golden touches (1)

A few golden touches and your bathroom is transformed into a chic and elegant place, give it a try, you won’t be disappointed … Do you have a small budget? No problem ! For example, you can make your own mirror frame and paint it a gold color, or even repaint the shower curtain bar.

22. Personalize your floor with cement tiles

Personalize your floor with cement tiles (1)

Pretty cement tiles give your bathroom a makeover by bringing an immediate graphic effect. There are hundreds of different models. Choose according to your desires!

23. Install storage on the wall (without drilling holes)

Install storage on the wall (without drilling holes) (1)

You don’t have the soul of a handyman? Opt for clever suction cup storage in the bathroom to avoid drilling holes in the wall. These storage units are practical and aesthetic at the same time. A nice space saver that does not clutter up the space with too many cupboards if you have the challenge of fitting out a small bathroom .

24. Double the shower curtain

Double the shower curtain (1)

A very simple and terribly effective trick to revamp your bathroom without complicating your life. Just install 2 shower curtains for a very ” chic ” effect.

25. Use the toilet tank

Use the toilet tank (1)

It’s quite surprising, but the surface on the toilet tank is a privileged space to install a small tray and thus store your perfume bottles, your make-up or your beauty products … For the decorative touch, a small vase and a photo under frame!

26. Hang your lights

Hang your lights (1)

This is one of the big trends of the moment, the bulb suspensions allow to revamp the look of your bathroom. It’s up to you to choose the number and where to position them in the room. You can also choose pendant lights in different colors for a more graphic and modern look.

27. Install a bathtub bridge

Install a bathtub bridge (1)

What could be more cozy than a bathtub bridge to relax in the bath with a good book and a glass of wine? A clever object that adds a touch of ” well-being ” to the bathroom. A must have if you are lucky enough to have a bathtub.

28. Expose the copper pipes

Expose the copper pipes (1)

For an industrial style decoration, consider exposing the copper pipes. A unique touch to achieve using original elements from your bathroom.

29. Radically transform the look of the bathroom with wallpaper

Radically transform the look of the bathroom with wallpaper (1)

A paper painted panoramic character can radically transform the bathroom, the evidence with the photo above! The original pattern as well as the white and black of the wallpaper contrasts wonderfully with the golden elements.

30. Fall for the charm of a walk-in shower

Fall for the charm of a walk-in shower (1)

The walk-in shower is a dream … It brings an elegant and ” chic ” character to the bathroom. Whatever your style of decoration, the walk-in shower leaves no one indifferent. The photo above represents a luxury walk-in shower, but it is quite possible to have a much simpler open shower.

31. Bring a romantic touch

Bring a romantic touch (1)

The bathroom is the perfect room in the house to diffuse a romantic touch. No need to redo everything! You can start by adding a few small decorative objects, candles, roses in a jar or a vase, or even crack on a shower curtain with pom poms, as in the photo.

32. Turn your bathroom into a mini spa

Turn your bathroom into a mini spa (1)

Another idea to explore to revamp your bathroom which is much more accessible than you might think. To transform your bathroom into a “mini spa”, opt for well-being products judiciously placed on a separate display, such as on a cart on wheels for example.

33. Change your shower head

Change your shower head (1)

Simple and efficient, changing the shower head allows you to rediscover your bathroom. There are now very original models and even musical knobs! You can also fall for a very “chic” shower column like this brass model .

34. Declutter!

Declutter! (1)

A bathroom that is too crowded and poorly tidy is not really welcoming. Think about smart and clever storage to create an environment conducive to well-being. The more you tidy up your bathroom, the more you can highlight the decor you like.

35. Repaint… your ceiling!

Repaint… your ceiling! (1)

We don’t necessarily think about it, but a lick of paint on the ceiling is extremely effective in transforming your bathroom! Above, a very nice bathroom with a turquoise ceiling.

36. Fall for a retro bathtub

Fall for a retro bathtub (1)

It’s hard to remain indifferent when you step into a bathroom with a pretty retro bathtub… A lion’s paw bathtub reinforces a vintage look. It can also provide a stark contrast to explore to give your bathroom a makeover.

37. Decompartmentalize!

Decompartmentalize! (1)

Very trendy in interior decoration at the moment, the bathroom is not immune to the decompartmentalization. This gives a more pleasant feeling of open space, where light flows more freely.

38. Install a built-in bathtub

Install a built-in bathtub (1)

Magnificent… The built-in bathtub is enough to give the bathroom a unique touch while blending into the decor. You can find them in all shapes and sizes.

39. Zenify the space …

Zenify the space ... (1)

Without being fully in feng shui, a few small details in the bathroom can make this room more zen, more relaxing. We think of course of green plants, but also of the choice of colors, lighting, materials and textures.

40. Dare to stripes

Dare to stripes (1)

Unusual in the bathroom, and yet we love it! The stripes give a unique accent to the room. With wallpaper, paint or tiles, the choice is yours!