30 Ideas to Use Rattan Furniture for the Garden and Terrace (1)

Its bohemian spirit makes it a must-have for decoration! Rattan invites itself in our exteriors: terrace and garden. We can not do without!

1. Hanging chair

Hanging chair (1)

Under the pergola, we fall for the hanging chair!

2. Garden Lounge

Garden Lounge (1)

The rattan garden table and chairs for this bohemian living room.

3. Sofa and armchair

Sofa and armchair (1)

On the porch we install a rattan sofa for summer afternoons.

4. Rattan decor

Rattan decor1 (1)

Decorate the terrace? Child’s play with rattan baskets and pendant lights.

5. Low table

Low table (1)

The blue rattan coffee table is very original and brings a touch of softness to this outdoor space.

6. Lounge chair

Lounge chair (1)

The rattan lounge chair is ideal for relaxing by the pool.

7. Armchairs hanging under the pergola

Armchairs hanging under the pergola (1)

Under the pergola, we love the hanging chairs!

8. Bohemian sofa

Bohemian sofa (1)

A rattan sofa for a bohemian look on the terrace.

9. Bohemian pation

Bohemian pation (1)

For a bohemian patio, we love the outdoor carpet, cushions and rattan seats.

10. A rattan egg

A rattan egg (1)

The trendy armchair par excellence!

11. Flower shaped armchair

Flower shaped armchair (1)

Chic and elegant, we love it!

12. Suspensions

Suspensions (1)

Suspensions that throw it off!

13. Total look

Total look (1)

This terrace is completely in rattan: chair, table, suspension.

14. Chairs

Chairs (1)

If you live by the sea, always keep a blanket near you when you spend your evenings on the terrace.

15. Swing

Swing (1)

Perfect for resting!

16. Family dinners

Family dinners (1)

The perfect armchairs for a family meal in Provence.

17. The rattan lounge chair

The rattan lounge chair (1)

The rattan lounge chair is adorned with cushions and blankets to become an essential that you will not want to leave on sunny days!

18. Armchair and footstool

Armchair and footstool (1)

To rest in the sun, what better than a comfortable armchair with a rattan footrest?

19. Armchairs with dinner table

Armchairs with dinner table1 (1)

For successful family meals, rattan armchairs are essential!

20. Rattan coffee table

Rattan coffee table (1)

We love the original rattan coffee table, which can also be used as a seat!

21. Rattan garden furniture

Rattan garden furniture

On this terrace, the rattan garden furniture is friendly and comfortable, thanks to the many cushions.

22. Plant shelf

Plant shelf (1)

We install our plants on a rattan shelf to sublimate them.

23. Rattan coffee table with couches

Rattan coffee table with couches (1)

We love this rattan coffee table that invites itself on the terrace.

24. Rattan armchairs

Rattan armchairs (1)

Install rattan armchairs and add colorful cushions for a pop and colorful exterior.

25. Gray rattan armchair

Gray rattan armchair (1)

Warm up your rattan chair by installing a throw and cushions.

26. Design armchairs

Design armchairs1 (1)

Enhance your exterior by installing designer rattan armchairs.

27. Outdoor living room

Outdoor living room (1)

On the terrace, the rattan garden furniture adorns the space and can accommodate the whole family.

28. Rattan garden set

Rattan garden set (1)

For a friendly terrace, install a garden set consisting of a coffee table and a rattan bench.

29. Rattan furniture for plants

Rattan furniture for plants (1)

Showcase your plants with this rattan furniture.

30. Rattan garden furnitures

Rattan garden furnitures (1)

The rattan garden furniture is ideal for a bohemian decor in the garden.