Pool parties, Marco Polo, cannonballs – your swimming pool creates memories that will last a lifetime for your kids, but you could be putting them in danger if you don’t fence it in.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention found that drowning, particularly in pools, is one of the highest causes of death for young children, and that a barrier around the pool cuts their risk of drowning by 83%. If you’ve got kids, a fence is absolutely a necessity, but finding the right one can be a little overwhelming. For a less conventional, but potentially much safer fence, consider glass pool fencing.

Unlike a traditional fence made from iron or wood, a glass fence has no posts, meaning you can see everything your kids do in the pool with no obstructions in the way. With other fences, it can be hard to make out exactly what your kids are up to when you’re looking through bars from a distance. A clear fence gives you the incredible benefit of being able to know they’re okay with just a quick glance. Whether you’re grilling, gardening or just relaxing while the kids enjoy the pool, a clear glass fence allows you to keep an eye on them wherever you are in the backyard.

Glass fences are great for when you’re watching your kids play in the pool, and they add extra layers of safety for when you’re not around. Pool gates close and latch shut on their own, so you never have to worry if they’ve been left open. Panels are typically around 4-5 ft tall and are designed to be climb-resistant. If your kids ever did try to play rough with them, though, they wouldn’t be able to do any damage as they’re made from tough tempered safety glass.

Glass fences are usually looked at as a fashionable addition to the yard, but they’re uniquely safe as well. Basically, they let your kids look, but only touch when you want them to. When the pool is not in use, they have the freedom to run around the yard while you can rest assured they’re safe.