One of the most effective methods of transforming your home into a paradise is using the corner sofas. They are stylish and will make your home to look stylish and expensive. Many people go for corner sofas because they help to create space especially if there is space limitation of where to keep other furniture.

When you decide to buy the corner sofa, it is important to understand all associated aspects in order to make the right decision. Here is a complete guide to help you when buying large corner sofas.

Where to Position Your Corner Sofas

When you ask many people about the place to position corner sofas, the answer is obvious: “at the corner!” Though it is right, it is not always correct. Here are the main options when it comes to positioning your sofas in your home.

  • Position the Sofas in the Corner of the Living Room

This is considered the default position for corner sofas. Even with this consideration, it is advisable to consider the following questions: “Will the sofa leave ample space for walking through?” and “Will the sofa stay clear of the window and door?” If the answer is negative, you will need to reconsider the position.

  • Place the Corner Sofa in the Middle of Living Room

Though this option might look odd, take a moment to think through it. The sofa could look great when you have a lot of space in the room and want it to look unique. In some cases, people creatively use the sofa to partition the room. For example, one section can act as the dining room while the other serves as reading area.

Corner Sofas Shapes

There are two main shapes of Corner sofas; the symmetrical and asymmetrical L shape corner sofa. The ideal shape for your home will largely depend on the available space. The asymmetrical L shaped design is usually longer and ideal for people with vast living room spaces. It has one section slightly longer than the other.

The symmetrical leather corner sofas are slightly shorter compared to the longer design. They have equal sections so that you can have two-three people sitting on each side.

Note that the shapes can differ further depending on the design of the arms. Here are the common designs of arms for corner sofas:

  • Low wide arms: These are compact and the most popular in the market.
  • High wide arms: The arms are low and chunky. They are great for cuddling especially in wet months or nights.
  • High narrow arms and wide arms: These are combined versions of the above two designs.

Corner Sofas ends

In addition to the shapes and arm of the large corner sofas, they can have open end or armless end.

  • Armless end: This is considered a great option at opening up the sofa while eliminating the closed feeling. The design helps to provide continuity especially when you want to use it for breaking two sections. It is also more inviting.
  • Chaise end: These ends are stylish additions to a sofa and help at opening space just like the armless design. The main difference with the armless design is that they are much more open. If your space is limited, the sofa might work well below the window that would have been covered by the back of the sofa.
  • The extension seats: The extension seats have become very popular today. They are addition to the corner sofas to create additional sitting space. When you combine the extension seats to your leather or fabric corner sofas, they create a unique U shape.If you are looking forward to making your home more enthralling, a corner sofa could be the best option for your home. Make sure to go for the right design and size depending on the available space in the living room.