20+ Ideas of White Dining Room With Trendy Decoration (1)

If there’s one color palette that has taken the design world by storm in recent seasons, it’s white paired with wood. When this trend started, many found this type of decoration to be a bit bland; soulless. But I’ll prove to you that a dining room in white can be amazing. You will see that white, married to wood, is far from being cold; quite the contrary! Decorating a dining room in white is quite suitable for your long autumn and winter dinners. You can also add just about any accent color to it.

1. Trendy and timeless

trendy and timeless (1)

Decorating a dining room in white and wood is not only trendy, it helps to create a timeless space. The backdrop created is so simple that you can add almost any other graphic element to it; and completely modify the visual. So, for example, you just need to add a plant in a corner, candles on the table and add pops of color to change the visual appearance.

2. Add something different

Add something different (1)

Just because white and wood predominate in the dining room doesn’t mean you won’t have to stick to this color palette. Feel free to improvise by replacing part of the white background with light shades of gray; or even pastel blue. Black for window frames and cushions or other thoughtfully placed accents can add even more depth.

3. Ideal for open spaces

ideal for open spaces (1)

The dining room is one of the most used living spaces in the house. Usually it is a large open plan living space. Decorating a dining room in white and wood will make it even more open and spacious.

4. The elegance of white in the dining room

The elegance of white in the dining room (1)

Last week, I wrote an article on white in which I wondered if it was still trendy and to what extent it had its place in our interiors. White can be a lot of things, it’s a color that is timeless and can be modern as well as classic. The furniture, accessories and decorative details will influence the white to create a specific atmosphere. The white is in the end quite neutral. We can make him do what we want. And an elegant white, I think it goes well in this living room where we take our meals.

What is interesting for the dining room is that you can give personality to white so that it becomes elegant. We are going to work on the idea of ​​pure white, immaculate white. We will have pretty textiles at the table but also in the form of curtains and double curtains. Elegant white is often associated with moldings in the classic chic style. Even if you don’t have moldings, it’s easy to add some to the walls or ceiling. Still in the idea of ​​elegance, white leaves room for other coverings, particularly parquet or cement tiles. For parquet, we can think of a herringbone or Hungarian stitch installation. Elegance very often passes in the choice of details. These little things that will make the difference!

5. Timeless and warm mix & match

Timeless and warm mix & match (1)

If the total look in white doesn’t appeal to you, don’t worry. Even if you want to stay on a sober atmosphere for the dining room, there is the association of wood and white. It is an easy and efficient choice. It is difficult to go wrong by associating them. Wood in its natural form (just protected by a varnish or a vitrifier) ​​is warm, natural, noble. It will warm up the white. It will give it character, volume. I was talking about it just before, wood can be in the form of parquet. It can also be the main material for your dining room table. In the center of the space, the table will influence the decorative atmosphere of your room. A wooden table is an invitation to a convivial and pleasant meal.

6. The chairs

The chairs (1)

Chairs are an important part of the dining room. The table is often considered the central element. But without the chairs, it’s suddenly less comfortable! They are also an incredible asset for your decoration and you have to find the right model that will match the atmosphere you want to achieve. It would be tedious and not very helpful here to cite the different styles of chairs. On the other hand, they must harmonize with the table. A rustic family table will be highlighted with mismatched and patinated white chairs. A sleek round wooden table can have a little more “fantasy” thanks to Scandinavian chairs with bars. White and wood, I talked about it more, it’s an easy and pleasant decor mix.

You can also choose white chair covers. With a slightly loose drape at the bottom, they will confirm the elegance of your decoration in a few minutes of installation. What is also interesting with chair covers is that they can easily be machine washed. (White always conveys the idea that it’s a messy color … you might as well take the lead!)

7. Red and white dining room

Red and white dining room (1)

Modern dining room with a strong contrast between red and white.

8. Contemporary dining area

contemporary dining area (1)

A contemporary dining area with an airy, refreshing and cozy decor.

9. Complemented by pastel colors

Complemented by pastel colors (1)

A chic dining room with a beautiful decor dominated by white and complemented by pastel colors.

10. Stylish and elegant

Stylish and elegant (1)

A stylish and elegant white round table surrounded by chairs in the same color.

11. White table with blue chairs

White table with blue chairs (1)

The white table accommodates any style of chairs by its side. If you’ve decided to go with Charles Eames models, your dining room couldn’t be better. The chairs here are an interesting shade of blue; which puts the table in the center without making the decor too visually aggressive.

12. Different colored chairs

Different colored chairs (1)

The chairs you put around your white table don’t have to be the same color. The images above and below are proof of this.

13. Green chairs with white table

Green chairs with white table (1)

For a refreshing style, pair your white table with green chairs.

14. Traditional and elegant dining room

Traditional and elegant dining room (1)

Here is a chic, traditional and elegant idea to brighten up your dining room.

15. Classic white dining room

Classic white dining room (1)

Classic white dining room on laminate flooring with table and yellow flowerpot. I-shaped worktop with hood, storage above and below.

16. All in white with glass table

All in white with glass table (1)

Dining room all in white with glass table, large bay window and American fridge. Central I-shaped island with storage above the worktop.

17. All-white dining room with white round table and chairs

All-white dining room with white round table and chairs (1)

All-white dining room with white round table and seats in the foreground. Room with I-shaped worktop, multitude of storage spaces and laminate flooring.

18. White roof dining room

White roof dining room (1)

White roof dining room with wooden floor, sofa to the right, wooden table with six chairs in the center. On the right, cabinet with storage and shelves with a multitude of things on it.

19. Oak table with white chairs

Oak table with white chairs (1)

Dining room with large rectangular oak table and seven white chairs around it on beige carpet. Chandelier in old style with candles.

20. White marble table with black chairs

White marble table with black chairs (1)

White dining room with tiled wall above a worktop with shelves. White marble table with black chairs on beige carpet.

21. Industrial style dining room

Industrial style dining room (1)

Industrial style dining room with stone wall and plain white-beige floor. Rectangular wooden table with different chairs and hanging white lamps.

22. Gustavian style dining room

Gustavian style dining room (1)

Dining room in Gustavian style with wooden dining table, white armchairs and parquet floor. Hanging floor lamp with candles and wooden beams on the ceiling.