15 Ideas for Creating a Cozy Space in the Garden (1)

To relax in the garden, it is important to manage to create a convivial space for reading, resting, tasting or entertaining … The editorial staff went to look for a little inspiration on Pinterest to show you a wide choice of enriched atmospheres of some ideas. Bohemian, design, simple or cozy‚Ķ It’s up to you to choose which outdoor decor suits you! Discover 15 ideas for creating a cozy space in your garden furniture.

1. Cozy corner with cushions

Cozy corner with cushions (1)

Create a relaxation area with lots of cushions, children will love to sit there!

2. A rattan lounge

A rattan lounge (1)

Choose a garden furniture in natural material for a trendy and warm effect.

3. A cocooning hammock

A cocooning hammock (1)

Install a hammock between two trees. The little extra: light garlands for a romantic atmosphere.

4. Cozy

Cozy (1)

Play with walls and plants.

5. Spacious

Spacious (1)

Create a garden furniture capable of welcoming all your loved ones.

6. Recover

Recover (1)

Divert the pallets into trendy furniture!

7. Bohemia

Bohemia (1)

The convivial space with a nomadic spirit.

8. Original

Original (1)

Adapt to the existing and make it an aesthetic asset.

9. Simple

Simple (1)

Install rugs and some cushions in the shade of the trees.

10. Technicolor

Technicolor (1)

A large sofa covered with cushions in bright colors.

11. Respondent

Respondent (1)

The multiplication of lanterns to create a summer and romantic atmosphere.

12. Bucolic

Bucolic (1)

Surround your lounge area with climbing roses.

13. Air

Air (1)

The principle of the hanging garden.

14. Meticulous

Meticulous (1)

The bi-material checkerboard on the ground.

15. Design


The choice of designer furniture and the multiplication of wireless outdoor lighting. (Fermob).