15 Ideas to Adopt the Hygge Style in the Bedroom (1)

It’s cold, and you just want to snuggle up under your sheets. And it’s much nicer in a cozy and comforting room. Do the rain and thunderstorms make you want to cocoon? That’s good, the hygge decor style is perfect for that. Discover¬† ideas to adopt it in your room.

1. Recover the hygge style

Recover the hygge style1 (1)

The hygge trend is to appreciate the beauty of what we already have and to sublimate each raw material rather than accumulating new objects. Raw wood turns out to be a wonderful material in the bedroom. How about making your box spring using planks or a pallet?

2. Minimalism

Minimalism (1)

The mattress placed on the floor brings a cocooning and minimalist side to the bedroom. Still choose your bedding set carefully and add a plaid and cushions on top.

3. Shades of light shades

Shades of light shades (1)

The hygge trend is meant to be calming and free from accumulated and unnecessary frills. Then bet on light shades such as white, beige, mouse gray, linen … Add some plants to your decor to bring a note of freshness.

4. Color accents

Color accents (1)

If you are a fan of color, it is quite possible to associate it with your hygge room. However, it is necessary to respect a certain consistency and harmony in terms of colors. Here, the marriage of red wood and white brings pizzazz while respecting the initial softness of the room.

5. Harmony

Harmony (2)

Mustard yellow can also fit perfectly into a hygge room, provided of course, not to abuse it. Placed by small touches here and there, it is the assurance of obtaining a pretty instagrammable decoration.

6. Dim lights

Dim lights (1)

Lighting is very important in a room with a hygge trend. It also wants to be soothing and subdued. String lights as well as bedside lamps are ideal for this.

7. Simplicity

Simplicity (1)

Are you not a fan of the accumulation of plaids, especially in summer? Opt for a minimalist decoration with a graphic bed set and a few paintings on the wall. As efficient as it is refined.

8. Comfort

Comfort (1)

What could be nicer than curling up in a soft bed? The cushions then accumulate at his head and a pretty plaid is delicately placed as a bedspread. The little extra? Aerial lights, like clouds.

9. Cocooning

Cocooning (1)

How about setting up a cocooning corner in your room? Perfect for disconnecting from the day, we love this space reserved for cocooning and chilling sessions. Install a pear-shaped ottoman, plants, and a small bookcase to have everything you need close at hand. 

10. Do a lot with a little

Do a lot with a little (1)

You do n’t need a lot of decorative elements to feel good in your room. A few big cushions , a pretty lamp , some linen fabrics, and you’re done. You are equipped to spend your day watching series from the back of your bed.

11. A swing in your room

A swing in your room (1)

Install a swing in your room. You can enjoy a delicious hot drink while reading a book. The dream.

12. Pretty light garlands to warm up the atmosphere

Pretty light garlands to warm up the atmosphere (1)

Install fairy lights. At nightfall, they will diffuse a soft light in your little cocoon.

13. A wood stove for a warm winter

A wood stove for a warm winter (1)

Install a wood stove in your room to make sure you never get cold feet again. And fall asleep to the sound of the joyful crackling of the wood fire. A delicious lullaby.

14. Pastel shades to soften the atmosphere

Pastel shades to soften the atmosphere (1)

Hygge is not synonymous with black and white! The pastel pink , by touches, also helps to give a soft atmosphere to the bedroom.

15. Nature comes to you

Nature comes to you (1)

Cotton branches, paper garlands in the shape of leaves, small plants on the bedside tables … Multiply the touches of greenery all around the bed. To feel closer to nature.