70 Ideas for Deco Style Bedroom (1)

Find the best ideas for decorating an adult bedroom. Discover the latest trends, but also the timeless ideas that work every time. We show you how:

1. Using rugs

Using rugs (1)

Layering rugs for the comfort aspect in the decoration of an adult bedroom, it always works.

2. Velvet

Velvet (2)

Velvet is an ideal material to decorate an adult’s bedroom, with a cozy and chic touch.

3. Decorate the head of the bed

Decorate the head of the bed (1)

This room is individually decorated, with travel souvenirs at the head of the bed.

4. Combine yellow and green

Combine yellow and green (1)

Successful combination of yellow and green to decorate the attic bedroom.

5. Wall of frames

Wall of frames (1)

A wall of frames to decorate the bedroom.

6. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style (3)

Scandinavian style with IKEA hack to decorate the bedroom on a low budget.

7. Minimalist

Minimalist (1)

Simple, refined and relaxing: the decor of a minimalist bedroom.

8. Purple color

Purple color (1)

Color association between posters and bed linen.

9. Original and trendy

Original and trendy (1)

Tropical style for an original and trendy bedroom decor.

10. Pastel shades

Pastel shades (1)

Pastel colors and shades for a soothing bedroom decor.

11. Boho chic decor

boho chic decor (1)

All the elements of the boho chic decor style are in this room.

12. Inexpensive idea

Inexpensive idea (1)

An inexpensive idea for the decoration of a room: the poster wall.

13. Dark wall

Dark wall (1)

You have to dare, but the dark wall in the bedroom brings a very special atmosphere.

14. Terracotta

Terracotta (1)

Terracotta wall for the decoration of the room.

15. Ultimate sleeping area

Ultimate sleeping area (1)

Transformation of a bedroom into the ultimate sleeping area with a hanging chair.

16. Follows the seasons

Follows the seasons (1)

The decoration of the room follows the seasons, here we hang stars for Christmas.

17. Bring nature in the bedroom

Bring nature in the bedroom (1)

Bed linen with plant motifs, large green plants, the bedroom takes on an air of summer decor.

18. Light garland

Light garland (1)

The garland is not only for the balcony, you can also use it to decorate the room.

19. Pallet bed

pallet bed (1)

The pallet bed remains a classic for the layout and decoration of a bedroom on a low budget.

20. Natural and vegetal decoration

nature and vegetal

Natural and vegetal decoration idea with falling plants to place above the bed.

21. Cozy

Cozy (2)

The cozy touch that makes the difference for the decoration of this bedroom: the faux fur rug as a bedside rug.

22. Bed linen with patterns

bed linen with patterns (1)

To change your look without changing all your decor, we take bed linen with patterns.

23. A large mirror in the bedroom 

A large mirror in the bedroom (1)

A deco trick as simple as it is effective for the bedroom: a large mirror placed on the floor to visually enlarge the space. 

24. Bohemian decor

Bohemian decor (2)

In this room, the bohemian decor style is more than assumed.

25. Cocooning bedroom

Cocooning bedroom (1)

Macrame, a star material for decorating a cocooning bedroom, here as a removable partition.

26. Wallpaper

Wallpaper (5)

Wallpaper is trendy, even in the bedroom.

27. Relaxing atmosphere

relaxing atmosphere (1)

The mix of textures and one of the best decorating tips to create a relaxing atmosphere in the bedroom.

28. Rustic vintage style

Rustic vintage style (1)

The barn door remains a classic for a rustic vintage decor style in the bedroom.

29. Panoramic trompe l’oeil wallpaper

Panoramic trompe l'oeil wallpaper (1)

This panoramic trompe l’oeil wallpaper creates the illusion on the bedroom walls.

30. Single decorative style

Single decorative style (1)

Why choose a single decorative style for the bedroom when you can mix several!

31. Four-poster bed

four-poster bed (1)

In this room, the four-poster bed is the star of the decor.

32. Recycling works in bedroom

Recycling works in bedroom (1)

Recycling works wonders for decorating a bedroom, especially when you leave room for creativity. Here a door is recycled at the headboard.

33. Hygge bedroom

Hygge bedroom (1)

34. Berber carpet

Berber carpet (3)

The Berber carpet remains a timeless classic for the decoration of an adult bedroom.

35. Magical atmosphere

Magical atmosphere (1)

A magical atmosphere in the room with small light garlands.

36. Large comfortable armchair in the bedroom

Large comfortable armchair in the bedroom (1)

A large comfortable armchair to create a small reading corner in the bedroom.

37. Posters and photos on the head of the bed

Posters and photos on the head of the bed (1)

A thin shelf just above the bed allows you to display the most beautiful posters, posters and photos to decorate the bedroom.

38. Green paint

Green paint (1)

A restful green paint for the color of the bedroom walls.

39. Wooden headboard

Wooden headboard (1)

Play of light with an LED behind the wooden headboard.

40. Natural touch

Natural touch (1)

The wooden headboard brings a natural touch to the decor of the bedroom.

41. Gray paint

Gray paint (1)

Gray paint also finds its place in the bedroom, to mix with lighter elements, here the wooden furniture.

42. Water green paint

water green paint (1)

The flat area of ​​water green paint can transform the decoration of the room.

43. Use wooden battens

Use wooden battens (1)

There is nothing ordinary about this headboard, the wooden battens extend the headboard to the ceiling.

44. Use yellow color for bright bedroom

Use yellow color for bright bedroom (1)

A yellow band energizes the decoration of this room.

45. Pink and green

Pink and green (1)

Pink and green… And not just for the walls! The ceiling doesn’t have to be white in your bedroom decor.

46. Circular headboard

circular headboard (1)

This circular headboard transforms the decorative atmosphere of this bedroom.

47. Navy blue

Navy blue (1)

Navy blue provides a chic and refined decoration in this bedroom.

48. Original idea

original idea (1)

An original idea to create a rest area like a cocoon.

49. Curtain as a removable partition

Curtain as a removable partition (1)

You just had to think about it, we love the idea of ​​using a curtain as a removable partition for the bedroom.

50. DIY swing

DIY swing (1)

A DIY swing as a hanging bedside table.

51. Green plants

Green plants (1)

Simple, efficient: green plants are added to decorate the room.

52. Slow living atmosphere

Slow living atmosphere (1)

Slow living atmosphere to decorate the bedroom.

53. Brown in bedroom

Brown in bedroom (1)

54. Decorative accessories

decorative accessories (1)

Betting on decorative accessories, such as a pretty designer lamp, can bring character to the decor of the bedroom.

55. Add flowers or bouquets

Add flowers or bouquets1 (1)

Such a simple decoration tip for the bedroom, add flowers or bouquets of dried flowers.

56. Natural furniture

Natural furniture (1)

Natural furniture is the big trend of the moment to decorate the bedroom.

57. Fresh decor

fresh decor (1)

A feeling of freshness for the decoration of this room.

58. Homemade headboard

homemade headboard (1)

This “homemade” headboard sets the accent for the decoration of the bedroom.

59. Timeless decoration

Timeless decoration (1)

A light gray for the painting of the bedroom, a timeless decorative idea.

60. Two-tone wall

Two-tone wall (1)

A two-tone wall, a beautiful combination of bed linen, wooden frames, pretty lighting… There is no lack of good decorating ideas in this room.

61. Masculine decor

Masculine decor (1)

A masculine atmosphere bedroom.

62. Wall decoration

wall decoration (1)

For the wall decoration of your room, consider using the objects that you already have and that you like.

63. Original decoration

Original decoration (1)

An original decorative trend for the bedroom: the “jungalow” style.

64. To your style

To your style (1)

Decoration tip to transform the style of your room: do not follow the “rules”.

65. Old rose

old rose (1)

The old rose finds its place on the walls of the bedroom.

66. Rattan pendant light

rattan pendant light (1)

Hard to go wrong with a large rattan pendant light in the bedroom.

67. Taupe-colored walls

Taupe-colored walls (1)

Taupe-colored walls to decorate the bedroom.

68. Green on the walls with pink decor

Green on the walls with pink decor (1)

Pink through the decorative objects and bed linen, green on the walls with paint: a successful and effective combo to give style to this bedroom.

69. Chic and luxury decor

chic and luxury decor (1)

Brass or gilded metal: essential for a chic and luxury decor in the bedroom.

70. Original lamp

original lamp (1)

An original lamp is sometimes enough to transform the decoration of a room.