ideas of wooden decoration for Christmas (1)

In this post, let’s find out how to embellish your interior at Christmas with original wooden decorations: decoration for the tree, decoration to hang, a wooden tree and many other creative ideas… Let yourself be inspired!

1. Advent calendar

Advent calendar (1)

Create a very special advent calendar with which you can decorate your home and at the same time make your family happy. If you have a simple wooden board, you can use it as a support and hang small galvanized boxes on it using nails. Then you can fill them with sweets or with little gifts for the children for every day of December. You can even paint the plank of wood in any color you want to match the rest of the Christmas decor in your home.

2. These candlesticks are perfect for decorating the festive table

These candlesticks are perfect for decorating the festive table (1)

If you have any fence posts leftover from your garden chores, you can easily turn them into peppermint candle holders. To make this wooden Christmas decoration, you simply have to cut out the fence posts in the desired size and make them stripes with cane paint, as you can see in the picture. Once the paint is dry, poke a hole in the post the size of a candle. And there you have it, you have the perfect accent for your outdoor or indoor table decoration to create a festive atmosphere.

3. Wood bark vase

Wood bark vase (1)

Bring some of the outdoors indoors to make your Christmas decor even more beautiful by creating a log vase. Cut the log to the height you want and then drill a large hole in the center with a three spline bit. Sand the top and use it as it is or put a glass vase in it to accommodate cool flower arrangements. You can even use the vase as a centerpiece for the Christmas dinner.

4. Snowmen that do not melt

Snowmen that do not melt (1)

Greet your guests for the holidays with a group of funny snowmen! To make snowmen that never melt, you need a square fence post. You have to put it in white paint and then decorate it with a sock-like hat and flannels-like sleeves to make it look like a real snowman. This decoration is perfect to stay on throughout the winter season and you can use it to decorate your entryway, fireplace mantel, or veranda even after real snow melts.

5. Decorative ornaments from pieces of wood

Decorative ornaments from pieces of wood (1)

Nothing can be easier to accomplish than decorative wooden ornaments for the Christmas tree. They are so beautiful with their rustic appearance and you can personalize them too! To make them, you must first cut the log of wood into small discs, screw a hook and put a jute string so that you can hang them on the tree. You can decorate them with paint or metallic markers and personalize them for example with your names or those of your guests. Another idea is to make them funny faces. A log of wood will be enough to make gifts for your whole family.

6. Decorative holder for wish cards

Decorative holder for wish cards (1)

Do you receive a lot of holiday greeting cards? So why not display them on a beautiful decorative wooden tree-shaped stand? Cut small wooden planks of graduated lengths, color them with paint, and nail them to a center post to create the skeleton of a Christmas tree as you see in the photo. Then glue with the hot glue of the clothespins on the ‘branches’ to be able to display your beautiful greeting cards. The idea also works very well with photos.

7. Wooden Christmas wreath

Wooden christmas wreath (1)

A Christmas wreath made from slices of wood will be the perfect decoration for the front door at any time of the year. But if you also add burlap and greenery to it and you will end up with a really nice alternative to the evergreen Christmas wreath. Screw or glue the first layer of wooden rings on a wooden crown shape, then glue a second layer to it and decorate as you wish. For decoration, you can use flowers, ornaments, bells, stars, ribbons, etc.

8. The native scene

The native scene (1)

With a little wood glue and a little imagination, add small wooden balls to colorful pieces of wood and then dress them up with pieces of fabric and a shepherd’s hook. A smaller woodblock, dowel, and fabric are needed to make the nativity scene of Jesus in this project. Place a paper-lined crate with a paper star inside and your project is ready.

9. Decorative wooden hangers

Decorative wooden hangers (1)

To make the decoration of your mantel even more beautiful, you can make these decorative wooden hangers. You can then even personalize them by pasting the photos of your loved ones on them. You will need a few square pieces of wood, the Mod Podge, and some hooks.

10. A Christmas tree for the table

A Christmas tree for the table (1)

Need decorations for the festive Christmas table? So why not decorate it with your own version of the wooden Christmas tree? You can make a small Christmas tree for the table decoration from wedges, paint, and staples. First glue and staple the crown pieces to a soiled lean side base. Then paint and use this small decorative tree in your decor for Christmas.

11. Rustic decorations in the shape of Christmas trees

Rustic decorations in the shape of Christmas trees

Here is another idea for wooden decorations in the shape of small Christmas trees. For this project, you will need twigs that you can find in your garden the size and diameter of a pencil, pieces of cardboard from boxes of soda penny cereal, hot glue and glue sticks, pruning shears, pushpins, paper and pencil, tape.

12. Decorative sign ‘Joy’ on wood

Decorative sign 'Joy' on wood (1)

If you have an old wooden pallet, you can easily turn it into a decorative sign and enrich your decoration for Christmas. Or if you don’t have a wood pallet on hand, you can even use an old shelf or some other type of wood plank that can serve as a surface for that wooden Christmas decor. The wooden surface you use will be the bottom and the letters can be made from papier-mache. You can complete the look by hanging socks over the sign and placing it as a decoration on the fireplace mantel.

13. Star of small tree branches

Star of small tree branches (1)

In addition to the small twig Christmas tree, you can also use the small branches to make beautiful decorative little stars for the holidays. These star-shaped ornaments are so beautiful with an authentic rustic appearance that they will be perfect to put on the Christmas tree. All you need to do is find the twigs and tie them together in a star shape using raffia in festive colors.

14. DIY Christmas tree for outdoors

DIY Christmas tree for outdoors (1)

Old barn planks or wooden pallets will be perfect for creating a DIY Christmas tree for the outdoors. You have to tie the boards with a toggle to make the tree and then you can decorate it with a light garland and light it up. Easy, right? Yes, this project is not difficult indeed and will allow you to have a beautiful decoration for the garden or the veranda. You don’t even need to color it in unless you want to. And you can also decorate it with ornaments or greenery if you want to make it even more beautiful.

15. Beautifully decorated alternative tree

Beautifully decorated alternative tree (1)

For lack of time to make a real Christmas tree, you can easily divert a piece of furniture from recovery into a superb Christmas decoration that takes the form of an original tree. Certainly, it will not be comparable to the models available in supermarkets, but it will certainly embellish your decoration. Nothing could be simpler than making a wall tree from a used board and a pot of white paint. Harness your artistic talent and turn the wooded area into a beautiful Christmas tree! To do this, you just need to paint the set of slats so that you get a symmetrical figure. Then, all that remains is to adorn it with a decoration worthy of the name.

16. Christmas gift lantern

Christmas gift lantern (1)

Never get rid of solid wood wine boxes! It may seem absurd to you, but they can easily be turned into decorative objects in their own right. Like this bright red painted box, you can convert yours back into a floor lamp or a handcrafted lantern. Decorated with pine cones and similar accessories, this lantern will be elegantly placed near a piece of furniture or as a complement to a host of decorative objects that carry the Christmas spirit.

17. Artistic Christmas decoration: fir tree made of wooden planks

Artistic Christmas decoration, fir tree made of wooden planks (1)

Easy to make, this Christmas tree is an opportunity to get started in the metamorphosis of your decor. Get planks of different lengths and paint them in a color of your choice. Then create a solid base like this one, and fix the tree on it, making sure that it is in a horizontal position. Decorate it with fairy lights, Christmas balls, multicolored hanging lamps and etc.

18. Wooden Christmas tree for an original country decoration

Wooden Christmas tree for an original country decoration (1)

What Christmas decoration enhances the rustic interior? Give character to your decor by making a Christmas tree from reclaimed wood planks. Attached to the wall or leaning against a piece of furniture of your choice, this handcrafted object will only embellish your chic country interior. Finally, your creation will take on the appearance of a tree only if you surround it as it should. Identify it with small decorative gifts and accessories that exude the charm of the holiday season.

19. Original hanging from tree branches

original hanging from tree branches (1)

Tree branches picked up during a walk in the park can play the role of a great interior decoration! Assembled in a vase or gathered in a kind of boho chic pendant, tree branches are prized as much for their incredibly charming appearance as for their versatile nature. They acquire a real decorative role provided that they are dressed in a string of pearls, rhinestones, charms, and objects of all kinds.

20. Solid wood deer and decorative stars to hang

Solid wood deer and decorative stars to hang (1)

Doesn’t the creation of an artisanal tree tempt you more than that? So, opt for a more fun decor by creating small figures with great symbolic value. Shooting star, wooden reindeer, pine cones in colored fabric… the list is not exhaustive.

21. DIY wooden Santa Claus for festive outdoor decor

DIY wooden Santa Claus for festive outdoor decor (1)

Start by cutting the piece of wood. Once cut, proceed to its painting. Make the nose of Santa Claus by driving a nail into the wooden bead. Cut off the head of the nail and drill the piece of wood with the drill to hammer in the nose. Make the eyes with black paint and then decorate as you wish. Dress up your little Santa Claus with a decorative band that will play the role of a scarf. For those of you with a DIY spirit, you can drill a hole in the wooden base to hide a little surprise. Thus, your outdoor decoration becomes a superb place card to put on the Christmas table.

22. Deer in solid wood repainted in golden yellow

Deer in solid wood repainted in golden yellow (1)

A few decorative accessories painted in golden yellow will be enough to transform the interior into a magical place. We prove it to you with this superb artisanal creation which aims to boost the bling-bling decor.

23. Christmas decoration in a romantic spirit – slipper, heart, and bell in solid wood with multicolored patterns

Christmas decoration in a romantic spirit - slipper, heart and bell in solid wood with multicolored patterns (1)

Slipper, bell, or wooden heart, the Christmas decoration is sometimes bling-bling, sometimes discreet and romantic. The natural wood elements allow all the fantasies in the world. You can play with the surface of a decorative heart to make a fairy house, a flower, or even a bird.

24. Handcrafted candlesticks in raw wood

handcrafted candle holders

The cozy decor invites itself into your home through this string of artisanal candles made from raw wood. A few hours of manual work were necessary to create this centerpiece bringing warmth and conviviality to the festive decor. Whether for Christmas or New Year, the wooden logs bend according to your wishes and become excellent support for your candles. You can also turn them into a table runner by multiplying them and varying their size and thickness.

25. Brilliant idea for the coming holidays

Brilliant idea for the coming holidays (1)

Different sized wooden slices and a good dose of inspiration: this is what you need to create this rustic wall tree. Play with its shapes and add small round lamps to provide you with soft and subdued lighting.

26. Star-shaped reclaimed wood Christmas decoration

Star shaped reclaimed wood Christmas decoration (1)

Here is an idea that will undoubtedly delight Christmas lovers with a rustic spirit! To achieve this, take a look in the attic or search the basement and you will likely find some old boards with cracked or partially chipped paint. A few small decorative elements and you’re done! It’s simple as hello!

27. Decorate your walls with wooden reindeer

Decorate your walls with wooden reindeer (1)

To decorate your walls, small Rennes subtly joinery wearing red ribbons are a must.

28. Small Christmas trees made of wood

Small Christmas trees made of wood (1)

A magnificent example of small trees made from neatly painted pieces of wood. The colors perfectly express the contrast between the cold of winter and the heat of the holidays. A great way to garnish your table runner.

29. A wooden Christmas scene

A wooden Christmas scene (1)

Set up a Christmas scene with golden woods and arranged to create a soft and magical atmosphere in your home. A scene representing the nocturnal journeys of Santa Claus made with antlers. All complemented by small lights for a very pleasant subdued atmosphere.

30. Wooden Christmas wreath

Wooden Christmas wreath (1)

A wooden décor along with a nice engraving hanging on your door offers a home more welcoming to your guests.