25+ ideas of wooden christmas trees (1)

Running out of ideas for your next Christmas tree as the holidays approach? We offer a wide choice of completely innovative wooden trees to mark this festive period with class this year. Let’s see the 28 inspirations of a wooden Christmas tree.

Nothing better than a wooden tree to immerse yourself in the Christmas spirit! Although it is not green in color, its design takes us straight into the heart of the forest. With lights and balls in shimmering colors, the cozy atmosphere will be there in the living room with this wooden tree.

1. A pallet wood Christmas tree

A pallet wood Christmas tree (1)

If you want to make this type of 2D model without having to buy pine blades in a DIY store, the first thing to do is to collect handling pallets (you will find them stored in industrial and commercial areas) and dismantle them. to retrieve the boards. Then draw the plan of your tree in order to determine the number and the length of the boards to be used to form the trunk and the branches. Make the assembly with nails or wood screws and put some fasteners to hang different Christmas decorations. You can optionally stain the wood with walnut stain to even out the color of the tree and give it shine.

2. A driftwood Christmas tree

driftwood christmas tree

This wooden tree model is ideal if you live by the sea. You can easily find the few branches of driftwood necessary for its manufacture while strolling on the beaches near you. If you come back empty-handed, however, you can get some on the internet. Once the driftwood has been harvested and sorted by size from largest to smallest, you need to fix a threaded rod in a wooden base (section of half a tree trunk) and drill each driftwood in its center. The driftwoods are stacked on the rod respecting the order of magnitude and two nuts aimed at each end of the threaded rod hold the assembly.

3. A Christmas tree in pine cleats

A Christmas tree in pine cleats (1)

Using a technique similar to the driftwood model, this tree is made with spruce stakes mounted on a beech trunnion 1m high and 15 mm in diameter. It can then come in different forms, as shown on the Idea Book blog. The cleats can in fact be aligned in the same plane, unwound accordion-style, or unfolded all around the central pin to give volume to the tree. Foldable and resistant, you can store it without clutter and reuse it from year to year to hang homemade Christmas Christmas decorations.

4. A Christmas tree made of tree branches

A Christmas tree made of tree branches (2)

Natural and easy to make with little material, this Christmas tree consists of growing tree branches collected from nature and placed one under the other to form the silhouette of the Christmas tree. The branches are tied together with a thick string. This is tied around the entire contour of the tree and forms a loop at the top end so that the tree can be hung on a wall in the house. You can choose to paint the branches to add some color or just decorate them with some Christmas balls, garlands, and other Christmas decorations.

5. A plywood Christmas tree

A plywood Christmas tree (1)

This DIY workshop invites you to make a Christmas tree made of two plywood panels that fit together. To begin with, you need to trace the outlines of the pine-shaped panels with a pencil and cut them out with a jigsaw. To be able to fit the two panels together, it is then necessary to create an upper slot on the first panel and a lower slot on the second (the slots stop at the center of the panels. Without nails or screws, the panels are thus held vertically together. on the other and form the tree.

6. A Christmas tree made of fir planks

A Christmas tree made of fir planks (1)

Relatively simple to make if you have the right cutting tools, this decorative Christmas tree can also be used as a shelf by attaching some scraps of planks to the front. The side cuts were made with a plunge saw but it is possible to use a jigsaw guided by a large metal rule. With a sanding block or an electric sander, take care to remove all splinters of wood from the cutouts. The wooden base on which the tree is fixed must be wide enough to ensure the stability of the whole.

7. A multitude of planks for an original wooden tree

A multitude of planks for an original wooden tree (1)

Added to this tree the pink decoration for a successful effect!

8. With trendy decor

With trendy decor (1)

For a Scandinavian style or a chalet effect, spruce up your wooden tree with the ultra-trendy white.

9. A Christmas tree with shelves

A Christmas tree with shelves (1)

Amazing concept! On this triangle-shaped background, add small shelves to place Christmas decorative elements.

10. Ladder tree

Ladder tree (1)

An old unused ladder becomes an original Christmas tree! 

11. A Christmas tree pattern

A Christmas tree pattern (1)

This is a model for DIY enthusiasts who want to start making a wooden tree. To your machines!

12. Wooden tree mini version

Wooden tree mini version (1)

An easy model to make with children to dress up a centerpiece or a small apartment.

13. A bright wooden tree

A bright wooden tree (1)

The end of the year celebrations and especially Christmas is synonymous with lights. We do not hesitate to associate light wood and pretty garlands.

14. Minimalist wooden tree

Minimalist wooden tree (1)

Minimalist, this wooden Christmas tree does not leave us indifferent. It is superb!

15. Christmas tree wall

Christmas tree wall (1)

Little space at home? Here is the solution: a wooden corner tree!

16. A Christmas tree made of logs

A Christmas tree made of logs (1)

A few branches that will play their role, mini logs collected in the forest … And here is a perfect wooden tree! 

17. Wooden tree in the shape of a teepee

Wooden tree in the shape of a teepee (1)

Nest two wooden triangles then decorate the inside of your Christmas tree.

18. A tree with two planks

A tree with two planks (1)

Two wooden planks will be enough to create your Christmas tree!

19. With a few branches

With a few branches

If you don’t have pallets on hand, go pick up some branches in the forest. It will also do the trick!

20. Graphic Christmas tree

Graphic Christmas tree

Creating your Christmas tree also means being able to be unique and original. 

21. An XXL Christmas tree

An XXL Christmas tree (1)

Made only with wooden shelves. Fascinating!

22. A designer wooden tree

A designer wooden tree

Here is a wooden tree for most DIY enthusiasts. By fitting three sizes of triangles, we form an almost art deco tree.

23. A fir tree cut out of wood

A fir tree cut out of wood

Unlike using wooden planks to assemble the Christmas tree, use them to cut out the shape! Then hang inside the garlands.

24. A Christmas tree in a wooden frame

tree in wooden frame

This is an idea that is ultra-easy to achieve! Take a wooden frame, then create the shape of the tree with Christmas balls held on a wire.

25. A traditional wooden tree

A traditional wooden tree (1)

For the decoration of your wooden Christmas tree, go find old balls and garlands of red colors to brighten it up!

26. A wooden tree with holes

A wooden tree with holes (1)

Notice to the DIYer on Sunday, create holes using a wood forest or a saw. Then hang Christmas balls in them!

27. A mini tree as a candle holder

A mini tree as a candle holder (1)

More than a tree, this ornament will show your simplicity and your humility at this exceptional time of year. It can be considered as a candle holder and can be decorated with fairy lights in order to rekindle the atmosphere within your cozy nest!

28. Mini tree with branches to put on your table

Mini tree with branches to put on your table

If you want to be more ecological and economical this year, this mini tree in branches that you can put on your table will fully meet your expectations. Original and fun due to its simplicity and appearance, it can be placed in the center or at the ends of your table to attract the attention of your guests.