ornament ideas for christmas tree

As the end of the year holidays approach, opt for a DIY Christmas decoration! Balls, garlands, stars to hang … We offer forty ideas of decorations for your Christmas tree to make yourself, and here you will get lots of ideas to decor the tree yourself.

1. Rustic decoration

Rustic Decoration

The rustic-style decor of this simple living room is highlighted by this rustic-chic Christmas tree. Her skirt in warm brown adds a little warmth. The earth tones of this Christmas tree decoration mirror the tones of the living room decor. Shiny golden and brown ornaments, along with golden snowflakes and pine cones complete it all.

2. Vintage Ornaments

Vintage Ornaments

If you want a vintage Christmas tree to match your living room decor, this tree is a great example. Entirely decorated with vintage ornaments, I particularly like this tree. Shiny globes, colorful socks, Santa Claus figurines, little houses; as well as candy canes, and many other vintage ornaments adorn this magnificent tree. The large golden star further completes the festive and vintage look of the tree.

3. A Scandinavian minimalist Christmas tree

A Scandinavian minimalist christmas tree

This Scandinavian-style Christmas tree decoration also reflects the simplicity and minimalism that characterizes it. Instead of elaborate decorations, this Christmas tree decoration opts for simple and fewer ornaments. Small Christmas trees and golden globes, as well as fairy lights, give simple decorations a festive and cheerful look.

4. Traditional decoration

Traditional decoration

There is nothing wrong with sticking to the tradition when it comes to Christmas tree decorations. In this traditional and cozy living room, use classic colors and ornaments. Red balls, small fabric birds, and socks make up this festive decoration.

5. A silver fir

A silver fir

Dare to glamorize at Christmas! But take care to choose the right color palette. The Silver White Christmas Tree is decorated with silver and brown globes, white snowflakes, and various bronze ornaments and flowers that easily reflect the room’s color scheme. This predominantly silver color palette reflects the glamorous and chic universe sought for the decoration of this tree.

6. Industrial decoration

Industrial decoration

If you are looking for a Christmas tree decoration, which does not use a tree, nor red and green colors, this tree with industrial decoration is for you. This beautiful Christmas tree is made of PVS pipes and fairy lights. It is perfect for those who love the industrial style.

7. A golden Christmas tree

A golden Christmas tree

When it comes to Christmas tree decorations, you can’t go wrong if you go for gold. This Christmas tree fully decorated with ornaments featuring shades of gold brings a new sparkle to any room. It raises the mood and immediately creates a festive atmosphere.

8. Cottage decoration

Cottage decoration

Your Christmas tree must fit perfectly into the decor of your living room. This simple and understated Christmas tree decoration goes perfectly with the rustic decor of the place. The tree ornaments are neither garish nor too bright. The softer tones of the gold and silver balls add glamor to the tree without overdoing it. The pine cones and red and brown ornaments very subtly reflect the color scheme of the rest of the room. The white lace garland adds a little more that sought-after cottage spirit.

9. A black and white theme

A black and white theme

This black and white Christmas tree highlights and accentuates the black and white decor of the living room furniture. Golden and sparkling balls, black and white balls, and little hearts adorn this artificial white tree. The golden ribbons add a little life to the other decorations. Avoid traditional red and green decorations if you go for this theme.

10. Eclectic decoration

Eclectic decoration

Try something new and different this Christmas with this wooden Christmas tree. This unique tree will make your living room even more interesting! You can show your creativity with different kinds of ornaments. You can even try the paper ornaments and paper garlands! In short, dare!

11. A Rainbow theme

A Rainbow theme

Choosing the right color scheme for your Christmas tree decorations is a difficult task. However, this vibrant living room decor does it perfectly. This flamboyant Christmas tree beautifully mirrors the rainbow color palette of the rest of the living room. Fir tree ornaments like balls in different colors like red, green, blue, indigo, pink, purple, gold, and brown adorn this tree.

12. Bohemian decoration

Bohemian decoration

And why not go for a bohemian style for your Christmas tree? This unique decoration uses colorful flowers to incorporate the bohemian style. You can also achieve the same look by using colorful flowers in different sizes. Also, add some ribbons as garlands.

13. A contemporary style

A contemporary style

Modern and contemporary Christmas tree decorations go perfectly with the fairly simple decor of this living room. Gold and silver trimmings and garlands help add a little festive look. The pine cones bring a little traditional style and perfectly complement the small ribbons arranged here and there.

14. A Christmas tree under the sign of opulence

 A Christmas tree under the sign of opulence (1)

Conversely, this tree is not simple. The keyword here is opulence. The different colors of the living room decor are found in the decorations of the Christmas tree. Red, pink, green, gold, and silver tree decorations add color and texture to this decor. White and black striped bows and ribbons reflect the pattern of the sofa plaid. The glittering golden tree with multicolored ornaments will make your living room the main room of the house.

15. A coastal fir

A coastal fir

Coastal colors and marine ornaments decorate this small coastal Christmas tree. The artificial white Christmas tree is adorned with bluefish, copper anchors, and yellow baubles. Gifts complete the decor. Installed on a small table, this small tree is ideal if you live by the sea; or in an area of ​​the globe where it is hot at this time of year.

16. Silver and gold beads

Silver and gold beads

This magnificent Christmas tree is certainly the main center of attraction of this large living room. The gray living room with red and gold details comes alive thanks to it. Decorated with red, gold, and silver ornaments with garlands and a golden star, this Christmas tree is beautiful. However, the silver and gold bead garlands draped around the tree make it truly exceptional.

17. A checkered Christmas tree

A checkered Christmas tree

Do you like checkered patterns? So opt for the gingham pattern as on the knots of this Christmas tree. The turquoise blue balls further enhance the cool look of this tree. I really like this cotton garland that wraps around the tree. It catches the eye and very easily dresses the Christmas tree.

18. Icy decorations

Icy decorations

You simply decorate the outside by hanging frozen decorations garnished with cranberries and foliage.

We all saw the colors and theme of the Christmas tree, now let’s see the DIY and artificial ornaments to use on Christmas to add its beauty.

19. Sparkling balls

Sparkling balls

Use glitter balls at lower costs which bring more beauty to the Christmas tree.

20. A starry ornament with clothespins

A starry ornament with clothespins

Create the most beautiful ornaments for your tree! Use clothespins, paint, and a little glue.

21. A cinnamon ornament

A cinnamon ornament

The good smell of cinnamon invites itself into the Christmas tree with this ornament all in spices.

22. Angels in string

Angels in string

Simplicity can be beautiful in a tree! Try making your own ornaments simply with twine and recycled fabrics.

23. Wire stars

Wire stars

Simple and pretty, these little iron stars for Christmas trees will give a unique look to your Christmas tree.

24. Popsicle stick sleds

Popsicle stick sleds

Do you have any popsicle sticks leftover from this summer? Recycle them into small decorative sleds to place around the tree.

25. Make Christmas stars with Parisian ties

Make Christmas stars with Parisian ties

Warm, original, and often at a lower cost … Papers, fabrics, branches, pieces of wood, or painted wooden beads, there is surely already a multitude of material in your cupboards. The DIY has come a long way in recent years, it is time to get started too! Start with simple and quick creations. As with these stars made with Parisian ties, to hang on your walls or on the tree.

26. A paper fairy

A paper fairy

That’s it, you bought your Christmas tree, now you have to decorate it. To avoid buying new decorations, we suggest that you create paper decorations yourself, at a lower cost, therefore, and absolutely unique.

27. Make Christmas balls with embroidered drums

Make Christmas balls with embroidered drums (1)

Decorating your tree with unique Christmas balls is the activity not to be missed to make the most of the holiday season and share the values ​​of DIY.

28. Fir pompoms and llamas

Fir pompoms and llamas (1)

It’s cute as everything! Plush llamas, small colorful pompoms … the theme is special, but the idea fits with your favorite animal!

29. Star fir

Star fir

This sparkling tree makes us see stars! You can opt for luminous stars, or make some out of paper.

30. Decorative cookie cutters

Decorative cookie cutters (1)

A very simple Christmas DIY idea with simple cookie molds or cookie cutters! A DIY decoration to make yourself, cheap and easy. Do you want to make the same decoration? Just find cookie cutters, a cute sewing ribbon, and personalize with any photos or designs you like.

31. A pine cone and a ribbon

A pine cone and a ribbon (1)

A DIY Christmas decoration to make with a pine cone, a pretty ribbon, and … bleach. The bleach will “whiten” the pine cones.

32. Bottle caps to decorate the Christmas tree

Bottle caps to decorate the Christmas tree (1)

Another cool Do It Yourself Christmas decoration idea to make yourself with bottle caps.

33. Transparent Christmas tree balls to fill with confetti

Transparent Christmas tree balls to fill with confetti (1)

Transparent Christmas tree balls to personalize with confetti to add color to your Christmas decoration. A super simple Christmas DIY to make yourself, and to personalize.

34. Small decorations to hang with cinnamon sticks

Small decorations to hang with cinnamon sticks (1)

Small Christmas decorations to make yourself with cinnamon sticks and colorful buttons. You just need to collect a few branches of the tree to give it the shape you want.

35. Christmas balls to personalize

Christmas balls to personalize (1)

A very simple idea to revamp your old Christmas balls. Just dip them in golden paint, a Christmas decoration to personalize yourself, easy to make. For the finishing touch, you can also replace the tie with a pretty ribbon.

36. DIY Christmas balls with CDs

DIY Christmas balls with CDs (1)

A Christmas DIY that finally allows the recycling of CDs! Be careful though, be careful not to injure yourself when cutting.

37. Make paper mache Christmas decorations

Make paper mache Christmas decorations (1)

Make Silk Clay modeling clay and acrylic paint. These small paper mache Christmas decorations will be the most beautiful effect on your decor.

38. Mini crown pendant light

Mini crown pendant light

A few branches of an artificial tree and buttons: making a miniature Christmas wreath is childish!

39. Shortbread to hang on the branches of the fir tree

Shortbread to hang on the branches of the fir tree (1)

Change the traditional orange slices and choose to decorate your Christmas tree with pretty personalized shortbread cookies. You can choose the color of your shortbread by playing with food coloring, edible sprinkles, or even sugar sprinkles. To decorate your Christmas shortbread, do not hesitate to seek the help of your children, the result of this family DIY will be all the more charming. To hang them, ribbons, woolen threads, or pieces of string, it’s up to you to make your selection for the best suited to your interior. All you have to do is get behind the stove!

40. Making tree decorations in the shape of snowmen

Making tree decorations in the shape of snowmen (1)

Here are Christmas tree decorations as cute as they are easy to make! Plump and smiling, these little snowmen are made entirely of paper… the only exception: their little round head which is a polystyrene ball. Cardstock cones serve as pointy hats, a colored strip serves as a scarf, and their body is made of ten circles of white paper glued together to form a ball. A stroke of felt for the eyes and the smile, and voila! Plump but light, these snowmen will quickly invade your tree to the delight of the little ones who will have fun spinning them.