30 Ideas of Table Decoration in Fall Theme (1)

To free up the table and give back space to the guests, the centerpiece is an asset. Moss, foliage, fruits, flowers, candles… intermingle in compositions that give off the season. Logs of wood accommodate carved apples as candlesticks and pine cones are transformed into wreaths. Pumpkins, squash and other cucurbits obviously find their place in the middle of the family table. We play with their sizes, their colors. For a trendy look, we even dare to paint them. Branches and dried leaves will elegantly dress these homemade centerpieces.

For a 100% personal fall table decoration, we go for a walk in the forest to bring back souvenirs to put on the table. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy nature and unwind on days that are getting shorter at this time of year.

1. Outdoor chairs inside

Outdoor chairs inside (1)

We do not hesitate to place our outdoor chairs inside the house, well aged they bring a countryside and relaxed side to the room.

2. An orange and gray autumnal atmosphere

An orange and gray autumnal atmosphere (1)

Perfect this autumn table which declines the orange and the gray, the dishes and the household linen are echoed for a table which makes sense.

3. A pink and purple tableware

A pink and purple tableware (1)

Grays and purples, the flagship trend in fall decor, are endlessly available to create convivial tables.

4. A mouse gray atmosphere

A mouse gray atmosphere (1)

A sure bet for fall? Light gray and mouse gray which will make the atmosphere more chic.

5. A wooden centerpiece

A wooden centerpiece (1)

The good idea that can be abused during the season? The tree trunk and the apple of bread! As here, create a centerpiece in tree trunks and overhang with candles, a rural atmosphere guaranteed.

6. A blue and green tableware

A blue and green tableware 1 (1)

If the blues are available all year round, they also have the right to sit in the fall.

7. Mismatched seats

Mismatched seats (1)

Matching your seats is the winning combination for a decorative touch. As here, do not hesitate to mix old bench and designer chairs.

8. Graphic decoration

Graphic decoration (1)

By the fireside, we put on a white, red and black decoration by mixing colors, sizes and graphics for a warm and very personal rendering.

9. A autumn composition

A autumn composition (1)

In this autumn period, what better than a floral decoration of succulents on each plate, in beige and linen tones, the meeting will be perfect.

10. Cushions as a seat

Cushions as a seat (1)

These multiple colored linen cushions immediately make you want to curl up around the table, it is the good idea to copy for the corner seats!

11. A country lunch

A country lunch (1)

Need a last-minute centerpiece that will style your reception? Take the dry leaves of your garden, its color palette will brighten up your neutral colors.

12. A gentle atmosphere

A gentle atmosphere (1)

For a warm unity, harmonize your dishes with the colors of your wall!

13. A purple tablecloth

A purple tablecloth (1)

Have you always opted for traditional white tableware? Set the tone with your tablecloth and remember to dye it according to the seasons!

14. An indoor / outdoor atmosphere

An indoor outdoor atmosphere (1)

In autumn, for a smoother transition, we keep the chairs in the summer garden and bring them inside to brighten up our breakfasts.

15. Candles by the dozen

Candles by the dozen (1)

Sift the atmosphere with candles in accordance with your dishes.

16. A sophisticated atmosphere

A sophisticated atmosphere (1)

An event around fall? Now is the time to go all out for a sophisticated atmosphere .

17. Splashes of color


Touches of color in your all- white dining room will wake up your decor, easily but always discreetly.

18. An orange tableware

An orange tableware (1)

The striped summer linen will always agree as much in autumn as long as you bet on red, orange or yellow.

19. Table of different heights

able of different heights (1)

The good idea that we copy for big autumn dinners: stick your dining room table to your worktop while pretending to have only one surface even if the heights differ!

20. A gray and pastel atmosphere

A gray and pastel atmosphere (1)

Autumnal grays go perfectly with trendy pastels.

21. A printed tablecloth

A printed tablecloth (1)

We like the pairings between tablecloths, table runners and napkins, and the detail to complete it all: the uniform candle.

22. A drink in the countryside

A drink in the countryside

Serve the aperitif outside and sprinkle the table with dry leaves; a natural setting that does not cost a penny!

23. An elegant and designer atmosphere

An elegant and designer atmosphere (1)

Mix your centerpiece and plate mat with the colors of the room and contrast with the decor (like the vases here), you are a color pro for an elegant and designer atmosphere!

24. A vegetable table

A vegetable table (1)

For the most fond of table decoration, vary the pleasures to flower your surface: wreath, fresh flowers or small tree!

25. A flowery autumnal atmosphere

A flowery autumnal atmosphere

We fall for this autumnal atmosphere which combines the codes of the natural: plates with floral motifs, bouquet in a trunk and shades of beige.

26. Colorful tablecloths

Colorful tablecloths (1)

The fall colors also know how to have pep’s! Pull on the yellows to stay in tones while being more cheerful.

27. Mini casseroles as plates

A vegetable table (1)

In autumn we stock up on vegetables, the must? Serve them in small casseroles!

28. Ecru colors

Ecru colors (1)

A sweet breakfast with ecru colors on a linen tablecloth.

29. Mismatched plates

Mismatched plates

Play of colors for the plates during the last meals outside: take a dark color, stand out with a light color.

30. Natural materials

Natural materials (1)

Autumn is also meant to be gentle with pure colors and natural materials. Also think of the bouquet of leaves or pine cones in jars … poetic and creative.