35 Best Decorating Ideas on the Theme of Autumn (1)

The first frosts of autumn are slowly inviting us into our daily lives, and with them, the need to prepare the interior for the new season is felt. The eccentricities of summer are over, the decoration is more comforting and cozy, inviting us to curl up in a series of fleece textiles. From the living room to the bedroom, the color palette takes on an autumn air, the walls now have a patina of orange, ocher and nude shades reminiscent of those of the exterior foliage. Here’s something to inspire us to embrace the late season.

1. An Indian summer-style palette

An Indian summer-style palette (1)

If the fall is already showing the tip of its nose in our decoration, the summer does not seem decided to take its reverence so far. This is evidenced by the craze for sun-drenched colors. In head, the pink and powdery shades sometimes, sometimes blush or incarnadine, very useful for illuminating small areas . Pink has established itself for several seasons as a contemporary must have, enough to put an end to the girly label that has long been attributed to it – more or less wrongly. It goes without flinching with the browns and oranges typical of autumn. It is also in contact with solar colors such as ocher, peach, terracotta, that the interior takes on the air of Indian summer. For a really successful result, we match the nuances of the same palette.

2. An autumn with Nordic colors

An autumn with Nordic colors (1)

Although the brown remains the essential color of every fall, it is possible to stand out by turning to a range more nude. It is not a question of repainting the whole house in immaculate white but of starting on a neutral base where to inject some lightly colored pigments. Off-white or pink-tinted, beiges, blondes, mother-of-pearl and ecru are all possible choices to stage a refined decor . This fall we are inspired by Nordic interiors where light colors have real power. Soothing, comforting, the nude palette is in tune with the slow universe of hygge. An advice ? It is recommended to contrast the monochrome obtained with touches of burgundy or forest green via the linens.

3. 1001 shades of gray

1001 shades of gray (1)

This year marks the comeback of gray – in total look – in our contemporary homes. Monochromes are popular this fall because they envelop the interior in a bubble of privileged softness . Less cold than white but just as timeless, gray becomes warm in contact with natural and cozy materials such as linen, wool or velvet , particularly present in this season’s collections. Thus gray gives a contemporary look to the corduroy sofa and softens the character of a raw concrete table. Coverings, furniture, accessories, gray comes from floor to ceiling in the fall decoration.

4. The success of natural materials

The success of natural materials (1)

When autumn arrives, warm materials automatically return to center stage. No more textiles that are too light, it’s time for fluffy velvet and ultra-padded cotton. Accumulate the cushions on a sofa, juxtapose a few throws at the end of the bed and place two or three rugs in the living room , so many simple tips to warm up the atmosphere of the home at the first signs of freshness. When it comes to furniture, the steel structures of the summer give way to the ends of the sofa and other elements in raw wood. The idea? Introduce heat naturallythanks to the material. A dark oak plaque as a headboard , a parquet shaped in bleached birch, golden pine for the sideboard, wood comes in all shapes and colors. Enough to enhance the decor with an essential material.

5. A cozy room for children or adults

A cozy room for children or adults (1)

More than ever, the sleeping area is intended to be a cozy cocoon in which to shut up on rainy autumn Sundays. So to transform the bedroom into a fleecy refuge on all sides, we do not skimp on the linens. Lined curtains on the windows replace the light curtains for the season. XXL duvets , padded blankets or throws , cushions in abundance and mohair throws are essential on the bed to transform it into a cloud of textiles. What is missing in this resolutely cocooning decor? A canopy! Far from being confined to the children’s room, the canopy brings a poetic touch to the adults’ sleeping area. We prefer a model in opaque fabric that completely covers the headboard, just to increase the cozy potential. Then just a few candles to transcend the ambiance of the bedroom.

6. Tree, leaf, flower … autumn is displayed on the walls of the house

Tree, leaf, flower ... autumn is displayed on the walls of the house

Of leaves with golden shades, trees slightly denuded of flowers ; autumn is also synonymous with revegetation of the decoration. But as it is difficult to introduce plants that will withstand both the cold outside and the intensive heating of our homes, it is better to turn to prints. So panoramic landscape or single lé of wallpaper printed , nature becomes a motif that appears in XXL. Ideal for taming nature when you’re a bad gardener. The frames are a good alternative to the tapestry because they breathe a gallery spirit into the room. We opt for watercolor prints or black and white photographs that elevate flora to the rank of art.

7. DIY easy to do with elements from outside

DIY easy to do with elements from outside (1)

Take inspiration from the dead leaves that accumulate in the garden to imagine some decorative accessories, here is a daring idea to welcome the end of the season. Instead of accumulating the foliage in a herbarium that will never be opened, why not display it for all to see? All you need to do is bring bottomless frames and capture the autumn flora. Amassed on a window sill , or suspended like mobiles, these DIY frames awaken the interior with a vegetal note. We advise you to mix the varieties of leaves. It is also possible to sprinkle a few branches or dried flowersaround the house, sliding them into a series of transparent vases.

8. Wreath of wild flowers

Wreath of wild flowers (1)

Because wreaths don’t have to be just for the holiday season, make this pretty fall wreath for your front door. To make it, go to the dollar store to find all the necessary items: wreath base, artificial flowers, hot glue, etc. Choose flowers in fall colors, like burgundy or ocher, for the perfect seasonal blend!

9. A little word of welcome

A little word of welcome (1)

Welcome your guests with a small hand painted wooden sign. Incorporate it among decorative elements typical of autumn such as pumpkins, wild flowers and corn on the cob. We love the mix of colors!

10. We recycle old flower pots

We recycle old flower pots (1)

Decorating your entryway for fall doesn’t necessarily mean buying new items; you can also reuse what you already have at home! For example, if you have some pretty flower pots near your front door, give them an autumn twist by adding pumpkins on top of the flowers that have started to dry out. Charming as everything!

11. Welcoming chair

Welcoming chair (1)

When we say the word “autumn”, we automatically think of comfort! Create an inviting relaxation area on your front balcony to make it 100% welcoming. Nothing like a pretty chair with a warm blanket to sit outside with achai latte at home and enjoy the beautiful weather! Psst! :Of course, you can reuse a throw and throw pillows you already have!

12. Lanterns

Lanterns (1)

Light up your entrance with the soft glow of the lanterns! Since the days are starting to get shorter, install a few in your steps to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. Decorate them with fake autumnal leaf garlands to give them a touch of color. Important: To keep everything safe, use small battery-powered lights, which you can easily find at the store.

13. Decorate your front porch

Decorate your front porch (1)

Get your guests in the fall bath, before they even set foot in your home! For this, opt for lanterns, wreaths, pumpkins and cozy blankets on your lounge chairs.

14. Mini pumpkins and acorn garlands

Mini pumpkins and acorn garlands (1)

Combine acorn garlands with mini pumpkins in a shallow rustic dish, and you’re ready for fall.

15. Thick knitted blankets

Thick knitted blankets (1)

After the heat of summer, we finally find our interior, as well as our cozy and thick knitted blankets. Add to that flannel pajamas and a Halloween movie. So you have everything you need for your fall Saturday nights.

16. Seasonal plants

Seasonal plants (1)

Transform your veranda from summer to fall, with hanging plants and orange-tinged foliage, providing fall vibes.

17. Touches of autumn

Touches of autumn (1)

As accent colors, use fall trendy hues like dark reds, deep greens, gold accents, and earthy tones. Here, gold candlesticks and burgundy cone-shaped candles greatly contribute to the autumnal atmosphere of this room.

18. Carpets

Carpets (1)

A beautiful rug can instantly add depth to your kitchen any time of the year. A rug that includes colors like deep pink and navy blue will bring a feeling of fall readiness.

19. Scottish touch

Scottish touch (1)

If there is a more perfect fall pattern than this, we don’t know where it is! Whether on a cushion or a blanket, the plaid patterns make the space warm and cozy.

20. Wooden crates

Wooden crates

If you like the rustic-chic style , this project is for you! Create a nice high-rise arrangement using wooden crates as a base for the floor. Decorate it all with lanterns, faux leaf garlands and pumpkins. Depending on the size of your entrance, you can create one or more modules of different sizes. Just let your creativity run wild!

21. Cozy bench

Cozy bench (1)

Bring a rustic chalet feel to your entryway by incorporating wood-based elements. An old bench that has lived in, a few logs and a checkered throw will make your space super cozy ! A perfect space to take a short break and sip a good hot chocolate!

22. Vine wreath with an autumnal tendency

Vine wreath with an autumnal tendency (1)

Dress up a fall vine wreath with seasonal accents, like apples or fall flowers.

23. Wreath of leaves on the mantelpiece

Wreath of leaves on the mantelpiece (1)

Here is a good idea! To carry out this project, have your children help you!

24. Pumpkin-shaped vase

Pumpkin-shaped vase

Any reason to get fresh flowers is good. Make the flowers shine in a pumpkin-shaped vase. You can even cover the latter with golden tips, to give it a little more shine.

25. Leaf creepers

Leaf creepers (1)

Don’t let all the leaves fly away. After making this sumptuous colorful decoration, the winter blues will no longer affect you. Joy will shine in you.

26. Fairy lights

Fairy lights (1)

Fairy lights probably remind you of childhood memories. Except now, you no longer collect candy on Halloween.

27. Chalk board, decorated with leaves

Chalk board, decorated with leaves (1)

This craft is a delicious way to greet guests, as well as the new season. Wrap the picture frame with red leaves and berries, to show off that you are celebrating fall.

28. Fall colors

Fall colors (1)

Yellow, orange, brown, dark green… and all the color variations. Less flash than summer, softer, warmer. Fall colors are known to bring well-being to the mind. Surround yourself with these colors.

29. Personalize your walls

Personalize your walls (1)

Take some time to adapt your interior to the new season. No need to change everything! Just little things that will give your home a new boost. Move the furniture, change the wallpaper, just repaint a wall in a fall color and your interior will be adapted to the season. Here are some color ideas to put in your home.

30. Our decoration selection

Our decoration selection (1)

Ranging from lighting, candles, crockery… Each room can have its seasonal decoration object. You choose ! We have made a selection of unique items for you. The colors mentioned above are also here. Each piece can be personalized. It’s up to you to choose the objects that you like, the objects that you can possibly use in another season.

Our decoration selection1 (1)

The wooden and orange fabric lights, cushions with mustard yellow to wake up a dark sofa, a cozy bed throw in which you dream of falling asleep … All these pretty things will find their place in your living room or your bedroom.

31. In the kitchen

In the kitchen (1)

The kitchen often lacks brightness and color with its raw materials. Adopt colorful dishes to brighten up this space. Selection of orange dishes for the fall.

32. Leaf bowl

Leaf bowl (1)

Collect the leaves from a fake leaf garland and use glue (eg Mod Podge) to put them together to create a bowl.

33. Gather colorful acorns

Gather colorful acorns (1)

In the company of your children, collect acorns and then paint them with fun colors. Then display them in a transparent bowl.

34. Bohemian Crown

Bohemian Crown (1)

This clever way to approach fall mimics the wreath, but with a more bohemian twist. It also makes us think of “dream catchers”.

35. Jars covered with burlap

Jars covered with burlap (1)

Glue the rustic fabric (burlap) onto a mason jar, then use a stencil to paint the acorns, pumpkins and leaves on the fabric.