25 Ideas of Minimalist Dining Room for Rejuvenation (1)

Designer dining room, Scandinavian dining room, dining room open to the living room, dining room in blond wood… In all of these Dining rooms with a minimalist spirit, which go straight to the essential and in which we can relax. smells good. Examples of dining rooms, no frills, no overloading on the furniture side, the layout goes straight to the point.

1. A brilliant table

a brilliant table (1)

As stated earlier, many tend to think of minimalist decor as boring, if not too simple. But if you set up a beautiful, shiny table in your dining room, it won’t. A shiny table can make a huge difference because of the way it highlights any glow of light you might already have in the room.

2. Horizontal lighting

Horizontal lighting (1)

Having light fixtures in any room is always a good idea. However, for a minimalist room, I recommend horizontal lights. The main reason is that horizontal lights are one of a kind; they add modernity without harming your existing decoration.

3. An all-white minimalist dining room

An all-white minimalist dining room (1)

Then we couldn’t have a guide to a minimalist dining room without adding a touch of white. White is one of those colors that works well in any room; and is ideal for adding a classic touch to a room. Plus, let’s not forget that color sets the mood for a larger room, making it the perfect function when you have a small dining room.

4. Chic chairs

chic chairs (1)

Just because a room is decorated with a minimal approach doesn’t mean that the decor can’t mix different styles. Adding chic chairs that are a bit different from what you already have is a great way to add some curb appeal to your minimalist decor.

5. Warmth and texture

Warmth and texture (1)

I like the idea of ​​having a warm feeling in a dining room. It is the place where the family usually meets. Keeping that in mind, I like the idea of ​​having a wooden table and pairing it with textured chairs. These chairs will bring a little something different as the wood warms the room.

6. Eye-catching lighting

Eye-catching lighting (1)

Then, for minimalist dining rooms, lighting plays a key role. Besides, lighting is very important in any room. But, especially when you are working on decorating the dining room. Adding an eye-catching light fixture will bring the room to life.

7. Bold black

Bold black (1)

When decorating minimalist dining rooms, remember to use color. Color is one of those things that brings a room to life without too much effort. For a bold approach, use a darker shade. And for a more subtle feel, use shades of taupe, gray or even pastel tones.

8. Art

Art (1)

As we stay on the topic of color, consider adding some art. Art is another way to add a personalized feel without damaging what you already have. In addition, it allows you to be a little daring in your decoration.

9. An intimate dining room

An intimate dining room (1)

In the dining room, with a Carl Hanser wooden table and chairs, Hans Wegner design, the large velvet curtains, drawn in the evening, bring a sophisticated touch to the space, like the David Thulstrup pendant light, Studio Thulstrup. Poured concrete walls and floor.

10. A minimalist and Japanese-style dining room

A minimalist and Japanese-style dining room (1)

Two Japanese “Komainu” lions from the Kamakura period (12th century) in terracotta stand guard at the foot of the stairs. Table, Barn in the City, “Wishbone CH24” chairs, design Hans Wegner, Carl Hansen & Son. Suspension, “Endless”, Roll & Hill. On the ground, gray Moleanos natural stone.

11. A minimalist dining room

A minimalist dining room (1)

The table was custom made with wood from an old barn in France. “DSW” chairs by Charles and Ray Eames (Vitra) and “Womb chair” by Eero Saarinen (Knoll), Trainspotters suspensions.

12. A timeless dining room in Mykonos

A timeless dining room in Mykonos (1)

In this dining room, the owners wanted above all to enjoy the breathtaking view of the Aegean Sea. In order not to break the harmony of the place, they opted for an all-white dining room with a minimalist decor. Airy, the suspensions overlap and echo the entirely white marble table surrounded by Tulip chairs by Saarinen for Knoll.

13. A designer and minimalist dining room

A designer and minimalist dining room (1)

Glazed on two sides, the dining room benefits from a large space in length. A living area extends the dining area, simply separated by a fireplace in the center of the room. The design decoration includes a large eucalyptus table from Bombaamor, DSR Vitra chairs. In the living room, the leather sofas are also from Bombaamor.

14. A minimalist and blue dining room

A minimalist and blue dining room (1)

It is in the veranda that Aude has fitted out the dining room. Oval marble table inspired by Eero Saarinen. Vintage Baumann bistro chairs from the St-Ouen flea market. “Down Pipe” paint, Farrow & Ball. Paintings by the artist Bénédicte Plumey.

15. A dining room that mixes authenticity and modernity

A dining room that mixes authenticity and modernity (1)

If the exterior restoration of this former slaughterhouse from the 19th century was carried out according to the rules of the art, Yorgos Zaphiriou, architect, and Manolis Pandelidakis, scenographer, took liberties with the materials typical of the Greek islands to remodel and furnish the interior space. Thus, in the vast dining room, concrete replaced the slate slabs on the floor, large planks replaced the traditional calamis – reeds aligned between the beams – on the ceiling, and the walls were adorned with gray plaster rather than of white lime. On the furnishing side, no ostentation. It is furnished very simply with a large table made of railway sleepers designed by Manolis Pandilakis and Tolix chairs in galvanized steel. On the wall, an agricultural grain rasp found in an old farmhouse serves as a painting.

16. An open-plan dining room

An open-plan dining room (1)

In this minimalist dining room, we prioritize the optimization of space: the tables are stackable, tailor-made by the architects who fitted out the apartment. They are associated with Manutan and Avia chairs by Gambs.

17. A minimalist dining room in black

A minimalist dining room in black (1)

The owner has managed to create a warm atmosphere with a minimalist decor. Central piece, the solid walnut table from Riva is surrounded by Eames chairs on foot, Eiffel DSR. On the ceiling, we can see Caravaggio suspensions by Cecilie Manz.

18. A dining room that has pep

A dining room that has pep (1)

Designer Florence Jaffrain’s dining room plays with tangy hues. Lemon yellow and neon pink share the poster for this very refined space. Around a rectangular table with a Plexiglas top and fluorescent pink painted wooden trestles, are arranged four yellow retro chairs “Back to School” (Fleux).

19. A dining room with a natural spirit

A dining room with a natural spirit (1)

Harmony of green, blue tones and touches of wood. Danish architect Finn Juhl was inspired by the nearby forest, in order to rediscover the nature spirit dear to the Scandinavian style. Around the oval “Judas Table” (1949), the green fabric of the “Egyptian Chair” series (1949) echoes the orange-yellow ceiling, from which the “Stilling” pendant lamp by Arne Jacobsen descends. On the wall, two paintings. Syttakromba by Asger Jorn (1940) on the left and, on the right, Nattergalen (1944) a work by Richard Mortensen, an artist dear to the architect.

20. A designer dining room

A designer dining room (1)

Minimalist, key word from the architect couple Patrick Theis and Soraya Khan in the design of this designer dining room. Surrounded by “Ant” chairs (Fritz Hansen), the table, designed by the couple, is surmounted by a “Biluna” (Prandina) pendant lamp repainted in dark gray by Soraya. Most ? The terrace, ideal for enjoying the precious rays of the London sun.

21. A dining room structured by urns

A dining room structured by urns (1)

It was an old carpentry shop with a sad atmosphere and artificial lighting. The architect Alessandro Capellaro made it an open and bright place. To bring light, bay windows have been pierced. For the furnishings, he avoided the overload of materials and thought of modularity with old wooden urns that structure, decorate the space and also make up certain pieces of furniture. Thus, the walls of the dining room were covered with urn lids in the years 1945. The architect chose this option not only to create a decor but also to conceal all the wires and electrical conduits in the house. On the furniture side, no overload to keep the spirit of fluidity. In the center of the dining room, for example, a long postman’s table from the Florence flea market is surrounded by sixties wheelchairs by English designers Robin and Lucienne Day. The whole is lit by an XXL pendant light (IKEA ). By rehabilitating this space, by mixing the contemporary with the historical, the architect has managed to preserve his memory.

22. A bright and airy dining room

A bright and airy dining room (1)

Being within the framework of the minimalist style, the essential to keep in a dining room is then represented by a dining table, with its chairs of course. This is also what we find in the image below. If you want your room to be airy and shine like no other dining room; take inspiration from this image. First, remember that white is a preferred color for this kind of style. Transparent materials such as glass can also be integrated, on the table or on another part of the room. A minimalist and shiny dining room is possible thanks to good lighting and the installation of large mirrors on one of the walls.

23. Transparency is at the rendezvous

Transparency is at the rendezvous (1)

Decorative accessories to integrate into a minimalist dining room do not have to abound. In addition, the mirror should be welcome at any time and in any part of the room. It is the only decorative element with which you can go overboard without risking spoiling the style. When choosing wall sconces or chandelier, prefer transparent colors. If you insist on it, it is still tolerable to incorporate a plant in your dining room, no more.

24. A dream corner

A dream corner (1)

If large dining rooms adopt the minimalist style, it would be inappropriate of you to overload your small dining room. Make it a dream corner by choosing a dining table for four, a sufficient number of lights and a special decorative object. If you receive guests often, a fold-out table would be suitable for you.

25. A minimalist, rustic and chic dining room

A minimalist, rustic and chic dining room

It is quite feasible to combine different styles in a dining room. However, make sure that the rendering is in harmony.