25 Creative DIY Ideas to Create Decorative Objects With Concrete (1)

Today I am offering you some DIY concrete… around concrete. Concrete introduces a touch of textural contrast to a rather sleek house. It also allows you to create a thousand and one objects extremely quickly and extremely easily!

If you have concrete at home, you can stop saving it and use it to make coasters, stools, and more. It can also be used in creative items that we can use for the home.

1. Concrete tables

Concrete tables (1)

Concrete tables can be a bit tricky to move around but if you’re not averse to getting a little exercise when you’re doing your housework, then concrete coffee tables and side tables are a must have. 

2. Coffee table

Coffee table (1)

Creating a concrete coffee table can be a very economical way to complement your bedroom or living room. Here, this coffee table combines the stoic appeal of concrete with the warmth of wood. As you can see, you can make DIY concrete for large parts. But I advise you to get your hands on small parts first.

3. Hanging planter

Hanging planter (1)

Those looking to undertake a DIY project around concrete might like the idea of ​​The Merry Thought. I’m quite a fan of this little concrete hanging shelf!

4. Concrete vases and planters

Concrete vases and planters (1)

Then, let’s continue this DIY concrete with the vases and planters. Concrete planters can last a lifetime; literally! They require very little maintenance and are very durable.

Concrete vases and planters1 (1)

Start with something stylish and easy to create like a simple plant pot that you cover with concrete.

Concrete vases and planters2 (1)

You can also choose to create a small mold with cardboard to create small concrete pots to place your succulents. Finally, you can also create concrete vases using simple water bottles or wine bottles.

5. Be creative and offbeat

Be creative and offbeat (1)

Want more creativity? Then these few DIY concrete ideas are sure to grab the attention of all your friends and family this holiday season. This concrete candle holder is one of those masterpieces that is sure to become the centerpiece that will brighten up your long and numerous end-of-year meals.

Be creative and offbeat1 (1)

But don’t stop there! You can also create trays, decorative letters, and even shelves with concrete!

6. For the bedroom

For the bedroom (1)

Continuation of our DIY concrete with a concrete clock for your bedside table. It will go perfectly with all the high-tech objects that are there maybe already. To make this minimalist clock you will need a little more skill than creating a concrete vase, but it is well worth it.

For the bedroom1 (1)

Create a pendant light for your room, will take you no more than 30 minutes.

7. Candlesticks

Candlesticks (1)

Polka Dot candle holders will be happy to welcome your pretty candles this winter. Paint them in gold, silver or red for a Christmas decoration.

8. Easter eggs

Easter eggs (1)

Fall for these Easter eggs made by blogger Camille Styles. With their golden touch, they will be perfect for an Easter decoration.

9. Japanese steps

Japanese steps (1)

When Déco Crush brings together cement and nature, it gives birth to original steps to be placed in your garden.

10. Hooks

Hooks (1)

To hang your clothes at the entrance, opt for these minimalist hooks made of concrete. 

11. Flower pots

Flower pots (1)

I Spy DIY teaches us how to make these geometric cement flower pots. With a strip of paint, they will bring a colorful touch to your interior.

12. Firs

Firs (1)

Fellow is already making Christmas decorations and teaching you how to make these hanging trees in no time.

13. A stool


This stool is right in the Scandinavian trend. Concrete, wood and a lick of paint will suffice.

14. A jewel rest

A jewel rest (1)

No longer leave your jewelry lying around thanks to this concrete jewelry holder. 

15. Pumpkins in waxed concrete for an original garden decoration

Pumpkins in waxed concrete for an original garden decoration (1)

Pumpkins are most often associated with the Halloween party . Moreover, pumpkins are a superb decoration for the garden or the terrace. And when they were made of concrete, they are more durable. The stages of the realization of this beautiful project are quite the same as the previous projects. We dig the pumpkin and remove the flesh from the inside. Then it is filled with the concrete mixture. You can start by making a single pumpkin and add more to it later. It’s a really cute garden decoration and then you will have your Halloween decoration always ready!

16. Create your concrete garden decoration

Create your concrete garden decoration (1)

It is undoubtedly the most original project presented here. It is possible to create a large plant leaf from waxed concrete. For this you will need a large plant leaf, sand and some old newspapers. All the stages of the realization of this project are presented in the photo below.

Create your concrete garden decoration1 (1)

Try with a first leaf and if you want it to work pretty well you can make several and create a nice garden path.

17. Decorative clock

Decorative clock (1)

This decorative concrete clock project is also one of the easiest projects to do here. You will need a cone or an old clock that no longer works and treble. This decoration goes both indoors and outdoors. Place your new concrete clock in your garden, living room, hallway or on your patio or balcony.

18. Small flower pots

Small flower pots (1)

Flower pots are something that is always needed. If you have a garden, terrace or balcony, this project is for you. Just like candle holders, it is the size of the plants that will determine the size of the pots. You can create something small for succulents or something larger for garden plants.

Small flower pots1 (1)

Apart from being original, this planter is also very durable and resistant. It’s concrete we’re talking about!

19. Original garden decoration

Original garden decoration (1)

Just like pumpkins, you can create a concrete Christmas decoration that will last for several years. For this you need to fill the old Christmas balls with concrete and let them dry. It’s super cool, modern and original, can’t you find it?

20. Another project that we love is the concrete cake topper

Another project that we love is the concrete cake topper (1)

We all have a cake tin. But today, we are not going to bake cakes, finally we are going to make a concrete cake! It’s easy to do and you only need very few tools. With such a garden decoration, you will impress everyone. It is undoubtedly one of the most original projects that we have found on the net. Blow of heart once again and thank you creative minds!

21. A small project to start

A small project to start (1)

You probably have ice cube molds at home? Today, we will use it to create a pretty garden decoration. No matter their shape, just fill them with the mixture of concrete and pasty water, let them dry and voila… You have some pretty little items to decorate your garden table.

22. Small concrete dish

A small concrete dish made from a cardboard plate will accommodate any decoration. (1)

A small concrete dish made from a cardboard plate will accommodate any decoration.

23. Candle holder

Candle holder

This candle holder looks really cozy! Perfect for small tea lights that you put on to light up the table on the terrace!

24. Original flower pot

Original flower pot (1)

An original flowerpot made from an old blanket! No one will have the same as you!

25. Trendy pots

Trendy pots (1)

Super trendy, plastic cups can also be recycled in the garden! But to be eco-friendly, we only use it as a mold into which we pour the cement, and presto.