ideas for chic christmas decor

The country chic style deploys all its warmth and poetry at Christmas! From the tree to the table, including the fireplace, discover how to decorate your home …

Red and beige, small light garlands, vintage objects, or wooden accessories are all essential for a successful Christmas decoration in the purest chic country spirit! We also appropriate the timeless Christmas traditions, which are the socks on the fireplace, the wreaths on the door, or even the candy in the tree. Let’s see the 32 inspirations for the chic country interior.

1. Touches of red

Touches of red (1)

For a country-chic Christmas decoration, don’t forget to add a few touches of red. On cushions, candles, or even the blanket, this symbolic color of Christmas wakes up the decoration.

2. A luminous crown

A luminous crown (1)

Behind the sofa, use branches to create a Christmas wreath. Wrap a light garland around it to accentuate the chic country spirit of the decor.

3. Lemon and cloves

Lemon and cloves (1)

Emphasize your country-chic Christmas decoration by adding cloves in the lemons. Your interior will smell divinely good!

4. Fir candlestick

Fir candlestick (1)

Above the Christmas table, we love the chandelier that dresses the ceiling. For a rustic and country chic decor, we create it from fir branches.

5. Red tableware

Red tableware (1)

The Christmas table is adorned with red and white linens. To recall the chic countryside decoration, do not forget the vegetal touch with the fir branch and the pine cone.

6. Country chic centerpiece

Country chic centerpiece (1)

In the center of the country-chic Christmas table, place a few candles, fir branches, and small decorations. You will then sublimate the rustic wooden table.

7. A cocooning armchair

A cocooning armchair (1)

For a successful chic campaign Christmas decoration, we create a cocooning atmosphere. To do this, add some rugs, cushions, and throws on the armchairs and light a few candles.

8. Country chic bedroom

Country chic bedroom (1)

Country chic Christmas decor doesn’t stop in the living room! Indeed, she invites herself into the bedroom. For this, have fun with the fairy lights and add color to the cover.

9. By the fireplace

By the fireplace (1)

Near the fireplace, install cushions and a small tree. You then create a relaxing and friendly space.

10. Low table

Low table (1)

The living room coffee table has its chic country decorations. Think of the dishes, which dress the table, as well as the carpet, which comes to warm it.

11. Christmas wreath calendar

Christmas wreath calendar (1)

To make the kids happy, go for an advent calendar Christmas wreath. In addition, it goes perfectly with the chic countryside decoration!

12. Display for table decoration

Display for table decoration (1)

Here is a pretty country chic Christmas decoration: a raw wood display with some decorative elements.

13. Wood branches

Wood branches (1)

The wooden branches bring a nature and country chic spirit to the Christmas decoration.

14. Entrance

Entrance (1)

Here is an entrance decorated for Christmas in a rustic and country chic style.

15. Table decoration

Table decoration (2)

For your table decoration, opt for a wooden plate trivet and a few fir branches.

16. Cushions

Cushions (1)

Bring a cozy and warm atmosphere to your chic countryside Christmas decor with a few cushions.

17. Dining room

Dining room (1)

Wreaths decorate the walls of the dining room.

18. Fireplace

Fireplace (1)

We decorate the fireplace for the holidays.

19. Cooked

Cooked (1)

In the kitchen, the fir branches take height.

20. Small house entrance

Small house entrance (1)

Do you have a small house? The tree settles in the entrance.

21. Bedroom

bedroom decor

In the bedroom, we love Christmas bed linen.

22. Luminous

Luminous (1)

The light garland as a centerpiece brings an elegant touch to the holiday table!

23. Touch of nature

Touch of nature (1)

No country chic Christmas without a little natural touch, with holly and bread apples for example!

24. Trio

Trio (1)

We love these pretty jars transformed into a vase. Green, white, red: 100% Christmas spirit!

25. It’s me who did it!

It's me who did it ! (1)

To bring a little extra touch of charm to your decoration, make some accessories yourself!

26. User-friendly

User-friendly (1)

The chic countryside Christmas table is warm and friendly!

27. Natural decor

Natural decor (1)

To fit perfectly into your chic country interior, Christmas decorations favor natural materials, especially wood.

28. Detail in Christmas tree

Detail in Christmas tree (1)

For a perfect Christmas tree from head to toe, drop off a few well-wrapped packages!

29. Wooden fir

wooden fir tree

Change from the traditional tree and opt for a wooden tree, original, rustic, and country chic!

30. Simple decoration


No need to overdo it, a simple table runner accompanied by a long fir branch is enough to give your table a chic country style!

31. Chic and elegant countryside

Chic and elegant countryside

The Gifi brand offers plates, glasses, or cutlery for a magical table and chic countryside!

32. Cocooning


We fall for this chic country table with a cocooning spirit!