30+ DIY to make with pines for christmas

This is the star of winter and the queen of our Christmas decorations! Discover 32 great ideas for making pretty objects with a pine cone!

We love their smell, their improbable shape and the memories they remind us of! Pine cones are the touch of poetry and nature of our winter and we love it! Discover 32 ideas for inviting pine cones in your Christmas decoration . From the simplest to the most elaborate, from the most classic to the most original, there is something for all tastes and all atmospheres!

1. Elves

Elves (1)

The pine cones will make the body of the little elves. To be placed near the window, your Christmas decoration will be full of sweetness.

2. Hedgehogs


Carve the pine cones into hedgehogs to hang on the branches of the Christmas tree.

3. A natural touch on a candle holder

A natural candle holder 1

Tied to a rope, the pine cones give a natural and soft touch to the glass jars.

4. A nice composition

A nice composition

For natural decoration, we put on pine cones associated with red Christmas balls and fir branches.

5. A funny reindeer

A funny reindeer (1)

This reindeer should amuse the little ones with its funny eyes and red muzzle.

6. Candlesticks


Cut the pine cone and install a candle inside. These new candlesticks will find their place on a New Year’s table or near the fireplace.

7. An angel

For the more creative, use your imagination by turning the pine cone into a real angel. Install a small rope so that you can hang them from the tree.

8. A Santa Claus

A Santa Claus (1)

Collect mini pine cones to make Santa Claus hang in the tree. In addition to brightening up your decor, they are timeless thanks to their white color.

9. A pine tree

A pine tree (1)

If you come back from a walk in the woods and have collected a multitude of pine cones, put them together to make an original Christmas tree!

10. A crown

A crown (1)

This Christmas wreath celebrates the fall colors thanks to its different varieties of pine cones. The rendering is resolutely decorative!

11. A place card

A place card (1)

Simple and yet decorative, these place cards are ideal for placing guests on New Year’s Eve.

12. A luminous composition

A luminous composition (1)

A glass vase, pine cones, and a light garland are enough to create this composition.

13. A bouquet

A bouquet

Branches and pine cones for a successful winter bouquet.

14. Wall decoration

Wall decoration (1)

Pine cones invite themselves to the walls of the house with this creative wall hanging.

15. A love declaration

A love declaration (1)

To wish a Merry Christmas to your loved ones, offer them this assembly filled with love.

16. Mini-trees

 mini tree (1)

In a small terracotta pot, have a pine cone that you can paint as you wish.

17. A suspension for the tree

A suspension for the tree (1)

Suspended in the tree, personalize your pine cone with a satin ribbon.

18. Table decoration

Table decoration (1)

For a rustic and natural Christmas, dare the gingham ribbons that hold the pine cones.

19. A suspension

A suspension (1)

Create this wall hanging yourself with pine cones arranged here and there on different levels.

20. Owls

Owls (1)

Use felt scraps to make owls from pine cones. Enough to awaken the imagination of the little ones.

21. Christmas tree suspensions

Christmas tree suspensions (1)

To add some pep to your Christmas decoration, position small colored balls on the different scales of the pine cone.

22. Garlands

Garlands (1)

Tie some pine cones on a rope and you will have a Christmas garland to hang in your home or in your tree.

23. Decorative reindeer

Decorative reindeer (1)

With a little more technique, you can try your hand at decorative reindeer creations. This makes it possible to create a real universe specific to Christmas.

24. A star pendant with 5 pine cones

A star pendant with 5 pine cones (1)

For a magical and magical Christmas, bring the stars into your home with pine cones.

25. Christmas candle with a pine cone and cinnamon

Christmas candle with a pine cone and cinnamon (1)

Dress up your Christmas candles with pine cones, glued directly on them.

26. Decorative penguins for the tree

Decorative penguins for the tree (1)

Because Nordic animals such as penguins evoke the cold of winter and snow, we try our hand at creating mini penguins using pine cones.

27. Decorative objects

Decorative objects (1)

Glue the pine cones on a wooden round to give the illusion of a Christmas tree. Decorate them as you wish, such as with a star or microscopic Christmas balls.

28. A garnished tray

A garnished tray (1)

Simple and quick to make, this centerpiece combines ethics with fairy tales.

29. To replace holly

To replace holly (1)

You are probably familiar with the tradition of kissing each other on Christmas Eve under a branch of holly. How about making it a full-fledged decoration this year with this pretty “kissing ball”?

30. A colorful Christmas wreath

A colorful Christmas wreath (1)

Simply make a Christmas wreath out of pine cones and paint it red for warm decor.

31. A snowman

A snowman (1)

Consider dressing your pine cone snowmen.

32. A pine cone tree

A pine cone tree (1)

As original as possible, you can place this tree anywhere in the house.