30 different advent calendars for Christmas

The advent calendar is eagerly awaited by the little ones who can wait until Christmas while enjoying a little treat or surprise every day. It is a tradition which comes straight from Germany and which consisted at the time of discovering a new image every day. The children are so delighted by this habit which allows them to be patient that the tradition continues for their greatest pleasure.Let’s see the 30 different advent calendars for your inspiration.

1. Advent calendar in a box

Advent calendar in a box (1)

The boxes are an idea here to create a nice calendar that you can then decorate however you want. Each small box contains a little surprise of your choice, try to vary them to play on the unexpected that always delights young and old.

2. Pocket calendar

Pocket calendar (1)

These small pockets are simply attached to simple branches that you have picked up from the forest and then attached to the wall. Here they are held with clothespins and are made in a silvery and shiny fabric. Each day is noted on a disc in golden number.

3. Fabric advent calendar

Fabric advent calendar (1)

A calendar very much in line with the current ethnic and bohemian trend. It is made with scraps of fabric and it allows to offer a nice very colorful picture far from the usual trends in decoration. It is an idea that changes completely and that can be perfectly adapted to the decorative style of your interior.

4. Colourful one

Colourful one

It doesn’t take much to make this advent calendar a success, which is completely out of the ordinary. This personalized calendar can only appeal to young and old. Colorful and cheerful, it will be an integral part of your Christmas decoration. These paper curls can be perfectly made by involving your children, but then you will have to be discreet when putting your gifts!

5. House like calendar

House like calendar (1)

A very nice calendar which however is very easy to make and which does not require a lot of furnishing. Going off the beaten track, it is very attractive and will embellish the wall where it will be fixed. A very beautiful achievement to copy or reinvent without hesitation.

6. Natural Calendar

Natural Calendar

Bring nature into your home for Christmas by opting for this botanical advent calendar. A great idea that completely changes the calendars you can find in supermarkets.

7. Pouch calendar

Pouch calendar

Small fabric pouches that contain small gifts or treat that you can hang anywhere. On a wooden ladder, or on tree branches, it’s simple but effective and full of charm.

8. Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar

Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar

To stay completely in the Christmas spirit, this Christmas tree-shaped advent calendar is perfect. It includes 24 little gifts that your child will be happy to unwrap every day. It is the most beautiful effect while remaining refined and natural.

9. Clothpin calendar

clothpin advent calender

The well-decorated clothespins in Christmas colors allow you to hang up pretty paper pouches containing a different surprise for each day.

10. Cardboard house calendar

Cardboard house calendar

Very pretty cardboard houses serve as an advent calendar, they are as aesthetic as they are fun and allow children to wait while enjoying a nice surprise every day, enough to calm their impatience a little.

11. Simple and elegant calendar

Simple and elegant

This advent calendar is personalized to showcase your creativity and inspiration of the moment. It is a simple model, but with the most beautiful effect that will delight young and old and will be part of your pre-Christmas decor.

12. Different shaped boxes as calendar

Different shaped boxes as calendar

Boxes, but be careful, they will all have very different shapes and colors. The patterns can also be varied to add fantasy to this original and yet very attractive calendar. Once you have assembled them, all you have to do is decide on the small gifts and treats you will put in them, of course secretly from your loved ones.

13. Envelopes as calendar

Envelopes as calendar (1)

The pompoms of all colors create a soft harmony that allows obtaining an original and simple advent calendar. Pretty ribbons, pompoms, and paper envelopes, and presto! You have your unique calendar, then just drag the presents you want.

14. Packages as calendar

Packages as calendar

Each small package will be decorated in a different way, all with the aim of creating a graphic table. There will be no shortage of ideas to tailor this advent calendar to your way.

15. Cans as calendar

Cans as calendar

These well-decorated cans serve as a pretext to hide small gifts, sweets, or little words for their recipients. It’s a very simple idea, but one that will probably appeal to your children and that is easy to achieve.

16. Calendar in a wooden box

Calendar in a wooden box 

Wooden boxes have been very trendy for some time and can serve as a perfect support for your advent calendar. You can even opt for a case of wine that you can then compartmentalize. Then just vary the containers and small gifts.

17. House gourmet calendar

House gourmet calendar

These pretty, very pretty little houses all contain a gourmet surprise or a small gift. It’s a very nice effect, and the whole fits perfectly into the purest Christmas tradition.

18. Branch Calendar

Branch Calendar (1)

A pretty branch painted in white welcomes the little gifts that your children will be delighted to pick up every day. You will hide them in beautiful little homemade boxes in the colors of this festival. A model is easy to adapt according to the style of the room or your Christmas decoration.

19. Different Ornaments

Different Ornaments (1)

A simple, but very refined advent calendar, all its originality is based on the fact that every day, it is a Christmas decoration that the recipient will only have to put on the tree that awaits him. Perfect for those who want to change chocolates and whose children are a little older to put toys in them.

20. Light garland calendar

Light garland calendar (1)

A quick solution to make a very original advent calendar. A blackboard decorated and adorned with hearts, Christmas balls, and light garlands.

21. Toilet paper roll calendar

Toilet paper roll calendar

When toilet paper rolls find a second life by transforming into an Advent calendar. It’s a funny and original idea that will appeal to recycling enthusiasts.

22. Flowerpot calendar

Flowerpot advent calendar

The flowerpots are simply numbered and instead of accommodating the usual plants, they can be filled with various gifts that will please the recipient.

23. Piece of papers

Piece of papers

Simple pieces of paper placed on a grid in the shape of a stylized tree. It’s simple, but it does not lack effect. And then every day you take off a piece of paper which means the big party is approaching.

24. Small bags

Small bags 

This grid calendar with clips allows you to attach small bags that contain surprises for each day before Christmas!

25. Matchbox calendar

Matchbox calendar

Simple matchboxes become pretty containers to house small treats or gifts.

26. Cloth pouch calendar

Cloth pouch calendar

Beautifully decorated pouches serve as a support for your small gifts and chocolates. They bring colors that enliven the space.

27. Wood log

Wood log

The stairs welcome this advent calendar which therefore occupies a preponderant place. Each day is symbolized by a wooden log.

28. Organdy bags

Organdy bags

A charming advent calendar with small organdy bags. It’s not only lovely, but it’s a great idea full of sophistication. It’s up to you to fill the small bags with the little treasures that you choose with care.

29. Black & white calendar

Black & white calendar

This ladder holds 25 small gifts that symbolize the advent and the expectation for the Christmas holidays. A contemporary black and white version of the famous advent calendar.

30. Cone calendar

Cone calendar

25 cones of different sizes in shades of blue allow you to wait while waiting for the big party and to hide some little surprises. Very decorative, the cones can even stay in place afterward by turning them so that the numbers disappear.