30 best ideas of hanging decoration for Christmas

Why not try to take the festive mood and energy of your surroundings to the next level this year? Christmas is a celebration that has strong ties to Scandinavian culture. The party is once again upon us and given its traditions and strong roots, it is only fitting that you consider a Nordic approach to decorating your home. As one might think, the elements symbolizing winter will be present in any decorative scheme: the predominant colors white, red, green, and gray, and plants specific to the winter landscape such as pine branches or mistletoe. Sure enough, Christmas ornaments don’t have to cost a fortune – using simple materials like felt, paper, ribbon, and the fir baubles you already have, you can boost the beauty of your decor with less effort. You just need to hang your unique pieces on the wall or ceiling.

Fairy lights, fir branches, a large decorative star that seems to float in the air… what if you succumb to the trend of hanging decor to decorate your Christmas table or wall?

1. DIY Christmas pendant light with glass bottles

DIY Christmas pendant light with glass bottles (1)

Start by decorating the outer surface of the bottles with paint and stickers. You can also apply glue to the glass and sprinkle some glitter to create a nice sparkle effect. Remember to let it dry before continuing your work! Tie a knot at the bottom of an extra-long piece of string, punch a hole in the bottle cap, and thread the string through. Repeat this for all the caps. Fill the bottles with glitter and LED garlands. After applying a small amount of glue to the throat of the bottle, install the cap in its place. The glue is to ensure that the bottle does not slip. Do the same for all the bottles. Using the excess string from the bottles, tie a knot and hang them all on a wooden stick. Secure the strings with craft glue. It is up to you to decide where to place your suspension.

2. Make a felt Christmas pendant light for the window or the door handle

Make a felt Christmas pendant light for the window or the door handle (1)

Handles on interior doors, cabinets, and windows in the home are often underestimated as a possible place to decorate. But did you know that you can use them to give a festive atmosphere to your home in a discreet way? It’s very easy.

3. Small Christmas pendant light to make yourself from pine cones

Small Christmas pendant light to make yourself from pine cones (1)

To create this Christmas decoration in natural materials, you need a string of 40 to 50 cm, a few larger pine cones, several sprigs of fir, a thicker cardboard circle, and artificial plastic berries. Arrange the pine cones, sprigs, and berries in a circle on the piece of cardboard and stabilize with hot glue. Secure the string to the bottom of the cardboard so that you can hang the hanger.

4. Christmas decoration to hang to make yourself with socks

Christmas decoration to hang to make yourself with socks (1)

Even if you don’t have a fireplace, there is always a place where you can hang your Christmas socks. The windowsill, for example, is a good option and the result is always spectacular. So, if you have skillful hands, use old sweaters to sew the best seals for gifts. If not, make a garland from the holey stockings. Besides, you can even add pretty accessories such as wooden hearts or stars and ribbons. Don’t forget the awesome DIY gift tags.

5. Hanging lamp with flowers to make for Christmas

Hanging lamp with flowers to make for Christmas (1)

Aluminum wire adjusted in wreath, string, satin ribbons, felt, twigs, bright flowers, or in textile, all these elements represent the base of a pretty suspension that you can place above your festive table and replace the traditional centerpiece. If you are working with artificial flowers, you can easily use a thick circle of vegetable moss as a base. Wrap it in a satin ribbon. Then glue large crepe paper, fabric, organza, or satin flowers to it. Finally, you have to hang from the ceiling using string or a transparent cord.

6. Christmas decoration to hang easy to make with a branch

Christmas decoration to hang easy to make with a branch (1)

One idea that works well for achieving a Scandi look is to hang your decorations from a large green branch. Such a splendid decoration shows how the natural bark and textures of wood can create interest and sublimate the beauty of the festive table. Once you find a suitable-sized branch, secure it to the ceiling with a few hooks. Then, hang your ornaments in the greenery. This simple and natural arrangement looks great in a smaller space or above a console table.

After a short time, your pendant light will form this beautiful, relaxed shape. If you find that it hangs down like a hammock, an extra length of string running between the two ends to form a triangle should keep it facing forward. Instead of classic fir ornaments, you are free to spruce up your branch with small vases full of tiny sprigs of berries or winter flowers. Red berries are festive, while bold flowers like hellebores would look very chic.

7. Advent calendar hanging

Advent calendar hanging (1)

You can also tie brown envelopes with string or duct tape to get a different version of an Advent calendar. One thing is certain – your Nordic-style Christmas decoration made from a branch will make a difference and will delight everyone.

8. Christmas decoration to hang original and ultra colorful to make

Christmas decoration to hang original and ultra colorful to make (1)

For those who love the colorful kitsch decor, Christmas is the time to go wild. Brightly colored paper chains, pom poms,, and paper flowers ensure your good mood during the festive dinner. Paint two metal hoops, hang them from the ceiling with string and adorn them with paper chains. Paper flowers can be tied with twists of florist wire and will usefully conceal knuckles and ties.

9. Simple decoration to make yourself and hang for Christmas

Simple decoration to make yourself and hang for Christmas (1)

These embroidery hoop “balls” certainly give an instant injection of color and cheerfulness to the interior. These decorations are in fact made by clamping colored paper or fabric between the rings of the hoop. Once the paper or fabric is in place, tape a length of tape to the hoop’s back and hang it from the ceiling or wall.

10. DIY star cascade Christmas pendant light

DIY star cascade Christmas pendant light (1)

There is something very touching about a cascade of stars, the charm lies in the arrangement and the shades of white on white. Made of paper-mâché or plastic, the stars should be dipped in paint and hung up to dry. When dry, thread them on different lengths of transparent wire and hang them above the table.

11. Christmas decoration to hang to create with test tubes

Christmas decoration to hang to create with test tubes (1)

Test tubes are an unexpected container for winter flowers and foliage. The six-pointed plywood star is dotted with 1.5cm holes for placing the glass containers. A silver wire is attached to each point of the star and the test tubes do not contain liquid so as not to give excess weight. Finally, you can spray the entire arrangement with artificial snow spray.

12. DIY lace Christmas pendant light

DIY lace Christmas pendant light (1)

This delicate table decoration is inspired by the boho-chic style. While this one looks casual and informal, you can go for a more polished and regulated look with stiffer lace. Cut the lace straight into strips or sometimes follow its pattern to form zigzags or scallops. Take some metal hoops and cover them with duct tape to make them white, secure the lace around the outside with strong glue.

13. A tree branch

A tree branch (1)

Nothing could be simpler than hanging a tree branch above your Christmas table! 

14. Orange hanging

Orange hanging (1)

Hang a branch in raw wood above your table, and sublimate it with Christmas decorations, in particular amber apples which will perfume your interior!

15. A wreath of pine cones

A wreath of pine cones (1)

Above the festive table, the pine cone wreath will bring a rustic touch! 

16. Large foliage

Large foliage (1)

Imposing, surprising … what if you used large leaves to green your Christmas table?

17. Ladder

Ladder (1)

A ladder and candles as a hanging decoration? We say yes! 

18. Light garlands

Light garlands (1)

If you’re lucky enough to have beams, use them to hang string lights and light up your holiday table!

19. A white cloth

A white cloth (1)

What could be more refined than this pretty white linen hanging above the table? 

20. Country decor

Country decor (1)

Nothing like this natural branch for a simple and rustic decoration at Christmas! 

21. A message

A message (1)

For Christmas, think big and adopt this luminous message board! To be picked up in a flea market or consignments!

22. A floral cloud

A floral cloud (1)

What could be sweeter and more poetic than this floral arrangement which seems to float above the table like a colored cloud? 

23. A branch and balls

A branch and balls (1)

Majestic, imposing, joyful … we fall for this hanging decoration made with a few branches and Christmas balls! 

24. Glass pendant lights

Glass pendant lights (1)

For a magical Christmas, adopt these decorative IKEA glass pendant lights.

25. Paper suspension

Paper suspension (1)

Unless you prefer paper suspensions at an average price range.

26. Designer pendant light

Designer pendant light (1)

Fan of design? Fall for this Sillux Niagara glass pendant light that you can find at Ali Express!

27. Gray crown

Gray crown

We fall for this gray wreath and its hanging Christmas balls, like a mobile! 

28. A shower of stars above the table

A shower of stars above the table (1)

We love everything about this resolutely modern holiday table. No more classic red and white duo, star garlands are chosen with dark, desaturated colors. Thus, they contrast with the total white look of the table. But to reproduce this daring decor, don’t forget to mix paper stars and eucalyptus branches. 

29. A spruce garland sets the tone for the celebration

A spruce garland sets the tone for the celebration (1)

To emphasize the high ceilings, a spruce garland is fashionable. It is by tying together a collection of fir branches end to end that this long vine comes to life. Hanging above the table, this plant perfectly fits with a Kinfolk atmosphere.

30. Guinguette spirit 

Guinguette spirit  (1)

Fairy lights are not just for the Christmas tree, and there is nothing more festive than a table illuminated this way. Take example on this seasonal table and dress your garland with micro bouquets.