15 Ideas of Decorating a Christmas Tree Instead of Balls

Are you tired of the same balls that decorate your tree every Christmas at this exceptional time of year? If so, no worries. We have unearthed for you a selection of the most beautiful alternatives to traditional Christmas balls for successful celebrations at home!

Fabric decorations for the tree

Fabric decorations for the tree (1)

Love in all its forms comes to decorate the atmosphere magical of Christmas, with its romantic decorations in the form of heart. What reminds us of the strong ties uniting the whole family gathered at the foot of the tree this year!

Fabric decorations for the tree 1 (1)

These balls are made from multicolored fabrics, highlighting white with other characteristic Christmas colors, divinely replace the classic balls. This allows you to enjoy a Christmas tree out of the ordinary this year!

Fabric decorations for the tree 2 (1)

The delicious Christmas cookies that make us succumb to pleasure during this essential time of the year will end up on the tree. Something to make your guests’ mouths water!

Fabric decorations for the tree 3 (1)

What if we invited Santa Claus to come and admire the tree this year before placing the toys in the famous Christmas socks? He will probably not resist these magnificent decorative accessories when he sees them hanging on the tree!

Glass Christmas balls

Glass Christmas balls (1)

The shine of the glass on which this sublime snowman is impregnated will give a chic and modern touch to your tree this year!

Glass Christmas balls 1 (1)

The colors, patterns, inspirations are many and endless in the design of Christmas balls. This year, put your imagination to the test!

Glass Christmas balls 2 (1)

For fans of extravagant decorative accessories, we offer you these Christmas balls, which although a little scary, will be all the rage in the apartment! Something to delight fans of Tim Burton films!

Glass Christmas balls 3 (1)

The Christmas spirit is confined within this elegant Christmas bauble. But once hung on the tree, the magic is released to bring a magical atmosphere to your home!

Wooden decoration for your tree

Wooden decoration for your tree (1)

The wood will never cease to impress us! A hand-made work, carried out with ardor and love, to divinely adorn the Christmas tree this winter!

Wooden decoration for your tree 1 (1)

What if you could find your first names and those of your loved ones hanging on the tree this year? A very original personalized decoration to replace the classic Christmas balls that you have tired of.

Wooden decoration for your tree 2 (1)

The Santa and his sleigh will undoubtedly go around your tree with this article of authentic decoration and modern which plunges us immediately into the Christmas spirit.

Wooden decoration for your tree 3 (1)

Treat your children this year by impregnating the decorative objects with their names, with figurines corresponding to their favorite animals! Let’s not forget that Christmas is also their holiday after all!

Wooden decoration for your (1)

The children will jostle in front of the tree to snatch the chocolate offered by this sublime wooden deer! Fortunately, parents will be able to put the first names of each of the children there to avoid bickering at Christmas!

Decorate with personal photos

Decorate with personal photos (1)

What a nice idea when you are with your family.

DIY garland

DIY garland (1)

Homemade garland will be a cheap and great idea to decorate your Christmas tree.