25 Ideas to Give Character to Your Bathroom (1)

In terms of decoration, if we give everything for the living room, the kitchen and the bedrooms more often than not, we sometimes forget the spaces such as the bathroom, the toilets, the entrance or the corridor … It is important to feel good in all your interior. So here are 25 ideas to give character to your bathroom!

1. Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper1 (1)

Whether you are in the process of renovating your home or have just signed the purchase of your new property, you are aware that there will be work to be done. On the bathroom side, you will have to rethink the covering of your walls and perhaps your floor as well. And to give it character, opt for a section of wall with flowers as above. Chic and elegance at the rendezvous!

2. A section of colored wall

A section of colored wall (1)

If you don’t want to go with wallpaper, you can repaint one or more of your walls altogether. Timeless colors are a safe bet but you are free to dare more colorful shades! Blue, orange tones, terracotta color … however, we advise you to repaint only one section of the wall in color or frieze style.

3. Patterned credenza

Patterned credenza (1)

Another idea to give character to your bathroom: the patterned splashback! The colorful azulejos-style earthenware gives your room an incredible charm … In a horizontal strip like a frieze or vertical like here makes your bathroom super gorgeous. However, here are the mistakes to avoid when installing ceramic tiles in the bathroom.

4. Mosaic

Mosaic (1)

You can also choose to cover a section of wall, your floor or your entire bathroom with mosaic . However, think about the total look that can potentially tire you out over time …

5. A brick effect wall

A brick effect wall (1)

Incorporating brick in a bathroom can add character to the room in the blink of an eye! Choose loft-style red bricks or white bricks for a rather chic, Scandinavian or seaside style.

6. Black and white tiles

Black and white tiles (1)

As for the flooring, the black and white checkered tiling as here creates a charming bathroom. 

7. A corner under vault

A corner under vault (1)

If this arrangement is within your means or if luckily the vault is already there, it would be a shame not to use the place. Washbasin cabinet, dressing table, ladder, shelves … many possibilities are available to you to create a small corner bringing character to your bathroom.

8. A cabinet with double sinks

A cabinet with double sinks (1)

If you have a relatively large bathroom or have a large family, we strongly recommend that you install a double vanity unit . This option will revolutionize your lifestyle and provide you with a stunning bathroom. Practical and aesthetic!

9. Wood do you want some here

Wood do you want some here (1)

Natural materials such as wood are to be incorporated without moderation in a bathroom! Washbasin unit, shelves, wall section … opt for dark or light wood according to your tastes.

10. Stone

Stone (1)

Another very popular natural element in bathrooms is stone. On a wall, in a walk-in shower, as a small decoration or on the outline of a mirror like here, stone has the gift of sublimating your bathroom in a snap.

11. An original bathtub

An original bathtub (1)

Charm guaranteed at 200% with this more than original bathtub! Covering the outline of your bathtub with wood offers a magnificent natural touch to the bathroom.

12. A free-standing bathtub

A free-standing bathtub (1)

Elegant, the free-standing bathtub has been resurfacing for several years. And for good reason ! For a shabby chic style bathroom, the free-standing bathtub is the model to opt for.

13. A corner bath

A corner bath (1)

More rare, the corner bathtub with a rounded shape as here is also part of our ideas to give character to a bathroom. Larger than a classic bathtub, embedded in the mosaic and with a step like here … moments of relaxation are yours!

14. Gratings around the bathtub

Gratings around the bathtub (1)

Very simple to achieve, this idea brings an additional decorative touch to your bathroom. In addition to being aesthetic, the slats prevent you from slipping out of your shower (or your bath).

15. A beautiful shower curtain

A beautiful shower curtain (1)

In order to give character to your bathroom without carrying out major work, the choice of curtain is not to be taken lightly. Opt for an elegant curtain like here and you are in a stunning room in the blink of an eye!

16. A furnished window sill

A furnished window sill (1)

If you are lucky enough to have a window sill in your bathroom, it would be a shame not to fit out the space. Baskets, foutas, green plants, candles … decorate it !

17. Pretty lights

Pretty lights (1)

The light intensity as well as the luminaires themselves are elements to be taken very seriously. Providing your bathroom with a subdued and warm atmosphere is important and that starts with the installation of pretty light fixtures.

18. Small decorative objects

Small decorative objects (1)

If you do not want to undertake major work in your bathroom (covering the walls or floors for example), then everything goes through the small decoration! Soap holder, toothbrush holder, vases, baskets … must be chosen with care in order to harmonize the decor of your bathroom.

19. Small wicker baskets

Small wicker baskets (1)

On the small side, choose pretty rattan or wicker baskets in preferably timeless colors. To hold dirty laundry, bath towels, toilet paper rolls or to decorate a flowerpot, these small baskets decorate your bathroom in a very simple way.

20. A triptych of mirrors

A triptych of mirrors (1)

A bathroom without a mirror? Impossible. And for a stunning bathroom, we opt for a triptych of mirrors like here . Play with shapes, sizes and layout to add character to your room!

21. A beautiful shabby chic dressing table

A beautiful shabby chic dressing table1


If you like to take care of yourself and do your makeup, the dressing table in your bathroom is a must have ! Shop in flea markets, recycling shops or garage sales to find this little wonder, give it a makeover and you are equipped to make yourself look better!

22. Matching bathroom linen

Matching bathroom linen (1)

Often neglected, bath linen is an element to match the style of your bathroom . To give it character, opt for colors that match the ambiance you have created. For a seaside style, opt for bluish and white hues. For a shabby chic atmosphere, prefer lilac, pink or white. If you have a Scandinavian decor, choose colors like brown, charcoal gray, light gray or beige or go for a palette of pastels.

23. O my beautiful mirror …

O my beautiful mirror ... (1)

“Mirror, mirror, tell me who’s the prettiest …” Do you have the reference? Like the dressing table, the shabby chic mirror gives a crazy charm to your bathroom!

24. Scale

Scale (1)

Indispensable element for a bathroom decorated with style: the ladder ! To hang towels, pretty foutas or your clothes (clean or dirty), the ladder is a great idea. You can also opt for a ladder-shelf in order to be able to put some small decorative objects.

25. Greenery

Greenery (1)

Finally, greenery is one of the essentials to have in a bathroom. To give it character, opt for succulents, exotic plants, drooping plants, in pots or hanging like here. Bring a little nature into your bathroom!