12 Ideas of Most Beautiful Floral Wallpaper (1)

Wallpaper can transform the look of your home, even if you only want to cover one wall. Although this wall covering comes in a huge assortment of colors and patterns, floral or botanical wallpaper is sure to make your home a very inviting and welcoming space. Indeed, floral patterns are like a breath of fresh air in our modern interiors. In addition, having a daily glimpse of nature helps improve our emotional health. Floral wallpaper is experiencing its renaissance. The days of pink prints that we associated with our grandmothers’ salons are over. And in their place come bold designs, delicate watercolor renderings, and modern botanical prints.

1. Colorful floral wallpaper decoration

Colorful floral wallpaper decoration (1)

Flowers have always been a great inspiration for wallpaper prints. The great thing about floral wallpaper is that there is a huge variety of ranges of floral designs on the market that can suit any interior. From pictorial renderings of the flowers of English country gardens, to exotic and even abstract or contemporary flowers, there really is something for everyone. You can indeed choose feminine flowers for a bedroom or sophisticated flowers for an elegant living room in a wide range of colors ranging from soft and subtle neutrals to more vivid tones. The enchanting nature of the colorful floral wallpaper creates real charm and privacy for a room.

2. Idea for a spring decoration

idea for a spring decoration (1)

Colorful floral wallpaper is a great idea for a spring decoration . You can also take inspiration from the colors of the wallpaper and use them as accents and complementary colors in your decor. It is also best to avoid putting large patterns nearby as they can quickly compete with each other.

3. Beautiful mustard yellow sofa with tropical wallpaper

beautiful mustard yellow sofa with tropical wallpaper (1)

It is better not to choose patterns which have similar themes. If you take a tropical wallpaper, don’t make it a total look. The colorful floral wallpaper is a good opportunity to make reminders of shades present on the furniture. For example a beautiful mustard yellow sofa could be highlighted by mustard touches in a flower on a wall.

4. Black and white floral wallpaper decoration

Black and white floral wallpaper decoration

A floral wallpaper in black and white will frame your furniture in the most beautiful way. It has a theatrical side – even dramatic – which gives the piece great intensity. Like a still life, it evokes that of the Dutch Golden Age, with majestic flowers cascading against a dark background.

If you choose a black and white wallpaper please check your lighting carefully. In particular, think about increasing the artificial lighting in the room so that it is not too dark. The black and white floral wallpaper is indeed very chic but gives a withdrawn effect to the room. Also you really have to pay attention to the brightness of the room.

5. Iconic 60s designs and 60s style

Iconic 60s designs and 60s style (1)

Vintage floral wallpaper is incredibly original. Already, we think of the hippie-style flowers of the 60’s that dress an entire interior. In a retro interior, the 60’s style floral wallpaper will look great with antique furniture, vintage accessories. The 60’s floral wallpaper can also be declined in pop art style. This pop art inspiration has the advantage of being very colorful and cheerful. With a 60’s floral wallpaper you will find the graphic codes of this turbulent era. The boundless joy that the 60’s style conveys is a welcome alternative to the unadorned minimalism of recent years. It is also an opportunity to put geometric flowers.

6. Tropical wallpaper decoration

Tropical wallpaper decoration (1)

With bold banana leaves and calming color palettes, the tropical style celebrates the outdoors and a laid-back lifestyle. The lush leaves are found on the tropical wallpaper. Inspired by natural elements, this style of wallpaper gives a lively atmosphere to your tropical bedroom or urban jungle living room.

If you are looking for floral wallpaper but are afraid of kitsch, the tropical pattern is your option. Prints such as Monstera or palm leaves make a space cheerful and playful. The tropical prints of the wallpapers capture all the essence of the summer vibes with a touch of South American vibe. Textured and full of character, tropical wallpaper will bring your rooms to life.

7. Botanical tapestry

Botanical tapestry (1)

Ultimately, botanical wallpaper features a wide array of colors and textures that make up the toll depiction of flower or tree bark. Thanks to these floral-patterned murals, you can explore the botanical world in a whole new light. So you add color, brightness and life to any room in your home. Indeed, botanical wallpaper helps inject beauty, visual interest and color to your walls with a subject that remains neutral and elegant.

In addition, it has the power to refresh the space. The degree of detail and finesse of nature will be magnificent on your walls. The stunning colors and bold prints really capture the rainforest feel. They then instantly transform your living space into a tropical oasis!

8. Hanging flower wallpapers

Hanging flower wallpapers (1)

When we talk about plants as much as they are suspended because that’s what we prefer at the moment. All their modernity is there. Far from the small patterns that are repeated endlessly, much closer to a reality that we love, the drawings are imagined in fresco or in panoramic as if they were real plants installed on a wall. I love it. I want the same !!!

9. Spring freshness in the bedroom

Spring freshness in the bedroom (1)

Spring freshness in the bedroom with this new and incredible decor that is easy to live with and to integrate into your decor for a wow effect. I love it especially because with it, you no longer have to look for a ladder to install on the ceiling to hang plants. There like that, it’s risk-free and magical!

10. Floral wallpaper

Floral wallpaper (1)

Speaking of floral wallpaper and birds, our selection cannot be complete without the one created and edited by over the colors. So magical!

11. Birds and branches wallpapers

Birds and branches wallpapers (1)

I was so successful on social media with this one that when I discovered the other wallpapers, I just wanted to show you everything.

12. Japanese with pretty birds

Japanese with pretty birds (1)

This one is a creation of Australian designer Florence Broadhurst. If the birds remind us of those in a Japanese print, all its modernity is inscribed in its navy background color.