30 Ideas and Inspirations of Summer Kitchens (1)

To make the most of its exterior, we do not hesitate to arrange it. Garden furniture to have a good time with friends, pool deck to enjoy the sun and summer kitchen to feast with the family! Cooking outside, preparing grills and feasting around a large table, surrounded by loved ones, this is a program that makes you want to! To start the holidays early, you can set up your summer kitchen without further ado. From the first rays of the sun, we have lunch outside! Why not set up a summer kitchen for this?

1. Summer kitchen in length

Summer kitchen in length (1)

Concrete and wood.

2. Summer kitchen bar in pallets

Summer kitchen bar in pallets (1)

Pallets are popular right now. Why not recycle your pallets to create an outdoor kitchen?

3. Summer kitchen and barbecue

Summer kitchen and barbecue (1)

100% vegetal atmosphere.

4. Natural summer kitchen

Natural summer kitchen (1)

Go for a pizza oven and barbecue!

5. Professional

Professional  (1)

A real professional kitchen!

6. White summer kitchen

White summer kitchen (1)

For a one-way trip to Ibiza or Mykonos!

7. Designer summer kitchen

Designer summer kitchen (1)

When design invites itself even outdoors …

8. Summer kitchen in pallets

Summer kitchen in pallets (1)

For a 100% recycled summer kitchen!

9. Modern summer kitchen

Modern summer kitchen (1)

Kitchen with integrated bar.

10. Summer kitchen bar

Summer kitchen bar (1)

A small, well-appointed summer kitchen.

11. Minimalist summer kitchen

Minimalist summer kitchen (1)

Minimalism is the order of the day.

12. Summer kitchen layout

Summer kitchen layout (1)

Covered summer kitchen, perfect for rainy days!

13. DIY summer kitchen

DIY summer kitchen (1)

What if you built your own summer kitchen?

14. Pergola

Pergola (1)

Opt for a pergola!

15. Barbecue

Barbecue (1)

Summer kitchen with integrated barbecue.

16. Organized

Organized (1)

A 100% wood kitchen!

17. Fully equipped worktop

fully equipped worktop (1)

We love its fully equipped worktop to cook like at home.

18. Neither seen nor known

Neither seen nor known (1)

A summer kitchen with a retractable roof for easy storage!

19. White

White (1)

A refined spirit.

20. Natural stone

Natural stone (1)

A summer kitchen in natural stone.

21. Barbecue and pizza oven

Barbecue and pizza oven (1)

A summer kitchen in natural stone and integrated fireplace.

22. Barbecue and worktop

Barbecue and worktop (1)

Small house atmosphere in the meadow.

23. Dining room and summer kitchen

Dining room and summer kitchen (1)

An XXL summer kitchen.

24. Modern kitchen

Modern kitchen (1)

A beautiful extension for a modern villa.

25. All in one summer kitchen

All in one summer kitchen (1)

Gray and white.

26. Install the summer kitchen on the terrace

Install the summer kitchen on the terrace (1)

The covered terrace or the pergola provide protection in bad weather.

27. Fully wooden summer kitchen

Fully wooden summer kitchen (1)

Rustic chic atmosphere!

28. Semi-open bar

Semi-open bar (1)

For a drink by the pool!

29. Black garden kitchen

Black garden kitchen1

Dare the total black look!

30. Semi-open green summer kitchen

Semi-open green summer kitchen (1)

A little bar on the window!