12 Ideas of Kitchens Which Made Their Windows a Real Decorative Asset (1)

U-shaped kitchen, L-shaped kitchen or kitchen with island, every type of cuisine has its share of limitations especially when it has to deal with one or more windows. Installing the cooking elements near a bay window, placing the low furniture at the foot of a glass roof or integrating a sink with a tap under a window without hindering its opening or closing, are all arrangements that can be very binding. Whether it is to contemplate the landscape or simply to chase away bad smells, review in images of kitchens with windows that have combined aesthetics and functionality.

1. A kitchen with several windows

A kitchen with several windows (1)

The many windows nicely punctuate this spacious country-style kitchen. Each of them overlooks a different part of the worktop without ever encroaching on the cooking elements. In addition, the old table here acts as a central island which guarantees good circulation in this highly convivial room.

2. A kitchen with sliding windows

A kitchen with sliding windows (1)

In addition to giving character and infusing an industrial note to your kitchen, the glass-style window is a real skylight adaptable to all decorative styles. Here, the large window that emphasizes the worktop in its entire length offers a wide view of the outside while the black frames remind us of the cement tiles on the floor.

3. A kitchen with a window behind the sink

A kitchen with a window behind the sink (1)

The splashback is cropped, the faucet is judiciously placed and this designer kitchen is no less functional. Here, the large opening offers a view on the outside and gives natural light to this room which has chosen black. To be able to ventilate without constraints, this fixed window has an Italian-style pane that can be opened and closed without cluttering up the space.

4. A kitchen with a clear window

A kitchen with a clear window (1)

This retro country-style kitchen has chosen not to clutter up the window area because the heating is located just below. Far from being an insurmountable constraint, this type of arrangement frees up space and therefore promotes circulation in the kitchen.

5. A kitchen with a large bay window

A kitchen with a large bay window (1)

The indisputable luxury of houses with modern architecture, the bay window works wonders. Natural light seeps inside while the outside is offered as far as the eye can see, in short, it is an invaluable chance for those who are behind the stoves. The good idea? To facilitate movement towards the French window, this kitchen has abandoned wall units to focus on a central multifunction kitchen island.

6. A kitchen with a skylight

A kitchen with a skylight (1)

Windows aren’t just for large rooms. The small kitchens they can also benefit from external light by opting for roof windows . Ultra ingenious tip, it is by definition that this type of window does not need any wall, readily leaving room for plenty of storage.

7. A kitchen with glass roof

A kitchen with glass roof (1)

Here, the small kitchen benefits from all the advantages of the glass roof. This perfectly matches the roof of the slightly sloping kitchen, giving it a clear view of the sky. The splashback behind the sink does not suffer at all from this arrangement and can gain height to avoid unwanted splashing on the glass.

8. Kitchen with sink by the window

Kitchen with sink by the window (1)

The best way to use the space under the window is to install a sink under the opening. It’s so nice to do the dishes in the daylight with a view of the courtyard or the surrounding area. When building a private house, the creation of such a plan practically does not prevent anything, but in a city apartment you will have to try to make your dreams come true.

To transfer the sink to the window, it is necessary, on the one hand, to lengthen the communication between the water in the drainage column (it is advisable to install the pipes obliquely to avoid obstructions), and , on the other hand, to build a tray connected to the window sill group. This last task is often complicated by the need to raise the window and align it.

However, sometimes it is possible to do without drastic measures and simply build a helmet along the window, while strengthening its back wall and … resigned to the limitation of the opening angle of the valves. As a result, there will be a niche between the floor and the window, which can be adapted to store flower pots or kitchen trivia . Below in the photo you can see an example of a kitchen in Khrushchev with such a design cunning.

9. Sill-table

Sill-table (1)

The place under the window is ideal not only for washing, but also for arranging the preparation area of ​​the product. The advantages are the same: pleasant natural light, view from the window, space saving and the possibility of creating additional storage spaces. However, unlike the sill-sink, the sill-countertop is easier to organize, as it does not need to draw water communications.

10. Dining area near the window

Dining area near the window (1)

If your kitchen does not have a priority workspace, but a dining area, it is best to use the window for decoration and lighting. It is so nice to eat while looking out the window under beautiful curtains. In this case, you can attach a folding tray to the windowsill, as in the photo example below …

Particularly cool is the dining area with a bench built along the window. The bench will save space because, unlike chairs, it does not require any reserve behind the backrest and can have built-in storage boxes under the seat. The main thing is that the window and the room itself are well insulated and heated.

11. A place to relax, read books and snacks

A place to relax, read books and snacks (1)

If the kitchen is very spacious or there are two windows (for example, if kitchen-living room or entrance to the kitchen ), then a window can be opened under the recreation area, where it is pleasant to read books, drink wine. coffee, working at the computer. To make such a comfortable place, a bench along the window with built-in drawers under the seat and beautiful pillows will do the trick.

12. When the kitchen has two windows

When the kitchen has two windows (1)

Two windows in the kitchen offer twice the possibilities of design, light and comfort and should be used. For example, you can use any shade in interior design, even very dark and cold. Depending on the location of the windows, you can use each of them for different purposes. For example, under one window to place a workspace, and under the second – the dining room.