10 Bathroom Ideas With Golden Touches (1)

Today, I invite you to discover 10 bathroom ideas with golden touches. No matter where you put them, gold accents tend to make things look more sophisticated than they actually are. Bathrooms are no exception to this rule. By applying a few touches of gold in your decoration, you can transform your bathroom into an exceptional place. The key is to know where to place them. Fortunately, the bathrooms are full of nooks and crannies!

1. The mirror

the mirror1 (1)

Any bathroom worthy of the name is equipped with at least one mirror. It is also one of the best places to add a secondary color for decorative purposes. A golden mirror frame will add a bit of subtlety. Moreover, if you wish, you can add golden arcaded mounts. They are always very trendy!

2. Light fixtures and handles

light fixtures and handles (1)

You know, beauty is in the details. I therefore advise you to add gold accents on small elements. I am thinking in particular of lights and handles. Gold or brass fixtures are great if you want to add some shine to your room. Gold fixtures will look particularly good on light backdrops.

3. Plumbing

Plumbing (1)

There is another solution to add some golden notes in your bathroom. It’s a decoration tip that I particularly like. Replace your silver or chrome faucets and showers with gold elements. You will see the change is immediate and remarkable.

4. Black and gold

black and gold (1)

Do you want to go all out? So go for a black and gold bathroom decoration. You will see, the golden elements will stand out even more on a black background. The effect is just awesome!

5. Gold on a black background

gold on a black background (1)

When it comes in gold on a black background, the tropical print takes on a new dimension. We particularly fall for this luxurious decor in the bathroom!

6. Luxury in the bathroom

luxury in the bathroom (1)

The golden bathtub. On the condition, however, that it offers itself an original design, like this creation inspired by the Koi carp.

7. Shower curtain

Shower curtain (1)

Very zen, the white bathroom. What if we gave it a theatrical touch by daring the shower curtain with the gold print?

8. Golden decor

golden decor (1)

The golden decor admirably warms a contemporary minimalist interior. The safe bet: the round mirror, which hits the mark just as well above the entrance console as in the bedroom or living room!

9. Golden taps

Golden taps (1)

Soft to the eye, gilded brass is very popular in terms of lighting and furniture. It also works wonders when it comes to taps!

10. Designer wire wall decoration

designer wire wall decoration (1)

The most trendy is the designer wire wall decoration! If it adorns the wall, it also hangs from the ceiling, like a mobile, in order to better catch the light.