When you are lucky enough to be able to enjoy a beautiful fireplace at home, you owe it to yourself to pamper your decor all year round and especially when the holiday season looms: it then adorns itself in its finest finery.

Symbol of Christmas, the fireplace is one of our top decorations. You have no idea how to decorate it? Take advantage of our inspirations!

1. A luminous decoration

A luminous decoration

We won’t hide it: with the night falling from 4:30 p.m., Christmas is the perfect excuse to have lights in all forms everywhere at home and thus fill our lack of sunshine. Your fireplace will not be outdone and can be dressed in a pretty LED garland accompanied by emblematic Christmas light characters, such as a reindeer or an angel for example.

2. A vegetal decoration

A vegetal decoration

You have only one obsession when you decorate your interior for the holidays, and it is of an olfactory nature: you want a good smell of fir in the whole house, until the end of the month of December! So do not limit yourself to a single Christmas tree and also hang one or more decorated fir branches on the edge of the fireplace as well as a beautiful natural Christmas wreath that will sit upright as here.

3. A childish decor

A childish decor

We obviously also think of children for the decoration of our fireplace at Christmas because it is often one of their favorite moments of the year. We can thus place a few figurines on the edge like the inevitable Santa Claus or a handsome wooden soldier, and even, why not, a garland of (fake) gingerbread men, mischievous. Your little elf will also appreciate being responsible for the Advent calendar placed on the fireplace, and opening a box each day or moving Santa Claus like here.

4. A traditional decor

A traditional decor

To continue in a rather traditional vein for your fireplace at Christmas, bet on the essential decorative elements of this holiday season such as holly and fir branches, pine cones, Christmas balls, red candles, but also the essential Christmas sock hung on the fireplace or on the side for more security.

5. A refined decor

A refined decor

But you also have the right to prefer a Christmas decoration that does not overdo it, by simply placing a few festive objects on your fireplace, such as a ceramic tree , a vegetable Christmas wreath, all highlighted by a delicate light garland and unfussy white candle holders.

6. A refined and simple style

a refined and simple style

While most of us love the exuberance of Christmas decorations, some prefer a more refined and simple approach. This brings us to this idea of ​​having simple touches suggesting this time of year. The fireplace is perfect for this. Add neutral hues with a hint of red to highlight your fireplace; all in a more relaxed way.

7. Stay natural

Stay natural

As noted above, many appreciate a simpler touch to their Christmas decoration. Therefore, what better way to do this than to keep your decor natural and vibrant. So, to do this, use a green reef or a garland as the main base and add neutral elements that will enhance your decor.

8. A hint of magic

A hint of magic

Who doesn’t love a whimsical approach to their Christmas decoration? I recommend adding faux snow and working with shades of white, silver, and blue to get that pop of color that pairs beautifully.

9. Classic decoration

Classic decoration

Why run away from classic shades to decorate your fireplace at Christmas if that’s what you like. Mix up your favorite Christmas decorations with rich hues of red, green, and white. Also add tables, photos for a more personal note.

10. Excess decoration

Excess decoration

Yes, you read that right! To decorate your fireplace at Christmas you can let go and opt for disproportionate elements. In short, what you will not necessarily be able to do the rest of the year to decorate your home. Be careful, however, to vary the sizes of the different objects you are going to use.

11. Rustic decoration

Rustic fireplace decoration

Almost all of us love the charm of beautiful rustic decor. To create a rustic Christmas decoration on your fireplace, it is essential to have wooden elements that bring dynamism and uniqueness to your decor. Otherwise, you will be left with a multitude of decorative objects without any meaning.

12. Red fireplace decoration

Red fireplace decoration

Don’t forget the red! Red is essential to any party decor. In fact, it is one of the most important colors for Christmas. Add bold pops of red as the main theme or to complement another theme.

13. White fireplace decoration

White fireplace decoration

White is a prime candidate for decorating your fireplace at Christmas. Why? Because it is easy to combine this color with its existing decoration. Consider adding elements, metallic silver accents.

14. Sophistication


When in doubt, choose sophistication. It’s a win-win choice. You will have a decoration that catches the eye while remaining simple. Also, don’t overdo it!

15. Socks collection

Socks collection

To each his own Christmas sock!

16. Neutral tones

Neutral tones

To match the Christmas decor with your interior in neutral tones, bet on wood! Pine cones, sculptures, logs: there is a choice.

17. Modern villa

Modern villa

In a modern house, the fireplace cannot be decorated so easily. However, a beautiful wreath can be enthroned on the wall and invite the eye to contemplate the flames.

18. In a room

In a room

The apartments are sometimes surprising. It is not uncommon to find a fireplace in a room even if it no longer works. Take the opportunity to create a childish Christmas decor.

19. Little angels

Little angels

Here are beautiful sculptures to make yourself and put next to the fireplace.

20. Charcoal grey

Charcoal gray

Painted in a contemporary color, the gray fireplace highlights the garland made of small wooden objects. 

21. Christmas stars

Christmas stars

Above the fireplace, attach large Christmas stars. Guaranteed effect! 

22. Candle decoration

Candle decoration

A few candles will suffice to infuse the soul of Christmas. 

23. Double tree

Double tree

The firs reign supreme.

24. When it no longer works

When it no longer works

When the fireplace stops working, flood it with candles.

25. Original colors

Original colors

Why not a little originality in the colors? 

26. Stone fireplace

Stone fireplace

In this country house, wool socks make the difference.

27. Mountain decor

Mountain decor

This makes you want to approach the fireplace.

28. Fake Santa Claus

Fake santa claus

False Santa Claus, and beautiful trees: nothing is left to chance.

29. Firm inspiration

Firm decoration

A rustic decoration inspired by the farm for an authentic Christmas.

30. Scandinavian style

Scandinavian style

A Scandinavian decoration for a cocooning living room.

31. Golden decoration

Golden decoration

A chic Christmas with golden decoration.

32. False fireplace

False fireplace 1

You are not forbidden to decorate your fake fireplace, of course!