shabby style decoration ideas for Christmas

Christmas is fast approaching and the desire to sublimate your interior too! Shabby chic decorations are the ones that can give the house a romantic and refined atmosphere. This is why Christmas Shabby is one of the most fashionable, because with its natural fabrics, light colors, and bright inspirations, makes Christmas a truly magical moment!

1. Shabby hearts

Shabby hearts (1)

These beautiful decorations in the form of a heart did not pass unnoticed on your Christmas tree. You can also place them anywhere in the room to enhance your home and make your decor unforgettable.

2. The Shabby Christmas tree

The Shabby Christmas tree (1)

Melt in front of this magnificent Shabby Christmas tree. All in color, it can be placed in any room. Its small size makes it more manageable and easy to use. Add garlands and balls to make it shine brightly. Without a doubt, Christmas will be magic for you.

3. A Shabby chic Christmas corner

A Shabby chic Christmas corner (1)

This little piece of heaven comes to your home. Create a Shabby chic Christmas space for these holidays. Personalize the decor as you see fit and let your family marvel at this natural, wintery decor.

4. Small DIY shabby trees

Small DIY shabby trees (1)

These small DIY Shabby trees will surprise you. With braided thread and lace decoration, they will give a chic look to your interior. Soft, simple, and refined, they stand out from other decorations. Place them in every corner of the house and bring the magic of Christmas to life for everyone in the family.

5. Pink candles

Pink candles (1)

Who says Christmas says candles. These pink candles will bring sweetness and charm during this very special period. Integrate the magic of Christmas into your interior with the warmth of these pretty decorated candles.

6. Christmas village

Christmas village

This little Christmas village will be your essential ally to immerse yourself in the magic of this holiday. Its cut, its colors, and its architecture give a realistic effect. Shiny and luminous, it will brighten up your decoration.

7. Wooden hearts

Wooden hearts

Fall for these little customizable wooden hearts! These little wonders will enhance your fireplace mantel. Write down the names of the people you care about and let your love shine.

8. Small shabby wooden tree

Small shabby wooden tree

This small Shabby wooden tree will find its place perfectly on your fireplace or your table. The simple, handcrafted cut tells a loving story. Decorate it with red ribbon, garlands, or balls.

9. The wicker shabby wreath

The wicker shabby wreath

Incorporate a magnificent Shabby wicker wreath in your decoration to sublimate your doors. Designed in woven wicker, it brings a special charm to your interior. Let yourself be tempted by its natural simplicity.

10. Shabby style cushions

Shabby style cushions

Christmas is a time when we receive a lot. The comfort of your guests is therefore very important. These Shabby chic style Christmas cushions will adorn your sofas and benches perfectly. Choose the colors that suit you and leave room for comfort.

11. Fir branches in a frame

Fir branches in a frame

Small details that make the difference: a frame and some decorative accessories that prepare the scene for Christmas!

12. Magical decoration with white

Magical decoration with white

White balls, embroidered cushions, lanterns, and magical curtains: the shabby atmosphere is what it takes to invent Christmas.

13. Tree in a basket

Tree in a basket

The natural side of wicker: the shabby style offers simple ideas for an “easy” Christmas.

14. Gold ornaments to decorate a shabby style table

Gold ornaments to decorate a shabby style table

The magic of gold in this festive table. The nice idea the Christmas balls scattered here and there, to brighten up and decorate.

15. Sober and elegant table decoration

Sober and elegant table decoration

A Shabby chic style that stands out for its sober elegance: small silver objects and a beautiful table runner for an out-of-the-ordinary decor.

16. DIY fabric decorations

DIY fabric decorations

Small DIY fabric decorations (even better if recycled) and a beautiful centerpiece with pine cones and a beautiful white candle.

17. Use the old ladder

Use the old ladder

This is how an old ladder can become a full-fledged shabby chic decoration and find new life at Christmas!

18. Lanterns


Beautiful lanterns in which to reproduce the Christmas atmosphere: candles, lights, pine cones, to illuminate and decorate with fantasy.

19. Gray and white table

Gray and white table

Gray and white: a chromatic combination that shabby chic adores!

20. The natural side of the wood centerpiece

the natural side of wood

Wood is one of the most used elements when it comes to restoring a material to give it a second life. Thanks to its natural side, it offers a subtle ecological touch to the decoration of your table.

21. Candles, pearls, and firs as a centerpiece

Candles, pearls and firs as centerpiece

Although these pieces of wood are worn, their assembly in this light device brings a touch of finesse to your shabby style Christmas centerpiece.

22. Candles and pine cones

candles and pine cones

Here is a combination of candles and pine cones, all placed on a wooden board. Even if this decoration offers a retro aspect, it nevertheless adapts well to a contemporary style decoration.