30 ideas of christmas decoration for small space

You may think about how to optimize a small space? Whether you live in a studio or in a somewhat cramped apartment, it’s always the same thing: you want to have pleasant decor while creating a well-thought-out space. Discover our article on the layout and decoration of small apartments on this subject.

Living in a small apartment or a studio can discourage more than one person from having a real Christmas decoration. With the tree taking up half of your living space, the garlands flashing everywhere, or even the red and white decoration not really discreet, you can quickly have the impression of living locked in a pixie hut. Even if it’s only a few weeks in the year, it can quickly become unlivable!

1. Create a masking tape tree

Create a masking tape tree (1)

Here is a solution that is both ecological, economical, and artistic to enjoy a Christmas tree in your studio. And it’s very easy to do it yourself. In less than 15 minutes, you have a unique tree that will not lose its needles! The masking tape is repositionable colored tape. It does not damage the walls.

For a graphic tree, choose a black masking tape, to be placed on a white wall. You can also play the traditional Christmas tree card with red and green masking tape.

2. Decorate the windows

Decorate the windows

Here is yet another Christmas decoration idea for a small space, which just requires a little manual work. Just like walls, windows can be used as a support for your Christmas decoration, even if you think you don’t have the room.

Create Canson paper trees of different sizes to reproduce a mini forest. With white felt or window stickers, add snow or stars. Complete it all with an LED light garland or recycle the garland that you have used all summer! Imagine this decor in the evening, when your interior is illuminated. It is a magical spectacle that we observe from the outside!

3. Use window sills

Use window sills

Narrow, little used, window sills are nevertheless a space to be optimized during the holiday season. If you don’t feel like decorating your windows, this is the solution for pretty windows decorated for Christmas.

In a small pot, you can install a mini tree (real or artificial). Decorative objects in the shape of a tree can complete the set in ceramic or in feathers.

On a platter, arrange candles and Christmas ornaments. For even more magic, frame your window with a light garland and hang some pretty Christmas balls on the handle.

4. Decorate your coffee table

Decorate your coffee table (1)

A coffee table ready for the holiday’s thanks to a few elements in Christmas colors. Because the decor of the living room is not limited to the Christmas tree, brightening up your coffee table helps to create this festive spirit. Not much is enough to set the tone: one or two candles, a miniature tree, a light garland … to be placed on a tray for example (to free up space quickly if necessary). Small bonus: a plate of cookies that will please the whole family.

5. Decorate the door handles

Decorate the door handles (1)

In a small apartment, it is recommended to use anything that can free up floor space for you. And the door handles can become ideal support for your Christmas decoration.

Tie a pretty ball or ornament to the handle with a red or green ribbon. You can also attach a small fir branch to it, but be careful: it stings! If you live with children, don’t put anything too fragile either. It is also possible to hang a Christmas sock, in which you can slip a few chocolates or even a branch of a fir tree.

6. Fill a basket with Christmas balls

fill a basket of balls

It has become an essential object in our interiors: the decorative storage basket. Whether in the shape of a ball or more traditional, we all have a minimum in wicker or natural fibers!

7.  Opt for a mini tree

opt for a mini tree

In garden centers, you can find small potted trees every year. Their size is perfectly suited to a small space, a studio, or an apartment. Their dimension allows you to install it on a shelf, a side table, or a sideboard. Keep its authentic side by decorating only the foot, with a flowerpot or a paper bag. Perfect for a nature-inspired Scandinavian Christmas decoration!

8. Reproduce a fir tree on the wall with real branches

Reproduce a fir tree on the wall with real branches (1)

If you are a fan of crafts to do at home and DIY, here is a very simple but very original idea to create a Christmas tree on your wall! At your florist or garden center, collect a few fir branches, of different sizes. Fix them to the wall with double-sided tape, reproducing the shape of a tree. Very minimalist, it is the perfect idea for a natural Christmas decoration, chic, and which does not take up space.

9. Install Christmas decorations in every corner

Install Christmas decorations in every corner (1)

The minimalist, the sobriety, the fear of kitsch? Very little for you! If you like the idea of ​​living in a Christmas TV movie, play the decoration card thoroughly, in every corner of your apartment!

Hang garlands or Christmas balls from the ceiling. Change all the linen in the house to replace it with towels, tea towels, or red and white sheets. Place objects and knickknacks reminiscent of Christmas everywhere: on shelves, on the kitchen counter, on cupboards …

10. Place a light garland under a bell

Place a light garland under a bell

Another very trendy decorative element that can be used for its Christmas decoration in a small space. In the center of the table, on a window sill, or placed on a piece of furniture in the hallway: under a glass bell, install a battery-powered LED garland that you will leave on in the evening. It diffuses a soft and magical light. If your bell is large enough, nothing prevents you from coming and installing an ornament in the shape of a bear, reindeer, or Santa Claus to complete the decoration. You can also buy bells with built-in lights.

11. Change the bed linen for the holidays

change the bed linen for the holidays (1)

Every Christmas, it’s the same thing: you take out your holiday pajamas, your big reindeer print socks and you watch 3 TV movies a day. To complete your outfit, you also need a bedroom in the theme.

Whether you are in the studio or your bedroom is very small, an easy solution: change your bed linen for a set inspired by Christmas and Scandinavia. Tartan pillows, a thick duvet covered with a red and white cover, cushions embroidered on the Christmas theme… And you are ready to sleep in a cocooning and festive bed.

12. Use party tableware as decoration

use party tableware as decoration (1)

Every year, decoration stores compete in their imagination to bring out crockery for Christmas. From mugs to plates, bowls, and other serving dishes, there is enough to create a real panoply for your festive meals.

13. Accumulate the little Christmas decoration

Accumulate the little Christmas decoration (1)

On a console or your sideboard, create a sort of Christmas altar. Arrange a few carefully chosen objects, such as small ceramic trees, ornaments, or even a letter board with a Christmas-themed quote. In the evening, light a few “cinnamon” or “woody scent” candles to get you even more in the holiday mood.

14. Hang a Christmas wreath on the wall

Hang a Christmas wreath on the wall (1)

Traditionally hung on the door of houses in Scandinavian countries, the Christmas wreath can also find its place as a trendy wall decoration in a small space. Very fashionable, DIY wreaths made with wooden or brass strapping and dried leaves can also decorate your wall after the holidays.

15. Get the message across with a letterboard

Get the message across with a letter board (1)

Here is a Christmas decoration tip that does not take up space. If you have a letter board at home, all you need to do is change the message on it. Create a quote around Christmas, imagine your message to Santa Claus, or write down your gift list.

16. A destructured Christmas tree

A destructured Christmas tree (1)

With its 24 centimeters deep, this very thin Christmas tree has several advantages. It can be placed on a piece of furniture as well as on the floor, without taking up space. Easy to assemble, you can decorate it as you wish thanks to its rods. Its wood color makes it neutral and can be integrated into any interior.

17. A little bling Christmas wreath

A little bling Christmas wreath (1)

Golden metal, artificial branches with light snow, rattan hooping… This Christmas wreath is definitely trendy ! Very thin, it hangs easily on the wall or the handle of your window.

18. Small ceramic trees

Small ceramic trees

Use your windowsill as a space in its own right for your holiday decoration. Collect ornaments and trinkets like small ceramic trees, angels, fawns, and other Christmas baubles to create festive decor.

19. A mini tree to grow

A mini tree to grow

It might be too late for this year… But this kit allows you to grow your own mini Christmas tree in about 18 months. Don’t expect to end up with a giant fir tree. But already some branches which allow you to hang ornaments there, and to have a real tree in your studio. Isn’t life beautiful? An idea to put aside for next year!

20. Mini Christmas houseplant decorations

mini Christmas houseplant decorations

You do not have the place to have a real tree and you do not want to have a fake one? Use your houseplants and decorate them like Christmas trees during the holiday season!

21. A wall Advent calendar

A wall Advent calendar

Completely customizable, this Advent calendar takes up little space since it suffices to hang it on the living room wall or entrance. Its pretty pine green color and silver lettering will be trendy every year

22. A very Scandinavian bed set

A very Scandinavian bed set

Alright, okay. We admit it’s a bit kitsch. But spending the nights before Christmas in this bed set, with its Scandinavian designs and pretty colors, makes you want to!

23. A terrarium in Christmas colors

A terrarium in Christmas colors

Hijack a terrarium to create a mini Christmas landscape. Like a snow globe, the glass jar welcomes a festive decor. Moss, pine cones, a garland of pompoms, and here is a perfect Noëlarium to stage your nutcracker!

24. Decorate your staircase

Decorate your staircase

Give a holiday look to this part of the house that we often forget to decorate. A garland wrapped around the banister, socks hanging from top to bottom, a few ornaments hanging from here and there.

25. Decorate a coat hook

Decorate a coat hook

A coat rack in holiday attire that brightens up the entrance in an original way. To change from the traditional Christmas wreath, why not invest in a coat hook? All you need is a fir branch to braid between the hooks, a light garland, and some decorations to hang.

26. Decorate the base of the treeDecorate the base of the tree (1)

A little train that winds at the foot of the tree. It is often the gift that made our parents dream when they were little, and which always seduces the youngest. What could be better than the Christmas period to bring it out and create a path between the gift packages? A good opportunity to share a family activity and an original way to hide the foot of the tree, especially if you have an artificial tree.

27. Decorate the top of your furniture

Decorate the top of your furniture (1)

Christmas lights invite themselves everywhere in the house to create magical parties. If you like neat atmospheres, this is a simple idea to copy to decorate the top of a piece of furniture. A fir branch, a few golden suspensions full of poetry, and a garland that sparkles will dress a sideboard or a chest of drawers with softness.

28. Decorate your green plants

Decorate your green plants (1)

Plants with a magical allure, ready to celebrate Christmas as it should be. It’s a good idea if you don’t have a tree, or to give a little festive touch to the rest of your interior. A garland, a few balls, or, for a 100% natural decor, a few pine cones that you can sprinkle with copper paint or glitter.

29. Decorate a suspension

Decorate a suspension (1)

An installation is full of poetry and softness, easy to do at home. If you have a pendant light, dress it with a branch of ivy and a string of led bulbs, then attach a few decorative elements to it previously tied with ribbons. For a very fine rendering, prefer pastel colors and transparent materials.

30. Decorate your Fireplace

Decorate your fireplace

A fireplace adorned with festive clothes immediately transforms the atmosphere in the house. Whether you use it or not, it has that warm side that we love to highlight at Christmas. Decorating the mantel of your fireplace, and even the fireplace, is, therefore, a very good idea to create a festive atmosphere full of warmth and conviviality. Fir branches, figurines, light garlands, candles … We’re going all out!