How to Create a Modern and Minimalist Christmas Decoration?

The Christmas tree, the fireplace, the decoration of the table or the exterior, several details must be studied for Christmas. Thus, to decorate the house in anticipation of this event and following the trends, a significant budget is often necessary. However, in order to avoid spending too much, one solution is to go for a modern and minimalist Christmas decoration. Here are some tips on this topic.

The principles of a modern and minimalist Christmas decoration

For lovers of sobriety, soft colors, and natural materials, the challenge for Christmas decoration is to remain as sober and as simple as possible. Nevertheless, bringing a festive note into the house remains essential.

The ideal is to bet on decorations of neutral color, to use raw materials such as wood, fir branches, grass, plants, etc. there is no need to clutter up the furniture or space with glittery and colorful knickknacks. Only two or three decorative elements can be enough to set the tone.

  • Neutral colors

Neutral colors (1)

Red, green, and gold are the traditional colors of Christmas. However, it is also possible to bring a cocooning and winter atmosphere in the Christmas decoration through beige, white and brown tones. Indeed, these neutral colors have the effect of recalling the external nature and harmonize perfectly with the spirit of Christmas. They also offer a guaranteed Zen atmosphere.

  • Natural materials

Natural materials (1)

You don’t have to look far or spend a fortune to customize the Christmas decoration. When walking in nature or in the forest, it is sometimes useful to pick up pine cones, tree branches, chestnuts, or even fallen tree leaves, etc. Nature is well done and beautiful, you just have to open your eyes.

  • Minimal chic

Minimal chic (1)

The ideal is to favor beautiful materials. It is also preferable to limit yourself to three colors for the realization of the Christmas decoration. Indeed, the less there will be colors, the more the decorative objects will be highlighted and will give cachet to the whole. For example, a tall vase filled with leaves, branches, or pine cones can still make an impact. Through these various details, the Christmas atmosphere will inevitably prevail under the sign of elegance and chic.

Some tips for a modern and minimalist Christmas decoration

  • Natural and simple decorations

Natural and simple decorations (1)

To spice up the Christmas decoration, all you have to do is combine the objects in a harmonious way. Natural wood contrasted with white paint is a must in minimalist and even Scandinavian style. The same goes for natural materials such as pine, jute twine, fur, or even carefully chosen tree branches. The ideal is to play with the heights and layer everything. A touch of gold will make it all shine.

  • A 3D cardboard decoration

A 3D cardboard decoration (1)

The Christmas holidays are a good alibi for making a decoration that is a bit childish. While remaining nicely trendy, a family of deer and a cardboard tree decorated with a light garland can evoke the playful side of the Scandinavian decoration.

  • Enchanted jars

Enchanted jars (1)

Collecting a few jars to place a crest, balls, a piece of Christmas tree, or even a candle, all embellished with some glitter or fake snow, for example, can also perfectly create the magic of Christmas in the house. In addition, these jars can also be used as centerpieces.

  • Miniature trees

Miniature trees (1)

Hand-decorated mini conifers or even potted or vase branches can also serve as decorative accessories. Just decorate them with golden glitter and faux snow. Another trick is to make geometric trees with cardboard and color them. These trees in the shape of a cone or pyramid are to be installed on the coffee table for example. Otherwise, simple mini trees made with sticks to form triangles can also be sufficient. Do not forget to provide them with a base and a simple Christmas ball to decorate them.

  • Wall trees

Wall trees (1)

This trick is to stick photos on the wall to form a tree. It is especially suitable for studios and small apartments to give style to the interior decoration. The ideal is to make a wall tree with family photos. Otherwise, for a last-minute Christmas tree, washi tape can also do the trick. Simple to apply, this adhesive tape allows you to easily make several trees quite quickly. Another solution is to make a wall tree with light garlands. This trick is both minimalist and magical.

  • A pallet wood tree

A pallet wood tree (1)

This simple alternative is to make a tree with a few planks of pallets. It remains only to decorate it with light garlands and other figurines.