25 Decorative Ideas for a Modern Chalet-style Decor (1)

Take inspiration from the modern chalets nestled on the peaks to create a living room with a mountain decor, but contemporary. Faux furs, black steel, lanterns, armchairs and small decorative items … All are there to make you gain altitude.

1. Use wood

Use wood

To begin with, we need to talk about wood. With its brown, honey and golden hues, wood is THE flagship material for creating a warm environment. And therefore natural. Wooden floor, wooden walls, wooden table … Go for it frankly or lightly according to your tastes!

2. Mix styles

Mix styles (1)

Looking at your apartment all dressed in white, you may find it hard to imagine your chalet decoration at first. It is certainly not worth undertaking gigantic works! The important thing, among other things, is balance. Make up for the modernism of your walls and floors with wooden and stone furniture or your cocooning decoration.

3. The Far North style

The Far North style (1)

The Scandinavian style is a good source of inspiration for everything related to your mountain chalet decor. Therefore, adopt the style of our neighbors to the north if you are fond of the mixture of old and contemporary, very trendy beyond the Baltic.

4. Chalet furniture for all tastes

Chalet furniture for all tastes (1)

To dress up your rooms in chalet style, you are spoiled for choice: made -to-measure solid oak table, stone coffee table, as well as a rattan pedestal table … Many materials adapt to the chalet furniture style.

5. Traditional decoration

Traditional decoration (1)

To feel good in your mountain chalet, there is no secret: you need some very traditional decoration touches! First the (false) stag’s head, then the old-fashioned lanterns and finally the old skis or hijacked sledges… the choice is vast.

6. Cozy reading corner

cozy reading corner (1)

“It is the oppositions of materials that give a place a soul,” says interior designer Francois Dumas. So when he was entrusted with the decoration of this three-storey chalet, typical of Megève, he immediately suggested that the owners remove the old wood that covers the walls to make four materials that he particularly likes reign supreme: oak. , slate, brushed flamed granite and steel.

7. Cocooning lounge

cocooning lounge1 (1)

This is how he conceived a coffee table, bookcases and a steel staircase, the treatment of which at first glance evokes leather or lacquer. “The owners did not want a chalet with a too rustic spirit, and steel immediately brings a contemporary touch. Ditto for light oak, a noble material that is often found in Colorado homes”, he explains. It also covers almost all of the walls, floors and ceilings, adding to the slats this saw-cut finish which, he says, “plays on the side that is both raw and chic”.

8. Make way for design

Make way for design (1)

In the dining room, the anthracite taupe that dresses one wall extends into the kitchen with sliding walls. To explain the choice of this shade, the architect evokes Le Corbusier and the azure blue walls seen in one of his buildings in Geneva. “The idea is to drown the exteriors in the interior, he says. In the mountains, it is dark early, hence this very dark wall.”

9. Cushions, rugs and throws

Cushions rugs and throws

In the bedrooms and in the living room, we put the package in soft, warm and fluffy fabrics. Who says mountain says cold! So we invest in a soft carpet to put at the foot of the bed and / or the sofa and in very soft throws to roll up.

10. Perfect mix & match

perfect mix and match1 (1)

Everywhere, he relies on harmonies: slate, worked in horizontal layers – “to be more modern” -, lines the walls of the bathroom and echoes the verdigris paint of the master bedroom.

11. Perfect balance between materials and colors

perfect mix between colors and materials1 (1)

The slate walls of the bathroom, worked in horizontal layers, evoke the delicate verdigris of the bedroom.

12. Luxury wine cellar


Flawless in the wine cellar, paved, as it should be, with white gravel to keep the wine at the right temperature and the right humidity.

13. Mix the wood species

Mix the wood species (1)

The great idea: combine different types of wood. Be careful, however, to keep a certain unity and do not choose colors that are too different. Doing so risks creating a space that is not harmonious and too crowded. 

14. Mineral touch

Mineral touch (1)

Also consider natural stone for wall or floor covering to evoke the very essence of the mountain. 

15. Touch of authenticity

Touch of authenticity (1)

Nature is a real source of inspiration for chalet-style decor . Thus, we do not hesitate to select raw furniture that lets the grain of the wood shine through. As directly cut from the tree, they will create an interesting dynamic in your space. 

16. A beautiful fireplace

A beautiful fireplace (1)

Whether you want to give your kitchen a rustic style or a modern look, the fireplace is a must. In the absence of a fireplace, play with the lighting. These will effectively bring the final note to your chalet atmosphere. 

17. Ode to nature

Ode to nature (1)

Whether through furniture or decorative objects, multiply the nods to nature. By combining raw wood furniture with green ones, for example, you will succeed in creating an elegant and fresh space, which goes to the essentials. 

18. Cocooning materials

Cocooning materials (1)

To establish the mountain chalet style in your living room, it’s very easy! Simply come and cover your sofa with one or more faux fur throws . It’s very trendy! Choose very thick plaids, in which you will enjoy curling up in the evening. You can complete the set with faux fur cushions. On the floor, install a sheepskin shag rug (always in faux fur) to warm your feet as you get up from your sofa.

Another cocooning material that is reminiscent of the mountain: wool! Here too, it can be found on jacquard-style knitted plaids or even on mesh cushion covers. Choose classic colors such as red or beige to create a Scandinavian chalet atmosphere .

19. Traditional patterns

Traditional patterns (1)

Impossible to miss the traditional patterns of the chalet decoration when you want to reproduce this atmosphere at home! This is the case with tartan, red checks and the houndstooth pattern.

Both very retro and British, it is important to use them well so as not to be too kitsch. To avoid overloading the room, they are preferred over small rooms such as curtains, an ottoman or bed linen. The rest of the decoration must then be more sober, in solid colors.

20. Natural materials

Natural materials (1)

In the chalets, we mainly find wood and stone. The materials are raw and bring a rustic touch to the room. For wood, you can choose it according to your taste. Light or dark, ribbed or not, it will always be suitable for a chalet-style decoration . So prefer raw wood furniture in your living room as in your bedroom. The kitchen is no exception either, even if we prefer a light wood, which makes the room brighter.

For stone, you can cover a wall in your living room with trompe l’oeil wallpaper like a stone wall. On the decorative side, slate platters or crockery bring a little mountain atmosphere to the dinner table.

21. Soft lighting

Soft lighting (1)

If you can’t enjoy the glow of a fireplace , easily recreate this light so typical of mountain chalets in your interior! Forget about suspensions and too bright lights. Prefer several points of light, which together create a subdued light . Light candles that you will install on windowsills or on a centerpiece. String lights can also create a very soft light in a living room or bedroom.

Install a few table lamps, in which you use bulbs with a yellow light. It is less aggressive than white light and offers pleasant brightness.

22. Rustic atmosphere revisited

Rustic atmosphere revisited (1)

To give a touch of modernity to its rustic kitchen , it is also possible to bet on classic style furniture that will compensate for the too massive effect of wood. 

23. Sleek design

Sleek design (1)

What could be better than sober furniture, with strict lines to recharge your batteries and get back to basics. 

24. For a total look

For a total look (1)

If you are betting on a total chalet look, get inspiration from this pretty kitchen designed to be family and friendly. 

25. Traditional and contemporary

Traditional and contemporary (1)

A kitchen certainly rustic but which also adopts small modern touches. The baskets on the ceiling and the fireplace add character and a cozy atmosphere. We have only one desire: to eat by the fire. 

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